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1. Acting President Duwa Lashi La emphasises the urgent need for Myanmar to swiftly resume its democratic transition path

At the celebration of International Day of Democracy 2023 hosted by the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH) on September 15, Acting President Duwa Lashi La remarked that Myanmar needed to swiftly resume its democratic transition path.

“At the time, the public democratic efforts found in the Spring Revolution embraced federalism in addition to democracy. Rebuilding federal democracy is hence the public’s slogan for the Spring Revolution,” the Acting President said.

The Acting President went on to say that federalism includes equality and the right to self-determination, that a division of power between the central government and state governments is crucial, and that the people of Myanmar deserve democracy.

2. Union Prime Minister asserts that the people of the new generation will never kneel down to the dictator

At the celebration of International Day of Democracy 2023 hosted by the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH) on September 15, Union Prime Minister Mahn Winn Khaing Thann remarked: “Our new generation of people will never kneel down to the dictator. In the same way, we, democratic leaders, are determined to fight until the end of the dictatorship on the land of Myanmar. That is why our revolution has been able to resist and fight back against the military dictatorship on a large scale in the midst of weaknesses, imperfections, and the brutal killing of the terrorist military.”

The Spring Revolution emerged along with the public movement against the military dictatorship following the military coup on February 1, 2021.

3. U Min Ko Naing asserts that the public’s overwhelming support is crucial for Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun to retain seat at the UN

U Min Ko Naing, a prominent student leader in the 8888 uprising and a pro-democracy activist, stressed the importance of public support for Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun to continue representing Myanmar at the United Nations.

“Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun’s holding up of three fingers at the UN General Assembly that excited the public was a surprise to the whole world. He bowed and stood with the people in recognition of the people’s perseverance, courage, and sacrifice,” U Min Ko Naing said. He also highlighted the importance of the public showing their strength and noted that no one can stop the overwhelming support of the public to keep Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun’s seat at the UN. He urged the public to win the battle on the diplomatic front as well.

Right now, public demonstrations in support of Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun are being held continuously in Sagaing Region in places like Salingyi, Kani, and Chaung-U Townships.

4. NUG Ministry of Labour addresses the workplace issues of 300 Myanmar migrant MOU workers from a PP woven bag factory in Suphan Buri, Thailand

Reportedly, 300 Myanmar MOU workers from a polypropylene (PP) woven bag factory in Suphan Buri, Thailand, encountered issues at their workplace, such as the retention of their passports, a lack of access to prakạn s̄ạngkhm (social security) benefits, and harassment of Myanmar women by the interpreter. The 300 workers sought assistance from the NUG Ministry of Labour-affiliated Myanmar Humanitarian Action Centre (MHAC), based in Thailand and led by Ko Ye Min, to resolve their workplace issues.

Representatives of the Foreign Employment Management Department of the NUG’s Ministry of Labour and members of the MHAC visited the Suphan Buri Province Department of Employment, filed a complaint, and helped 300 workers obtain their passports, the right to receive benefits under the labour law, such as social security benefits, and the transfer of the interpreter who harassed Myanmar women workers to an industry section where only men are working.

5. CDF-Mindat has successfully completed the third military refresher training

Chin Defence Force-Mindat (CDF-Mindat) released that their third military refresher training was successfully completed on September 13.

CDF-Mindat conveyed its gratitude to all those revolutionaries who had supported them.

6. Gangaw PDO warns residents about the formation of columns by the junta troops in Gangaw Township

On September 15, the Gangaw Township People’s Defence Organisation (PDO/Pa-Ka-Fa) released a warning to the Gangaw public to be aware of the offensives of the 50th Infantry Battalion with roughly 120 men in Gangaw Township.

The military column was advancing northward along Ponenyar Hill, according to the Gangaw PDO, and might have been moving in the direction of the military outpost in Kan Village.

Moreover, the Gangaw PDO also reported that a combined column of roughly 110 men comprising junta troops and junta-backed Pyu Saw Htee members from seven Pyu Saw Htee villages raided Thin Taw village located in the northern portion of Gangaw Township at 4:30 a.m. on the same day. The column was reportedly firing indiscriminately with both heavy and small weapons.

Therefore, the Gangaw PDO cautioned the locals to pay close attention to military news provided by the revolutionary organisations, and prepare an advance evacuation to a secure location.

7. EOD is launching its next project, Spring Pyin Oo Lwin Investment, soon

The End of Dictatorship (EOD) announced on September 15 that the Spring Pyin Oo Lwin Investment Project, which comprises unique themes and special combinations of the Spring Revolution, will be launched soon.

Recently, all 950 land plots—250 plots of 60 ft x 80 ft and 700 plots of 40 ft x 60 ft—of Spring Yangon Investment’s Spring Victory Project had been sold out.

Moreover, the campaign “Let’s Occupy Min Aung Hlaing’s House to Strengthen Anyar” to provide support to victims of the junta’s arson attacks in the Anyar (central Myanmar) region has sold 3,532 EOD shares, raising more than 350,000 US dollars.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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