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1. Acting President urges intensifying efforts with disciplined command and adherence to the military code of conduct for the liberation of the entire people

Acting President Duwa Lashi La of the National Unity Government called upon revolutionary warriors to escalate their efforts, emphasizing the importance of disciplined command and strict adherence to the military code of conduct in their pursuit of liberating the entire populace. This message was delivered on December 10.

The Acting President said, “All the while remembering and honoring the heroic warriors who sacrificed their lives nationwide during the people’s revolution, I encourage everyone to strengthen their efforts for the liberation of the entire populace with unrelenting perseverance, proper and disciplined command, and adherence to the military codes of conduct.”

Currently, the revolutionary forces are intensifying their offensives against the military junta, resulting in significant losses for the junta forces in regions such as Karenni, Karen, Sagaing, Magway, and northern Shan.

2. Deputy Minister U Maw Htun Aung calls on supporting preferred sectors in capturing junta bases

On December 11, Deputy Minister U Maw Htun Aung urged the public to lend their support in the capture operations against junta bases.

He said, “Capturing a enemy base involves the loss of numerous lives and requires hundreds or even thousands of millions [of kyats]. It necessitates a well-organized command structure and collaborative efforts. It requires a battlefield hospital. It requires safeguarding civilians, sending them to safety, and providing food for them. Therefore, please extend your support to the specific area you wish to support. Just as all lotus flowers bloom when the lake is full, collective support ensures success in these critical efforts.”

The People’s Revolutionary Support Family (PRF) released a summary report of support, indicating that in October, a total of 14,918 PRF members collectively supported $573,094.77.

3. NUG’s Czech Representative stresses the significance of adhering to international humanitarian law (IHL)

In a Facebook post, U Linn Thant, the National Unity Government’s Representative to the Czech Republic, emphasized the significance of adhering to international humanitarian law (IHL) when treating surrendered enemies.

He remarked that this revolution could be described as very delicate. He emphasized the crucial need to treat surrendered enemies, even if they have been involved in inhumane and illegal actions. He highlighted that the current revolution is a fight against such unjust actions since everyone hates these actions, emphasizing the importance of not replicating the misconduct of the junta forces.

He specifically advised the revolution’s combatants against adopting bullying behaviors by relying on weapons like the junta troops did.

4. KNU urges military and civilian employees under the junta to cooperate with the public

On December 10, the Karen National Union (KNU) released a statement urging military and civilian employees working under the military junta in Thaton District, which is the KNU Brigade 1 administrative territory, to cooperate with the public.

The released statement called upon military personnel operating under the military junta to defy orders from the junta, prioritize public security, refrain from targeting and harming civilians, and actively participate in the ongoing revolution in diverse ways. It urged them to abandon the military, align themselves with the people, and refrain from serving an institution where only senior military officials benefit.

Furthermore, the statement encouraged civil servants employed under the military junta in Thaton District, including Thaton Township, Kyaikto Township, and Bilin Township, to quit their administrative roles within the military junta. Instead, they were urged to collaborate with the public and engage in activities that serve the public interest.

The KNU assured complete responsibility for the safety and social well-being of the public within KNU administrative territories. Additionally, the statement called on organizations interested in collaborating on social welfare and public safety initiatives within these territories to establish connections with various levels of KNU organizations and seek approval before proceeding.

5. Ten members of junta’s armed forces surrender to the CDF-Paletwa

Ten members of the junta’s police force and military in Paletwa Township, Chin State, surrendered to the Chinland Defence Force (CDF-Paletwa), according to a report from the CDF-Paletwa on December 10.

Among the defectors were two soldiers from Infantry Battalion 299 stationed in Shin Let Wa village and eight police officers from Shin Let Wa Police Station. They initiated contact with the CDF-Paletwa on November 29 and completed their surrender on December 7.

The CDF-Paletwa confirmed that the ten surrendered members of the junta’s armed forces were safely relocated, as promised in their November 14 announcement. This announcement had urged both armed forces personnel and civil servants under the junta in Paletwa District to consider surrendering.

It was stated that the defectors did not bring any weapons with them.

6. Global White Campaign: Ban Jet Fuel” launches, advocating for a ban on jet fuel sales to the junta

On December 10, in commemoration of International Human Rights Day, the Global Myanmar Spring Revolution (GMSR), the General Strike Coordination Body (GCSB), and the Blood Money Campaign (BMC) collaboratively launched the “White Campaign: Ban Jet Fuel.” This campaign, scheduled from December 11, 2023, to January 2024, every Monday, calls on individuals within Myanmar and abroad to raise their voice to urge the international community to stop the sale of jet fuel to the military junta. Participants are encouraged to wear white on Mondays to express support for the campaign and denounce injustice.

The primary objective of the campaign is to press the international community to swiftly impose sanctions on the export and sale of jet fuel to Myanmar. It also aims to urge companies involved in selling jet fuel to immediately cease supplying the military junta.

7. Myanmar residents in New York organize the “Human Rights for Burma Rally” on International Human Rights Day

On December 10, in observance of International Human Rights Day, Myanmar residents in New York organized a rally themed “Human Rights for Burma Rally.” The event was organized by the New York City Burmese Community (NYCBC), and Myanmar people attended amid inclement weather. The rally called on the international community as well as the United Nations to swiftly impose sanctions to stop the military junta’s violence, bombings, and attacks on civilians and internally displaced camps.

The event included an Aung Thapyay activity, where prayers were offered for members of the People’s Defence Force (PDF) and Ethnic Resistance Organizations who have stood alongside the people in the Spring Revolution, aiming for victory in every battle against the military junta.

Subsequently, rally speeches touched upon various issues, such as the immediate release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and others unjustly detained, expressing solidarity with students and civilians facing death sentences for their beliefs, and advocating for women’s and children’s rights, among other topics.

8. Spring Tea Ceremony in the United States raises over $15,700 in December for revolutionary funds through food sales and donations

The Myanmar community in the San Francisco Bay Area organizes the monthly Spring Tea Ceremony, where they prepare and sell a range of Burmese cuisine to raise funds in support of the Spring Revolution. This December, they announced that they had collected a total of $15,794.

The Spring Tea Ceremony is held on the first Sunday of every month in four cities within the San Francisco Bay Area, where a significant Myanmar ethnic community resides. The funds raised each month are directly donated to various resistance organizations operating in both ethnic regions and central Myanmar. Typically, donations are distributed to approximately 20 to 30 different organizations on a monthly basis.

At present, Myanmar nationals residing in different countries are actively engaged in supporting the Spring Revolution, contributing both manpower and financial assistance.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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