Spring Revolution Daily News – Apr 09 (Evening)

Summary of News

1. National Unity Government welcomes the appointment of UN Special Envoy Julie Bishop

In a statement released on April 9, 2024, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Unity Government expressed its warm welcome to the appointment of Ms. Julie Bishop as the Special Envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations on Myanmar.

The statement highlighted the government’s full confidence in Ms. Bishop’s extensive experience and diplomatic expertise, asserting that she is well-suited for the position. The National Unity Government expressed sincere hopes that Ms. Bishop would fulfil her responsibilities with the utmost dedication and commitment, serving the best interests of the people of Myanmar in alignment with their desires and aspirations.

Furthermore, the National Unity Government emphasised its readiness to closely collaborate with the Special Envoy in efforts to establish a federal democratic union based on democratic principles and values, a goal shared by the people of Myanmar.

In closing, the National Unity Government calls upon the international community to extend assistance and support to Ms. Bishop, enabling her to effectively carry out her duties for the betterment of the people of Myanmar.

2. Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration (MOHAI) holds discussions with local people’s administrative teams from Sagaing, Magway, and Mandalay Regions

The 8th meeting between the National Unity Government’s (NUG) Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration (MOHAI) and the local people’s administrative teams from Sagaing, Magway, and Mandalay Regions was held online on April 8. At the meeting, the Associate Permanent Secretary delivered opening remarks.

Following that, representatives from the local people’s administrative teams outlined the challenges encountered on the ground, which were subsequently addressed by ministry officials.

The meeting was chaired by the Associate Permanent Secretary in the presence of officials from the People’s Administration Department, People’s Police, Fire Department, and Special Intelligence Department, along with representatives of people’s defence teams from Sagaing, Magway, and Mandalay Regions.

3. Thai PM holds urgent meeting on Myanmar crisis and establishes a specialised task force led by Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin took to Facebook on April 9 to inform the public about an urgent meeting held that same morning with relevant agencies to address Thailand’s response to the escalating situation in Myanmar.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin emphasised the significance of the Myanmar situation to Thailand and expressed readiness to coordinate and facilitate cooperation across all sectors to swiftly achieve peace and stability in Myanmar. Additionally, he highlighted Thailand’s preparedness to manage potential impacts on various fronts, including border trade, and underscored that Thailand’s policy towards Myanmar aims at fostering peace and stability for the mutual benefit of both countries’ populations.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister announced the establishment of a task force to enhance efficiency in addressing the Myanmar crisis. This group will be primarily overseen by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Secretary-General of the National Security Office will collaborate closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on political, social, and economic matters.

4. NUG Representative in Czech Republic extends invitation to Myanmar diaspora for Thingyan Festival in Prague

U Linn Thant, the National Unity Government’s Representative in the Czech Republic, has invited fellow members of the Myanmar diaspora to participate in the upcoming Myanmar Thingyan festival in Prague. The event, scheduled for April 12th at 12:30 p.m. local time, will feature traditional celebrations along with a music concert and a fundraising food sale. The proceeds from the event will go towards supporting internally displaced people in Myanmar.

5. 166 individuals sentenced to death by Myanmar military junta since 2021 coup

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) reports that as of April 8, 2024, a total of 166 individuals have received death sentences from the military junta following the attempted coup on February 1, 2021. Among them, 43 individuals were sentenced in absentia, while 123 are currently held in prisons.

Additionally, the military junta has arrested 12,490 individuals, with 20,317 still in detention. Of those still detained, 8,908 are serving prison terms.

6. KIA declares full control over Lwegel as last junta soldiers and personnel depart

According to reports from Kachinwaves news media, the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) declared full control over Lwegel town on April 9, following the departure of remaining military junta soldiers and police members to the Chinese side the previous night. It was noted that soldiers from the 142nd Infantry Battalion in Lwegel, along with their families, as well as 60 individuals from the Lwegel Police Station, fled to the Chinese side in two vehicles via an illegal route starting at 10:00 p.m.

Additionally, it was reported that this morning, the KIA and allied forces conducted area clearance operations at the 142nd Infantry Battalion and subsequently took control of it.

The KIA and its allies, who launched offensives along the Myitkyina-Bhamo road, started entering Lwegel on April 4, initially seizing control of the police station and general administration office. Five days later, on April 9, the remaining personnel from the police station and military base vacated the town, resulting in complete control by the KIA.

