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Terrorist military troops committed 17 acts of sexual assault

Acting President Duwa Lashi La said, “According to records, after the military coup, from October 2021 to 7 April 2022, the junta troops has committed 17 acts of sexual assault in Mandalay Division, Chin State, Sagaing Division, and Magway Division. This is only the record cases, and the actual number of cases is likely much higher.”

The acting president remarked that the military junta troops, who commit sexual assaults, are exempt from prosecution under the pretext of the military tribunal.

Until today, the members of the terrorist junta carry out repeated sexual assaults against over 50 innocent civilians in interrogations, prisons, and civilian areas, individually or collectively.

Union Prime Minister says that it will definitely lead to a new federal democracy nation

Union Prime Minister Mahn Winn Khine Thann said, “Since the people from all ethnic groups, religions, and fields across the country participate actively in this revolution while we are fighting to weaken the terrorist military council from all sides, such as political, defense and diplomatic, a new federal democracy nation, which is our common goal, will definitely achieve.”

The meeting between the Interim Local Government Implementation Central Committee and the Mon State Interim Cooperation Committee (MSICC) was held the previous day.

The meeting was attended by the Union Prime Minister, Union Ministers and Deputy Ministers from the Interim Local Government Implementation Central Committee, Officials from MSICC, and other relevant Officials.

Union Minister Prof. Dr. Zaw Wai Soe says that those from the terrorist military council do not live in accordance with the modern system

Union Minister Prof. Dr. Zaw Wai Soe said that those from the terrorist military council, who are really evil and cruel, who do not live in accordance with the modern system and international standards, who do not understand the concept of the world law, should not be there anymore.

Celebration of the 77th Birthday Blessing of Daw San Suu Kyi was held in Berlin, Germany

The celebration of the 77th Birthday Blessing of Daw San Suu Kyi was held in Berlin in Germany with the programs: the auction of a painting by a young Myanmar lady artist, a lucky draw program, the selling of food, and the performance of the Myanmar Traditional Dance Artist.

The celebration was attended by a well-respected writer Ma Thida (Sanchaung), Myanmar Youth news filmmaker Snow Hnin Ei Hlaing, and those who love and respect Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

Myanmar families in New York celebrated the 77th Birthday Blessing of People’s Leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

The celebration of the 77th Birthday Blessing of Daw San Suu Kyi, together with the praying for the release of those who were unjustly detained in Myanmar, was held by Myanmar families at the Flatiron Plaza in New York.

The celebration was addressed by Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun, participated actively by Poet Maung Swam Yee, Ma Pencilo, Singer Lin Nit and Singer Ko Kyaw Thiha, and prayed for blessings on behalf of the four religions.

Tele Health Free Online Clinic treated over ten thousand patients

Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Shwe Pon said, “Tele Health is exactly one year old now. It is really to be proud of that, within this one year, it could provide health care to over ten thousand patients through various obstacles during the course of the COVID-19 crisis.”

Tele Health clinics are not opened physically, but the patients can consult with General practitioners and Specialists online via the Telegram channel. All consultations are provided free of charge.

The patients can make pre-booking via the messenger of Tele Health Facebook Page by leaving the patient’s name, age, and township.

One DMMK will be worth the same as one MMK

According to NUGPay, one DMMK will be worth the same as one MMK. Digital Myanmar Kyat (DMMK) will be the first blockchain-based digital currency in Myanmar.

The produced DMMK currency is backed by a strong currency equivalent to its total value, and the unit of DMMK is “kyat” (Ks).

Backed by such a strong currency, the DMMK currency will not be as volatile as most of the cryptocurrencies in the market.

DMMK can be used both domestically and internationally, and NUGPay will announce the Exchange Rate of DMMK.

NUGPay described DMMK as a currency that is completely free from the financial mechanisms of the terrorist military council.

Spring Bridge Online School will only accept applications until the end of June

Spring Bridge Online School (SBOS) was established in May 2022 and launched online education on 6 June. At the school, sixty elementary, middle, and high school teachers are responsible for teaching, and the school will teach based on the aspirations of the Ministry of Education of the National Unity Government, according to Project Director Dr. Bio.

Project Director Dr. Bio

Some other online schools receive donations from parents, but Spring Bridge Online School (SBOS) does not receive donations throughout the year and offers free teaching. A CDM teacher reviews that, at the present, there are both advantages and disadvantages to the online education system.

A University CDM teacher

According to SBOS, the new curriculum set by the civilian government will be taught to children from Grade 1 to Grade 11. The curriculum of Grade 12 is based on the international curriculum IGCSE.

The price of soybeans, the main crop in Shan State and Kachin State, is dropping, and farmers are losing money

According to a trader, the price of soybeans, the main crop in Shan State and Kachin State, is dropping and farmers are losing money. Previously, one basket of soybeans costs around 45,000 kyats, but now it costs around 30,000 kyats.

A soybean trader

According to a local farmer in Shan State, due to the early rains and heavy rains during this planting season, no quality soybean was produced. The problem is due to the lack of climate-resilient cultivation technology. In addition, this year, more crops were planted because last year’s planting season saw good prices for soybeans.

A local farmer in Shan State

Soybeans are mainly used in the domestic market for the production of bean curd, while low-quality soybeans are used as animal feed. Political instability has disrupted bean markets, and central Myanmar, where the bean is the main crop, has left agriculture this season due to warfares, making it difficult to predict for next year.

#Credit : Radio NUG

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