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Union Prime Minister says that there are local battalions and units that are increasing preparation to fight

At the Cabinet Meeting of the National Unity Government on 5 July, Union Prime Minister H.E. Mahn Winn Khine Thann said, “The current state of the revolution is a period of increasing momentum on all sides. As for military operation, there are areas where fighting is accelerating and there are also areas where the battalions and units are increasing preparation to fight. I would like to inform that despite fierce fighting, some parts of warfare are transparent, but there are also some parts that we kept secret. In some areas, only PDF are fighting, and in some areas, they are fighting alongside allies.”

The People’s Defense Forces, which was established on 5 May 2021, now has more than 257 battalions.

The 2nd Global Myanmar Forum will be held

It is said that the 2nd Global Myanmar Forum will be held at 10 pm EST (UTC-5) or 9 pm CST (UTC-6) or 7 pm WST (UTC-8) on 9 July or 8:30 Myanmar Standard Time (UTC+6:30).

Union Minister for International Cooperation H.E. Dr. Sa Sa, Founder of Free Burma Ranger Mr. David, Deputy Minister U Min Zeyar Oo, and an official from Road Trip to Democracy will attend and discuss at the Forum.

The “Global Myanmar Forum” is held every three months.

California-based Dacast bans MRTV live broadcast program that broadcasts false news

On 6 July, Justice for Myanmar reported, “MRTV Live streaming of web and mobile applications is using the California-based Dacast technology, and Dacast has now shut it down.”

Justice For Myanmar informed the relevant authorities that MRTV, which broadcasts false news, was using Dacast technology.

More than 400 military soldiers and BGF died in clashes in the Karen National Union (KNU) Kawthoolei administrative region in June

On 5 July, the KNU-Central officially released the news of the battles.

It stated that a total of 365 major and minor clashes took place in the Karen National Union (KNU) Kawthoolei administrative region in June 2022, killing 410 military soldiers and Border Defense Force (BGF) and injuring 335 others.

The 17 members of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), the Karen National Defense Army (KNDO), and the allied forces sacrificed their lives for the country, and 28 others were injured in the clashes.

Due to the heavy fighting in the Ukritha area, South of Kawkareik Township, the KNU 6th Brigade Duplaya District, the coup military used excessive air strikes and there were 94 strikes in four days, 27, 28, 29, and 30 of June.

Tamu PDF Battalion-3 seizes large quantities of illegal heroin soap in a six-wheeled Canda car driving towards Tamu

Tamu PDF Battalion-3 released a report on 4 July.

It stated, “At around 12:00 noon on 4 July, while a six-wheeled Canda truck driving from Kale to Tamu was being searched by comrades of the People Defense Force (PDF) Battalion-3 near Khun Mon Nun Village, Tamu Township, Sagaing Division, a large number of illegal heroin (soap cups), were discovered in three white bags and seized.”

It also stated that the PDF Battalion-3 set fire to the seized drugs in public and will continue to crack down on drug trafficking, gold smuggling, black money smuggling, and timber smuggling.

AAPDF develops special guns for pre-test firing

Acid Army People Defense Force (AADF) demonstrated the new developed special guns on 5 July.

It stated, “This is the weapon developed by the AAPDF for preliminary test firing. Moreover, our additional projects will be decided by our leaders and admin team based on the fund support and cooperation of the people.”

Acid Army People Defense Force (AADF) is also a revolutionary force fighting the dictator.

CRPH & NUG Team Germany announces that the Spring Revolution Sale Festival was held successfully

CRPH & NUG Team Germany announced on 2 July, “The CRPH & NUG Team Germany would like to thank all the Burmese-born ethnic brothers and sisters who came from different European countries and friends who actively participated and helped.”

Fundraising events for the Spring Revolution were held in the United States, France, Norway, Korea, and Japan.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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