Spring Revolution Local News – Jul 24 (Evening)

Summary of News

1. Acting President announces cooperation with domestic and foreign organisations to prosecute and punish the terrorist military leader and his associates at international legal institutions

Acting President of the National Unity Government, Duwa Lashi La, said in his message to the public on July 24: “In the near future, it will be able to prosecute and punish the terrorist military leader and his associates since cooperation with domestic and foreign organisations is being made.”

The terrorist military junta has killed more than 3,000 people and arrested 20,000 others. Moreover, they have destroyed more than 70,000 houses across the country by fire. They have carried out a number of aerial attacks targeting civilian populations, and the bombardment on Pazigyi village in Sagaing’s Kanbalu Township killed 174 people, including children and pregnant women.

2. Union Prime Minister attends CDM Success Committee meeting

Union Prime Minister of the National Unity Government, Mahn Winn Khaing Thann, the Chairman of the CDM Success Committee, attended the meeting of the CDM Success Committee meeting held on July 23 and delivered opening remarks at the meeting. Then, the Union Prime Minister, encouraged CDM employees.

Following that, responsible persons presented their monthly CDM success work. The meeting participants then discussed the presentations and decided on the next course of action.

The meeting was successfully completed following closing remarks from the Union Prime Minister.

3. Depeyin Township Fire Safety Organisation established by Ministry of Home Affairs

The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration issued Announcement No. 11/2023 dated July 23 on the establishment of the Depeyin (Tabayin) Township Fire Safety Organisation.

The Fire Safety Organisation was established under the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration of the National Unity Government in order to prevent arson attacks by the terrorist military and to carry out firefighting and search and rescue operations in Depeyin (Tabayin) Township, Shwebo District, Sagaing Region.

The terrorist military junta has burned more than 70,000 houses throughout the country, of which Sagaing suffered the most fire losses.

4. Members of the National Unity Government met with Myanmar community leaders in Dallas, United States

The members of the National Unity Government had a meeting with Myanmar Community leaders at the Burmese Dhamma Centre in Dallas, Texas, in the United States.

On July 24, U Aung Kyaw Moe, Deputy Minister for Human Rights for the National Unity Government, also noted on his social media accounts that it was “a fruitful meeting with leaders of the Burmese Community who have consistently supported the spring revolution in Dallas and NUG’s delegation.”

Humanitarian Minister Dr. Win Myat Aye, Deputy Foreign Minister U Moe Zaw Oo, Deputy Human Rights Minister U Aung Kyaw Moe, and NUG President Office Spokesperson U Kyaw Zaw were present at the meeting.

5. Deputy Minister U Maw Htun Aung claims military coup causes inflation

On July 23, Deputy Minister U Maw Htun Aung provided the following assessment of inflation on his Facebook account:

“It is said that money is a belief created with an imagined story. Because people believe that there is value, the numbers written on paper have value and are used to purchase things. However, the paper money can’t be printed whenever it wants; there are rules to follow. Expenditure-finding using taxes, loans, money printing, Treasury bonds, and bills needs to be proportionate. Just like a blood transfusion, if the body receives more than the amount of blood that it can accept, it will know and respond. Similarly, if a country prints more money than it needs, the economic community will respond, and as a result, inflation will become endless, the cost of living will affect foreign trade, and difficulties will inevitably come. The source [of all these in Myanmar] is the military coup.”

Following the terrorist military council’s statement on July 23 that new 20,000 kyat banknotes would be issued, the value of Myanmar kyat has depreciated when exchanged for Thai baht.

6. U Min Ko Naing’s “Return of Salmons” painting sold for $3,3333

U Min Ko Naing’s “Return of Salmon” painting to support the Salmon Operation in the Sittaung River Basin was final-auctioned on July 23 and sold for US$3,3333.

U Min Ko Naing donated a painting for the “Yoma Calling” fundraising event, which was led by Director Ko Pauk and aimed to support the Salmon Operation. At the auction sale of the painting, Ko Sithu Win from the United States won the bid for US$3,333.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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