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1. CRPH’s Education Committee and NUG’s Ministry of Education engage in discussions on the educational situation on the ground

The Education Committee of the Committee Representing Pyudaungsu Hluttaw and the Ministry of Education under the National Unity Government held a meeting on December 2 via video conferencing to discuss educational matters on the ground.

During the meeting, U Robert Nyal Yal, the chairman of the education committee, extended greetings. Following that, Dr. Zaw Wai Soe, Union Minister of the Ministry of Education, delivered welcoming remarks. He mentioned that the revolution’s pace is escalating, and everyone is putting in increased efforts in tandem with the accelerating revolution. Dr. Zaw Wai Soe encouraged an open and cordial discussion, inviting attendees to express any questions or concerns they might have.

Subsequently, officials from the ministry presented updates about the establishment of the Interim Federal Education Council (IFEC), the status of the curriculum framework issue, topics related to the federal democratic education policy, and the support received from international organizations and entities in various countries. After that, both sides engaged in discussions and exchanged views on the presentations, exploring areas for continued cooperation on educational matters on the ground.

In attendance at the meeting were the chairman and members of the CRPH Education Committee, the union minister, deputy ministers, and relevant officials from the NUG Ministry of Education.

2. A total of 98 non-CDM government employees in Kawlin Township enter the legal fold

The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration announced on December 5 that a total of 98 non-CDM government employees have joined the legal fold as of December 3, since November 28. Following the successful takeover of Kawlin Township in Kawlin District by the People’s Defence Force of the National Unity Government, an order dated November 25 was issued by the Kawlin Township People’s Administration Team (Pa-A-Fa/PAT), urging non-CDM government employees under the junta in Kawlin Township to align with the legal framework by December 25, and then the non-CDM management committee was formed.

The non-CDM employees in Kawlin Township who defected from junta and align themselves with the public included an employee from the public administration department, 33 personnel from the Ministry of Education, 5 employees of the Kawlin Township Development Committee, 5 employees from the Electricity Department, 2 from the Internal Revenue Department, 2 from the Forest Department, 5 from the Myanmar Timber Enterprise, an employee from the Fire Service Department, 2 from the Agriculture Department, 2 from the Myanmar Economic Bank, 20 from Myanmar Railways, a railway police officer, an employee from the Communications Department, 2 from the Sports Department, 13 from the Land Record Department, an employee from the Immigration Department, and 2 from the Rural Area Development Department.

The NUG Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration declared that these non-CDM employees would be handled in accordance with the Civil Disobedience Movement civil servant policy issued by the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC). The ministry further emphasized that the treatment of these individuals would align with human rights principles.

3. MNDAA discloses that the junta is no longer capable of sending ground reinforcements to its front battalions, relying solely on air strikes

The MNDAA revealed that the military junta was no longer able to deploy ground reinforcements during battles in the Kokang region, relying solely on counterattacks through air superiority. This statement was made in the news release on Operation 1027 in the Kokang region on December 4.

The MNDAA declared that its forces and units are conducting offensives in a systematic and effective manner under the guidance of its military affairs committee.

The MNDAA, in its efforts to gain control of Laukkai, the capital of the Kokang Self-Administered Zone on the China-Myanmar border, initiated offensives against a well-established junta outpost on the four-sided pagoda hill as well as other temporary camps outside Tong Chian ward of Laukkai Town on December 3. Despite encountering strong resistance from the firmly stationed junta forces at the Four-Sided Pagoda Hill outpost, the MNDAA military commander ordered a temporary halt to the offensive in the evening. The offensive resumed on December 4 after tactical adjustments, and reports indicate that the fighting is ongoing and intense.

Additionally, MNDAA forces have been actively searching for and engaging junta troops that escaped during the capture of the junta outpost in Konkyan. As a consequence, the fighting in and around Laukkai has remained intense until this morning.

4. Ayadaw Township People’s Defense Organization urges public vigilance against junta threats and military exploitation

On December 3, the Ayadaw Township People’s Defense Organization (Pa-Ka-Fa/PDO) issued a cautionary notice to the local residents in Ayadaw Township, known for its robust resistance, advising them to be vigilant and avoid becoming tools for the terrorist military junta’s military purposes. The notice highlighted the risks of arrests, extortion of money, use as human shields, and hijacking of civilian vehicles for military transportation by the junta.

