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1. Union Minister Dr. Tu Hkawng says that expelling a group of evildoers is the primary goal

Union Minister Dr. Tu Hkawng made a statement on Facebook on September 4, noting that “only when there are criticisms will there be improvements.”

“Sometimes, I am envious of those individuals who can say whatever they want to the NUG. That distinguishes a people’s government from a dictatorship. As long as they stay on the side of the revolution and keep Min Aung Hlaing at a distance, it is safe to criticise the NUG as much as they want, and nothing will happen to them. In fact, not everyone involved in the NUG is very comfortable with the collective leadership principle. Since I have witnessed the difficulties of my fellows who are working in the midst of many limitations, when someone talks about the weakness of my organisation, although I can bear it, I am really worried that my fellows who are working in practice will be disappointed. Right now, I’m only concerned with expelling a group of evildoers.”

The National Unity Government is welcoming and listening to criticisms and suggestions.

2. The NUG’s Ministry of Justice holds a meeting with township legal officers

The No. 11/2023 meeting between the Department of Lawsuits and Cases of the National Unity Government’s Ministry of Justice and township legal officers was held on September 2, 2023.

In her opening remarks on behalf of the Union Minister, Permanent Secretary Daw May Aung Thu called all the judges, legal officers, and attorneys working under the Ministry of Justice to unite and fight the common enemy, the military junta, together. She also listened to their difficulties and conveyed her gratitude to the township legal officials who are working on the ground.

Permanent Secretary Daw May Aung Thu, Lawsuits and Cases Department Director General U Naing Myo Tun, Law Enforcement and Transitional Justice Department Director General U Tin Tun Thein, Legal Counselling and Law Scrutiny Department Director General U Arr Mann, Interim Judiciary Department Director General U Yan Gyi Aung, Prison Department Director General U Myo Aung, and Deputy Permanent Secretary Daw Linn Htet San also attended the meeting along with officials from the Department of Lawsuits and Cases, ground communication officers, and 22 legal officers from 19 townships in the controlled territories.

3. Union Minister U Htin Linn Aung asserts that the military regime lacks understanding of the significance of technology

“The significance of TECHNOLOGY is what the blockheads do not understand,” U Htin Linn Aung, Union Minister for Communications, Information, and Technology of the National Unity Government, remarked on Facebook, alluding to the military junta members. 

On September 3, at around 7:00 p.m., the Federal Wings Drone Unit, which is allied with the Cobra Column, launched a drone attack on the Myawaddy District Police Station, killing 5 and severely wounding 11 others. According to the leaked documents, five individuals killed in the attack included Commander of Light Infantry Brigade 275 Lieutenant Colonel Aung Kyaw Min, District Administrator U Soe Tint, Staff Officer of the Myawaddy District Administrative Office U Tun Tun Nyein, Clerk U Pyae Phyo Aung, and Traffic Police Superintendent Nay Lin Soe.

The National Unity Government’s Ministry of Defence has announced that over 400 drones have been distributed to various regions and states across the country, and the delivered drones have already been serving on the frontline battlefields in intelligence, combat, and propaganda dissemination duties.

4. Deputy Minister U Maw Htun Aung asserts that the Spring Revolution is accelerating towards victory

On September 4, Deputy Minister U Maw Htun Aung stated, referring to the revolutionary forces’ drone attack on Myawaddy District Police Station on September 3, “I am very delighted to hear about some significant achievements on the ground. With that in mind, I would like everyone to know that the capture of bases and outposts with drones did not happen overnight. These achievements are sprouts that sprang from seeds sown by CDM students and teachers who began participating in the armed revolution in 2021 after the internet connections were shut down in the whole country. Although I am unable to estimate the exact date of the victory because I lack the information necessary to do so, I would want to state that I have a strong sense that we are already speeding up on the road to victory.”

Moreover, the Deputy Minister went on to state that the achievements on the ground are also attributable to the involvement of all revolutionaries, who took part by clicking, purchasing bonds, land, raffle tickets, and spring lottery tickets, as well as by boycotting.

In June 2023, a total of 439 instances of clashes took place in Sagaing Region, Magway Region, Mandalay Region, and Nothern Shan State of the No. 1 Military Region, which resulted in the deaths of 400 enemy soldiers and the injuries of 574 others of them.

5. U Min Ko Naing urges assaulting the military junta’s financial front while they are currently the target of international sanctions 

At the ceremony of “We Are One or Htinn Hcee” fundraising project held on September 3, U Min Ko Naing, a prominent student leader of 1988 and pro-democracy activist, said: “When there are international sanctions against the military junta, we must also be able to assault their financial front with force. At a very important time like this, the public should take part on all four fronts. How can they take part? They can participate in the financial front, inflating the pocket of the revolution as well as flattening the income of the fascist military by cutting off the blood money flow into it.”

Right now, the financial warfare against the military junta is being fought, and the public is urged to boycott military-related products such as Myanmar Beer, Andaman Gold brand alcohol, beer and drinks, Dragon brand alcohol, beer and drinks, Mandalay Rum, Army Rum, Red Ruby cigarettes, and Premium Gold cigarettes.

6. The CNO/CNDF Brigade 1 has finished its third batch of basic combat training

The Chin National Organisation (CNO) released on September 3 that Brigade 1 of its armed wing, the Chin National Defence Force (CNDF), had successfully conducted its 3rd batch of basic combat training.

According to the CNO statement, the training was conducted in the NA Camp in Brigade 1 with 19 participants.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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