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Union Prime Minister says that the courage of the people of Myanmar is the kind of courage to be recorded

At the Global Virtual Meeting held in July, Union Prime Minister Mahn Winn Khine Thann said,

“Since this revolution is the people’s revolution, from February 2021 until today, all of our people have been struggling together, and now it has reached one year and five months. The strong courage of the people of Myanmar is the kind of courage to be recorded.”

On 1 February 2021, the military unjustly seized state power.

However, the people of Myanmar are still participating in the anti-dictatorship movements to this day.

Union Minister Dr. Win Myat Aye says that the world must be able to decide to give justice to all the victims

Union Minister Dr. Win Myat Aye said that since the people of Myanmar are citizens of the world, the world must be able to decide to give justice to all the victims.

“We are citizens of the world, so the world must be able to decide to give justice to all those who were harmed, whenever and wherever it happened.”

On 23 July, Union Minister Dr. Win Myat Aye posted on social media

Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on 23 July that the National Unity Government would continue to extend its full cooperation to the ICJ.

NUG Deputy Minister of Education says that actions are being made to get good ideas facing the federal side

During the PRF (People’s Revolution Supply Family) talk held in July,

“We have been working to get good ideas facing the federal side since now. If we generalize what Federal Education is, it is having full access to freedom of education. It is to carry out educational activities for the ethnic people living in the Federal Unit of this country after decentralization.”

Deputy Minister of Education Ja Htoi Pan said

National Unity Government is implementing education and health care in cooperation with ethnic revolutionary forces.

Naga Pwat Taung, the LSRPDF-controlled area, was recaptured by the allies from the military troops within five days

On 24 July, Laung She Regional People’s Defence Force (LSRPDF-YRPA) announced that the base was recaptured.

It stated, “Without being able to resist perseverance, courage, fighting ability, and psychological operations of our allied forces, all military troops deserted and fled from the base camp at Naga Pwat Taung (Mud Volcanoes situated in Minbu, Myanmar) on the evening of 23 July. Our allied forces were able to resettle the camp at Naga Pwat Taung in the same evening.”

In 5 days from 19 July to 23 July 2022, LSRPDF (YRPA) and its allied forces – PDF (SAW) battalion 1, PDF (SAW) battalion 2 (YRPA), Sidoktaya Force, Salin Force, PPC Force, Nyaung Yan Force, and Aye Chan Force attacked and drove out the military troops stationed in Naga Pwat Taung, which is the controlled area of LSRPDF.

LSRPDF(YRPA) assisted local war-affected refugees and carrying out area clearance and establishing control of the area.

Military council troops divided into two columns and rampaged through the villages in Ye-U Township

The revolutionary forces said that, starting from the morning of 24 July, the military troops have been patrolling between Htantaw, Nhokgon, Kyaukthagon and Tanthel villages in Ye U Township.

They said, “This morning, the military council troops, who came in 4 cars arrived the railway crossing near Ye-U – Thanthal road, are dividing into two groups – one group between Htantaw and Nhokgon villages, and the other group near Kyaukthagon and Tanthel villages. Therefore, the villages in the western side of Ye-U District, where the military troops are headed, are specially warned to get ground information and avoid them in advance.”

In addition, the villagers of Nhokgon and Zawa are warned to evacuate to safe area as soon as possible because the military troops can form with over 100 forces and fire heavy weapons at the surrounding villages.

Myanmar citizens in Japan conduct public strike activities

On the morning of 24 July, public strikes were carried out in front of the Myanmar Embassy in Tokyo and in various parts of the capital.

In front of the Myanmar embassy, hundreds of Myanmar people participated in the public strike and Myanmar activists are demanding that Japanese government should cut out the fees received from visa and passport because those are blood money.

Moreover, Myanmar activists also demanded that Japanese Government not to recognize the State Administration Council and not to support it.

Six soldiers out of the military troops, who came to clear mines in front of Myin Daung school, Khin-U Township, died after being hit by land mines

BLDF force said that on 23 July at 7:00 in the morning, the military troops who came to clear mines were killed by the mines.

They said, “This morning, when the military troops came to clear the mines landed by BLDF force, BOB force, Hero Army Khin-U force, and allied forces near Myin Daung school, the mines were not cleared but instead, military troops were cleared, and 6 soldiers are killed.”

It is said that there is no damage to the defense comrades.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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