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1. Union Minister U Htin Linn Aung discloses the completion of internet network implementation in over 50 locations through satellite communication system

U Htin Linn Aung, the Union Minister of Communications, Information, and Technology (MOCIT) for the National Unity Government, presented that internet networks have been successfully implemented in more than 50 locations utilizing a satellite communication system. This information was provided during the 49th regular work coordination meeting of the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH) held on December 1 through video conferencing. Furthermore, the Union Minister briefed on the ministry’s ongoing work and outlined future plans.

Attending the meeting were the Chairman, members, and representatives of the affairs committees of the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw, along with the Union Minister of the Ministry of Communications, Information, and Technology and other relevant officials.

2. Spring Development Bank (SDB) share token sales reach $11.85 million

Mr. Calvin Tang, the CEO of Spring Development Bank (SDB), disclosed that the sales of SDB share tokens had reached $11.85 million as of December 2.  This information was conveyed in a statement released on December 3.

CEO Calvin expressed his satisfaction with people’s enthusiastic response to the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), stating, “The enthusiastic response to our ICO has been very encouraging.”

CEO Calvin expressed his apologies to investors for any inconvenience caused by the delay in token distribution resulting from extending the deadline for token ordering through Relationship Managers (RMs) until December 2. He assured that the distribution of tokens would begin on December 4.

3. MNDAA announces capture of five more military bases in Kokang region and six prisoners of war in Hsenwi

The Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) announced that on the 38th day of launching Operation 1027 on December 3, there were five additional military bases in the Kokang region and six prisoners of war in Hsenwi District.

Kokang’s MNDAA reported that its northern forces successfully penetrated the eastern section of Western Shan State, while its southern forces were able to reach the China-Myanmar border at points BP 126 and 127 outside the Tong Chain ward of Laukkai. On December 3, the MNDAA captured an additional five military bases in the Kokang region of Eastern Shan State. The captured bases on December 3 included a junta’s temporary outpost on Mar Haing Mountain, outside Laukkai Town, and three outposts outside Laukkai. In addition, the MNDAA stated that it had successfully captured the base camp of Light Infantry Battalion 527 near San Tar Hai Mountain at 2:48 p.m. after battling for about 5 hours. During these base capture battles, a total of 10 junta troops were reportedly killed, while many others were injured, and a significant amount of military equipment was seized.

Meanwhile, the MNDAA troops taking security in Haenwi District arrested six junta troops who had fled from the Nant Salat hilltop outpost, which the MNDAA had captured on the evening of November 24. The MNDAA also seized various weapons, including a canon, and ammunition they had hidden.

As of the morning of December 4, the MNDAA has successfully captured a total of 202 military installations, comprising both large and small camps and five towns—Chinshwehaw, Monekoe, Kunlong, Pang Hseng, and Konkyan. Furthermore, the MNDAA has taken control over four border crossing gates: one near Chinshwehaw, one near Monekoe, one near Pang Hseng, and one near Kyin San Kyawt, situated between Muse and Pang Hseng.

4. A total of 85 non-CDM government employees in Katha Township enter the legal fold

The Katha Township People’s Administration Organization (Katha PAO/Pa-A-Fa) announced that a total of 85 government employees not participating in the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) have joined the legal fold. This follows two announcements by the PAO urging non-CDM government employees in the township to align with the legal framework in November, resulting in 56 individuals joining initially and 29 in the second announcement.

In the announcements, Katha PAO warned that non-CDM employees failing to join the legal fold by December 14 will face consequences according to existing laws. Following the compliance of 85 non-CDM employees with Katha PAO’s directive, the phone number provided by Katha PAO in the statement letter was deactivated by the military junta.

Katha PAO stated that non-CDM employees who defected from the military junta could apply to work at the Katha PAO office. To be eligible, they must present compelling evidence of their substantial contributions to the revolution or their help to CDM employees. After verification in accordance with the Civil Disobedience Movement civil servant policy, they will be appointed under a short-term contract.

5. Arakan Army (AA) announces use of chemical gas bombs by the military in the Patetwa battles

The Arakan Army (AA) disclosed on the evening of December 3 that the military junta had employed bombs containing chemical warfare agents (CWA) in the battles taking place in Paletwa Township, Chin State.

The Arakan Army has been carrying out offensives against two strategic hilltop outposts of the military junta in Paletwa Township—Taronai outpost and Nonebu outpost—since November 14, marking 21 days as of December 4.

As the Arakan Army escalates its offensive pace, the junta forces, struggling in defense, conducted over 30 air strikes on December 3 using fighter aircraft such as the Mi-35, Y-8, and Y-12, according to the AA’s statement. AA stated that December 3 marked the peak of its offensive operations, with the military carrying out the highest number of air strikes on that day.

The AA declared that it would keep escalating the offensive to capture the two hilltop outposts. Additionally, the AA urged the general public to record war crimes committed by the military junta and encouraged people to send this documentation to them, expressing concerns that the military might retaliate against non-military targets and civilian areas due to its suffering of losses in various parts of the country.

The AA also mentioned that it had meticulously documented the actions of each junta battalion and division that caused harm to the lives and properties of the Rakhine people, vowing to take retaliatory measures.

6. Military launched aerial bombardments on villages in Muse Township, killing civilians, including an infant, and destroying houses

The Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) News and Information released that the terrorist military launched aerial bombardments on villages in Muse Township, which is under the TNLA Brigade 1 military territory.

On December 2, at 6:00 p.m., the terrorist military carried out an aerial bombardment on Seilant village in Muse Township, resulting in the deaths of three civilians, including a 4-month-old infant, and the destruction of 10 houses.

The TNLA stated that the actions of the military junta, targeting civilian areas without active clashes and conducting aerial attacks with weapons like 500-pound bombs and cluster bombs capable of causing mass casualties, amount to blatant war crimes.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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