In the notice statement, the public is advised to select routes that can avoid areas where junta forces are stationed and to communicate with local revolutionary forces before traveling. Additionally, individuals are encouraged to refrain from interacting with government mechanisms under the military junta. Furthermore, residents are urged to stay informed about updates on the revolution, take measures for their personal security, and collaborate with revolutionary forces by providing information related to the movements of junta forces to the nearest revolutionary organizations.

According to local reports, military junta troops in Ayadaw Town are regularly stopping trucks carrying goods, passenger express buses, and private cars at the west and north exits of the town, collecting money from them on a daily basis. Ayadaw Township has been blacked out of the internet by the military junta.

Following attacks on military installations in Ayadaw Town, junta troops and their associates, Pyu Saw Htee, have reportedly engaged in various actions, including arresting civilians and their vehicles at checkpoints, extorting money, and using civilians as human shields. Additionally, civilian vehicles are said to be utilized for military transportation purposes.

5. Military junta’s artillery shelling kills two civilians and injures three in Nyaunglebin District

On December 5, the Karen National Union (KNU) headquarters reported that within one month in Nyaunglebin District, which is within KNU’s Kaw Thoo Lei administrative territory, two civilians lost their lives and three others sustained injuries as a result of artillery shelling by the military junta.

According to the detailed report provided by the Karen National Union (KNU), between November 1 and November 30, within Shwegyin Township (which is KNU’s Saw Hti Township), military forces, including Light Infantry Battalion 20, Infantry Battalion 75, Light Infantry Battalion 598, Light Infantry Battalion 351, Light Infantry Battalion 589, and Infantry Battalion 264 stationed in various locations, fired a total of 86 artillery shells (155-mm, 122-mm, 120-mm, 81-mm, and 60-mm). These shells hit and exploded in 19 villages in Shwegyin Township, resulting in the deaths of two civilians, injuries to three others, the destruction of houses, and the loss of livestock.

The KNU reported that the military junta forces also arrested innocent civilians. Furthermore, troops from Infantry Battalion 75, led by Major Myo Win Tun and stationed in Than Seik village, reportedly extorted money from residents, demanding 50,000 kyats per house and 100,000 kyats for rubber farms (100,000 kyats for large farms and 50,000 kyats for small ones).

In 2023, according to the KNU report, at least 29,000 individuals from 31 villages in Shwegyin Township had been displaced due to air strikes, artillery fire, and human rights violations committed by the military junta.

6. 72 CDM employees from various ministries win prizes in Draw 25 of NUG Spring Lottery Draw 25

The campaign “Support One Spring Lottery Ticket for One CDM Employee” announced on December 4 that a total of 72 CDM employees from various ministries secured prizes in Draw 25 of the Spring Lottery (NUG Lottery).

Among the winners, two CDM employees from the Ministry of Education won a 10 million kyat prize and a 1,500,000 kyat prize, respectively. Additionally, CDM employees from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, and the Ministry of Health each won 500,000 kyat prizes. Other fortunate winners emerged from the Ministry of Electricity and Energy, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Planning, Finance and Management, the Ministry of Federal Union Affairs, the Ministry of Women, Youths and Children Affairs, the Ministry of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Management, the Ministry of Communications, Information and Technology, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, and the Ministry of Religious and Culture, with each winning 100,000 kyat prizes. These individuals were fortunate winners, with tickets provided by the campaign supporting CDM employees.

The “Support One Spring Lottery Ticket for One CDM Employee” campaign, organized by the NUG’s CDM Success Committee and budgeted by the NUG Finance Commission, has been regularly providing CDM employees from various ministries with lottery tickets based on the allocated quota. The campaign is open to everyone who wants to support the CDM employees, and the CDM Success Committee will issue postcards in return as gifts for those who purchase and donate 10 lottery tickets or more.

7. Myanmar community in New York to stage a demonstration in support of International Human Rights Day and condemnation of military dictatorship

U Nay Tin Myint, an executive of the New York City Burmese Community (NYCBC), told Radio NUG that a demonstration in support of International Human Rights Day and in condemnation of the military dictatorship is planned to be staged in New York on December 10.

Members of the Myanmar community are encouraged to join and show support for the event by wearing black shirts, aiming to inform the world community about the human rights violations occurring in Myanmar.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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