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Defense Minister says that some ASEAN countries are only interested in consolidating the military regime’s power

Union Minister for Defense U Yee Mon said that some ASEAN countries are only interested in consolidating the military regime’s power.

Union Minister said that at the beginning, ASEAN prohibited the military regime from attending summits, but these attitudes seemed to be changing. Some ASEAN countries are more interested in consolidating the military regime than in recognizing the Myanmar people’s aspirations for democracy.

Union Minister also said that inviting the military junta’s defense officials to the ASEAN Defense Senior Officers’ Meeting (ADSOM) in May and to the ASEAN Defense Ministers’ Meeting to be held during this month would tarnish ASEAN’s reputation and deny its due recognition to the Myanmar people.

The majority of the people of Myanmar continue to hold silent strikes, and street protests across the country to show that they don’t want to be ruled by the military regime.

National Unity Government only try to work together along the revolutionary journey

Union Minister Dr. Win Myat Aye said, “the National Unity Government will work together with the ethnic brothers and sisters, and the rest. We were trying like this.”

The National Unity Government was formed during the revolutionary period and approached its one-year term.

Moreover, it has established a relationship with the ethnic alliances, and discussions and consultations have been made through the well-built National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC).

The Ministry of Humanitarian and Disaster Management of the National Unity Government provided 208.74 million kyats in humanitarian assistance during May this year, making arrangements to reach the affected people despite various barriers by the military regime.

Tele Health Free Online Clinic, which was born on Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s 76th birthday, is one year old now

Tele Health Free Online Clinic was established on 19 June 2021.

Dr. Chit Thu Wai said, “Tele Health Free Online Clinic, which was born on the 76th birthday of Mother Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, is one year old now. I’m proud of it. In any kind of condition, the ones who treat the patients will still try to give treatment and save lives. I would like to be proud of the experts, who do not think for a while, for not only being oppressed in this revolution but also being a symbol of caring for the people.”

Tele Health Free Online Clinic is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm and can be pre-booked at , or at for an instant clinic visit.

Over 1900 civilians were killed by torture and killings by the terrorist military

According to AAPP, a total of 1963 pro-democracy activists and civilians, who protested against the unjust military coup on 1 February 2021, were killed during the Spring Revolution.

The figure does not include incidents of being killed by the terrorist military without being known in rural areas, and the actual number of fatalities is likely much higher.

In the worst-case scenario, on the night of 16 June, a  house in Gawt Inn Village, Launglon Township, Tanintharyi Region, was raided and shot at by the junta. They killed a civilian in that house named Ma Amy Phyo Wai, who was shot in the head and died on the spot.

Ma Amy Phyo Wai was shot dead as the junta did not find out her brother’s current location.

In Nyaung Le Village, Gangaw Township, five civilians were tied on their hands behind their backs and burned to death by the terrorist military

The incident took place on 3 June, when the terrorist military entered Nyaung Le village in Gangaw Township, Magway Division, and killed six innocent civilians, according to the Gangaw Township People’s Administration.

Five out of them were tied on their hands behind their backs and burned to death.

The Gangaw Township People’s Administration said that only two of the six victims were identified as residents of Nyaung Le village, and the other four could not be identified so far, possibly abducted by the military junta from other places.

NUGPay is the first mobile wallet in Myanmar to use Blockchain technology.

NUGPay is here to help you manage your own money

On 18 June, NUGPay announced the launch of NUGPay as “NUGPay is here to help you manage your own money.”

NUGPay is the first mobile wallet in Myanmar to use Blockchain technology.

In the beginning, NUGPay will be available to use on Android phones, and will soon be available on iOS as well.

For Android phones, NUGPay will be able to download from the Play Store, and its launch date will be announced soon.

NUGPay will serve as a train in regaining the people’s power from the unjust military regime.

Yangon UG youths have called for the public support as some UGs in the city have to return to work because of difficulties in family subsistence

After the military coup, UG youths, who remained in the city to carry out guerrilla attacks on the military junta, returned to work to support their family as the revolution dragged on. A young man from Yangon UG urged the public to support those who have access to it, as UGs are not in a position to request support openly and had to spend as much as they could on weapons and bullets.

Ko Aung Zeya (URF)

The military junta is searching for and arresting UG youths who returned to Yangon from guerrilla training in the liberated areas. The youths who remained for the strike and those who returned to fight the military junta are facing house sealed off, arrests, and killings.

A young man from UG

The UG youths remained in the city to retaliate against the military junta for the murder of their families and friends, and the violent crackdown on civilians. As the revolution dragged on, the situation become difficult and UGs are experiencing physical and emotional damage.

New Myanmar Foundation is launching a program to provide financial assistance to political prisoners

Ko Kaung Kaung, Project Manager for the Political Prisoners Support Program, said that the New Myanmar Foundation is launching a program to provide financial assistance to prisoners who were imprisoned by the military council during the Spring Revolution due to human rights, democracy, and political activism.

Ko Kaung Kaung (Project Manager-Political Prisoners Support Program)

As the first batch of the New Myanmar Foundation, family members of 250 prisoners among those who applied will receive a monthly stipend of 50,000 kyats per month for the first six months. A person, who was detained in Maubin prison in Irrawaddy Division, and was released, said that the amount of stipend may not be enough, but it is a good plan for the revolutionary family members who are financially disadvantaged.

A person released from Maubin prison

Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) released a statement on 17 June that a total of over 14,000 people has been arrested in prisons across the country since the military coup, over 11,000 people are currently under detention, over 11,000 people are fleeing arrest, and about 1750 people are facing trial.

#Credit : Radio NUG

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