Spring Revolution Local News – 2024 Apr 12 (Evening)

Summary of News

1. Assistance extended to long-term displaced residents in Pale township: Food distribution and financial aid for well digging

On the morning of April 5, the leader of the Pale Township People’s Administrative Team and the township humanitarian representative, affiliated with the National Unity Government, visited an internally displaced persons (IDP) camp in Pale township, Sagaing Region. They provided aid to long-term displaced individuals, donating rice and providing financial support for the construction of wells in the camp to ensure convenient access to drinking water for the IDPs. The financial contribution was provided by the local charity group “Mother Embrace.”

Later in the afternoon, they, along with the Pale Public Strike Group, visited residents from villages whose homes were destroyed by aerial bombardments carried out by the military junta. Financial assistance was provided to support these affected individuals.

2. Drone strike targets Deputy Prime Minister General Mya Tun Oo’s team at Mudon Airport Project, Mon State

General Mya Tun Oo, serving as Deputy Prime Minister and Union Minister of Transport and Communications within the coup junta, along with a team of junta members, was targeted in a drone attack in Mudon, Mon State.

The drone unit under the 6th Battalion of the Karen National Defence Organisation (KNDO) confirmed their execution of a bomb attack targeting General Mya Tun Oo and his team upon their arrival at the new airport project in Mudon township on the morning of April 6. The attack resulted in the destruction of an Alphard car inside the airport project site, with details regarding casualties on the junta side yet to be determined, as stated by KNDO.

General Mya Tun Oo, accompanied by Deputy Minister Aung Kyaw Tun of the Ministry of Transport and Communication and Mon State Chief Minister Aung Kyi Thein, visited the new airport project in Mudon, also known as the Kawtparan project, named after its proximity to Kawtparan village, to conduct an inspection.

3. Rocket strike targets junta’s 21st Defence Equipment Factory in Seikphyu township, Magway Region, destroying 3 storage facilities

The Black Hawk Seikphu Revolution Front (BHSRF) declared that they had conducted a rocket attack on the 21st Defence Equipment Factory (KaPaSa-21) situated in Seikphyu township, Magway Region, operating under the military’s Directorate of Defence Industries (DDI). The attack resulted in the destruction of three storage facilities and reportedly inflicted injuries on numerous members of the military junta.

Executed at approximately 1:00 a.m. on April 5, the attack utilised 25 short-range missiles. The BHSRF justified the attack by citing the production of bombs by the military’s defence equipment factories for the aerial bombardments throughout the country.

Following the attack, soldiers from Seikphyu arrived at around 9:00 a.m. in ten military-used FAW cars to bolster security at KaPaSa-21.

The operation was a collaborative effort involving the BSHRF drone unit of the Magway Region People’s Defence Team, the Salin Township People’s Defence Team, and local defence forces.

4. Drone strikes on two military junta security checkpoints in Pakokku township, Magway Region, result in elimination of 3 soldiers

A coalition of revolutionary groups, including the Myaing Township People’s Defence Team, Black Cobra, Kamma Defence Force (KMDF), Kamma Coalition, Dar Min Gyi (DMG) group, Thu Rain (TR-Pakokku), and Young Force (UG), reportedly launched drone strikes on military junta forces in Pakokku township, Magway Region, on April 5th and 6th, resulting in the deaths of three military junta troops.

On April 5th, around 6:00 p.m., they launched a drone attack, deploying eight ENERGA grenades, on a military junta security checkpoint near Kantaw village, where soldiers and Pyu Saw Htee militia were stationed.

Furthermore, at 7:00 a.m. on April 6th, the joint revolutionary forces targeted another military junta security checkpoint near Nyaung Pin Hla intersection, manned by soldiers and Pyu Saw Htee militia, dropping eight ENERGA grenades from drones. Three military junta troops were reportedly killed in this attack.

The military junta troops, along with their associated Pyu Saw Htww militia, have been known for engaging in extortion, arrests, and forcibly seizing food from civilian travellers at security checkpoints.