7. Myeik PDF launch firsthand attack on a 28-member military junta column in Pa La town, Tanintharyi Region

The 1st Battalion of the People’s Defence Force (PDF) in Myeik District, Tanintharyi Region, made an announcement regarding their successful engagement with a military junta column on April 8. The confrontation occurred near the Zar Di area of Pa La town in Palaw township during the early hours of the morning.

According to reports, the PDF forces initiated the attack, targeting the column consisting of 28 troops from the military junta. The exchange of gunfire persisted for approximately 45 minutes, during which the military junta troops deployed heavy artillery fire before eventually retreating.

The Myeik District 1st Battalion revealed that around 10 members of the military junta column sustained injuries during the encounter. Details regarding the condition of the enemy forces are currently being assessed.

Furthermore, the engagement resulted in injuries to one member of the Myeik District 1st Battalion and a civilian, both of whom are in critical condition. They were injured by artillery shells fired by the military junta column.

8. Civilian casualties and property damage reported in military junta’s actions in KNU-controlled territories in Nyaunglebin District of Bago Region

The Karen National Union (KNU) released a statement on April 9, detailing civilian casualties and property damage inflicted by military junta forces in Nyaunglebin (Kler Lwee Htu) District, Bago Region, between April 5 and 8.

According to the statement, on April 5, at approximately 9:20 a.m. in Kyaukkyi (Ler Doh) township, the junta’s 307th Infantry Battalion launched two rounds of 155-mm shells from a howitzer towards the Kay Lar Tha area indiscriminately. Subsequently, at 6:00 p.m. on April 6, the same battalion fired an additional five rounds of howitzer shells, some of which detonated within Hpa Yar Gyi village. This resulted in the death of a 35-year-old resident and the destruction of another resident’s house. On April 7, at 4:00 a.m., the 307th Infantry Battalion fired two more rounds of howitzer shells, causing explosions inside Pa De Kaw village and destroying a resident’s house. Additionally, on April 8, the battalion fired two rounds of howitzer shells towards the east of the Kay Lar Tha area.

Furthermore, the statement highlighted atrocities committed by the military junta in Shwegyin (Hsaw Hti) township of Nyaunglebin District. Around 12:30 p.m. on April 6, junta forces stationed at Yae Kyi stream bridge near Inn Wyne village indiscriminately fired six rounds of 81-mm heavy weapons. Some of these shells exploded in Inn Pa Lwe village of Nyaunglebin township and Thet Kei Kone village of Shwegyin township, resulting in the destruction of a house and a cow stable in Thet Kei Kone village. Additionally, the statement mentioned an incident where a villager was injured at 6:00 a.m. on April 6 when he accidentally stepped on a landmine planted by junta forces on the road in front of Kwin Da Lay monastery. The explosion resulted in the loss of his right leg and severe injury to his left wrist.

9. Military junta forces destroy over 200 houses and kill four civilians in Ya Thar village of Myingyan township

A report from a local source has revealed a harrowing incident in Ya Thar village, situated in Myingyan township, Mandalay Region. On the morning of April 8, military junta troops, in cooperation with the Pyu Saw Htee militia, launched a raid on the village, unleashing a wave of violence that included gunfire and house torching.

Tragically, amidst the chaos, a father and son attempting to flee the violence were mercilessly shot and killed by the junta forces. The son, who had been attending a Korean language course in Myingyan, had reportedly returned to the village just the day before the incident due to illness.

Furthermore, the report detailed the deaths of two additional civilians who fell victim to the junta’s gunfire. One was targeted while attempting to escape, while the other was tragically killed while sleeping, unaware of the invading forces. The resulting arson led to the destruction of over 250 houses.

10. PDF forces launch offensive against military junta column advancing with 50 troops in Kyaikto township, Mon State

The Black Eagle Force, also known as the Thongwa People’s Defence Force (PDF), announced that they initiated an attack on a military junta column consisting of 50 soldiers as it advanced in Kyaikto township, located in Mon State, on April 8. The attack included the discharge of six M79 grenades and gunfire.

According to Black Eagle Force, the PDF units withdrew as the military junta retaliated with heavy weaponry during the confrontation. The operation was carried out jointly by the Thongwa People’s Defence Force and a local people’s defence force known as the Death Messenger.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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