The revolutionary forces have warned these military junta members that if they persist in harassing civilians, they will face more advanced military equipment.

5. Coordinated drone and artillery strikes targets military junta forces in five locations in Kyaikto, Mon State, including Moke Pa Lin security checkpoint, resulting in deaths of at least three

The Kyaikto Revolution Force (KRF), along with its allies, carried out coordinated drone and artillery attacks on military junta positions at five locations in Kyaikto, Mon State, including the security checkpoint situated at the intersection of Kyaikto town and Moke Pa Lin village, a pagoda hill, Let Pan Pin cemetery, and the Ingabo telecommunication tower on April 6th. During these attacks, three junta troops were reportedly killed on the spot, with 10 others sustaining injuries. Additionally, two police cars and another vehicle used by the junta forces were destroyed.

The operation was a joint effort involving the KRF, KNU/KNLA, Night Hawks, YEF, Seven Ravens Column, Khayan PDF, and Kyaikto People’s Defence Team. Remarkably, none of the participants sustained any injuries during the operation.

The KRF underscored its commitment to avoiding actions that might endanger the public while affirming its dedication to protecting lives and property. They reiterated their determination to continue fighting until the military dictatorship is overthrown.

6. Ambush targets junta-affiliated Pyu Saw Htee militia in Shwebo, seven killed

A coalition of local revolutionary forces from Shwebo township, along with their allies from other townships in Sagaing Region, reportedly staged an ambush on the Pyu Saw Htee militia, affiliated with the military junta, from Pan Yan village, Hta Naung Wun village, and Zee Kone Lay village. The ambush took place around 10:30 p.m. on April 5th while the Pyu Saw Htee militia were patrolling between Zee Kone Lay village and Mingalay Ywa Thit village. An exchange of gunfire between the two sides ensued for approximately 25 minutes, resulting in the deaths of seven Pyu Saw Htee militia members. Two comrades from the revolutionary coalition sustained minor injuries during the engagement.

Following the confrontation, junta soldiers attempted to reach the location but were thwarted by the revolutionary forces, who utilised a drone to drop two bombs, preventing their advance. Subsequently, the revolutionary coalition withdrew without further engagement to ensure prompt medical attention for the injured comrades.

The operation was executed by various people’s defence forces in Shwebo township, including Shwebo Crocodile, Shwobo Township Security Team, Peacock Warrior defence force, Daung Mann Shwebo, Sun Ye Thway local defence force (LPDF), Mahuya Shwebo Thar, Zeyar Thway defence force, HG Fighter (LPDF), Eye For Eye, Yaung Ni (LPDF), SBFA Shwebo Federal Army, Bo Ba Taw (LPDF), Shwebo Thar defence force, Bo Mahar defence force, Myin Phyu Shin, Nagar Ni, Phyan, Joker defence force, Shwebo Arr Man, Theinkha Arr Man, and Flying Dragon Force, along with allies from other townships such as Drone Force Ayadow Rocket (LPDF), Shin Shin defence force, Bo Lin Yaung defence force, and Zarmani Daung (Depeyin).

The revolutionary coalition initiated this operation following over a month of surveillance based on information from the public regarding the nightly patrols conducted by Pyu Saw Htee militia members outside the villages.

7. Military junta forces kill 5 civilians and destroy over 400 homes in Shar Taw village, Shwebo township, Sagaing Region

According to reports from local residents, on April 6, military junta forces conducted a violent operation in Shar Taw village, Shwebo township, Sagaing Region, resulting in the deaths of five civilians and the destruction of more than 400 homes. Reports indicate that the military forces conducted a raid on Shar Taw village, killing two elderly individuals aged 80 and 90, who were unable to flee, along with three other residents who remained in the village as the rest of the population evacuated. Additionally, the military forces set fire to numerous houses in the village, resulting in the destruction of 400 out of the total 450 houses.

Similarly, on April 5, the military conducted a raid on Shwe Lan village in Pauk township, Magway Region, where resistance was strong, burning down over 20 houses and compelling the entire village population to flee.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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