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1. National Unity Government says a new Federal Democratic Union is imminent, with KIO leaders taking a leading role in the ongoing revolution alongside other ethnic resistance organizations

The National Unity Government expressed that the establishment of a new Federal Democratic Union, guaranteeing the long-awaited aspirations of equality and self-determination by the Kachin people, is at hand, with the leaders of the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) taking a leading role in the ongoing revolution alongside other ethnic resistance organizations. This statement was made in a felicitation letter sent to commemorate the 63rd anniversary of the establishment of the KIO on October 25. In the statement, the NUG also paid tribute to all Kachin ethnic people who sacrificed their lives in the pursuit of liberation.

KIO Chairman General N’Ban La, in his speech on the 63rd anniversary of the establishment of the KIO, also asserted that the KIO is striving for the establishment of a Federal Union based on the 1947 Panglong Agreement in collaboration with all the organizations that are fighting against the regime to eradicate the military dictatorship.

2. Union Prime Minister encourages citizens to foster mutual support and enhance their resilience amidst physical and mental challenges

Union Prime Minister Mahn Winn Khaing Thann urged people to foster mutual support and strengthen their resilience amid physical and mental struggles caused by the brutal acts of the military junta.

“The populace has been suffering from the unjust and oppressive rule of the terrorist military group, facing both social and economic difficulties, and, in certain areas, suffering from the aftermath of natural disasters. Many individuals are also experiencing mental suffering in addition to those challenges. No one but the people themselves will have to help and attend to their physical and mental challenges. We understand that due to the inhumane acts of these war dogs, people are enduring immense struggles and lack safety and freedom. However, I urge those who are relatively better off to extend empathy and help to those facing difficulties. Please offer mutual encouragement, whether psychological or physical, to enhance the resilience of our fellow citizens,” stated the Union Prime Minister. This statement was made in light of the approaching October 29, which marks 1,000 days since the entire populace has been enduring the oppressive and brutal crackdowns of the fascist military while persistently fighting in the spring revolution.

Union Prime Minister Mahn Winn Khaing Thann highlighted the vital role of people’s active involvement, sacrifices, unwavering support, and resilience, underscoring that without these contributions, reaching this stage and continuing the fight for the future would have been extremely challenging. He also extended his heartfelt tribute to all individuals for their sacrifices, dedication, and unwavering commitment over the past 1,000 days, comprising sacrifices of their lives, blood, and hard work, all of which have enabled the revolution to endure and progress.

3. Union Minister of Communications, Information and Technology engages in Zoom meeting with the Radio NUG team

U Htin Linn Aung, the Union Minister for Communications, Information, and Technology (MOCIT), conducted a cordial Zoom meeting with Radio NUG team members on October 23. In attendance were officials from Radio NUG, MOCIT secretaries, CDM employees working at Radio NUG, as well as volunteer artists and technicians.

Radio NUG was formed under the guidance of the National Unity Government’s Ministry of Communications, Information and Technology following the military’s blackout of news since the coup. It offers a variety of programs. This marked the third meeting with the Union Minister in over two years of the ongoing revolution.

During the meeting, the Union Minister expressed his delight and pride in meeting the Radio NUG employees responsible for various sectoral duties in their daily radio programs. He mentioned that due to his obligations to other communication responsibilities, he could only meet with the Radio NUG team occasionally. He conveyed a warm and joyful sentiment about the comprehensive meeting. The meeting focused on enhancing existing programs and introducing new initiatives for the channel’s expansion.

4. Lt. Gen. Gun Maw says that the evidence of the attack on the Mung Lai Hkyet IDP camp has been sent to the diplomats

Lt. Gen. Gun Maw, a Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) leader, said that the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) had provided photo evidence of the Mung Lai Hkyet IDP camp attack—resulting in 29 fatalities, including infants and children, with 57 others injured—to the Special Advisory Council for Myanmar (SAC-M), headed by Dr. Yanghee Lee, the former UN Special Rapporteur on Myanmar’s human rights situation, the Chinese special representative, and other diplomats. He said it in a recent interview with Radio Free Asia.

Lt. Gen. Gun Maw said, “We provided them [photo evidence] to Yanghee Lee and other key diplomats, including the Chinese special representative. So, we prepared three versions. Our main emphasis is to demonstrate that there was no military infrastructure or facilities in the vicinity of the explosion/bombing incident.”

In addition to the IDP camp, a school and a church in Mung Lai Hkyet village were also destroyed in the attack.

Lt. Gen. Gun Maw further stated that, based on intercepted information by the KIA, they discovered that the day following the bombing attack, the Northern Command chief rewarded those involved with 50 lakh kyat, and diplomats had also been informed of this information. He mentioned that while the intercepted information might not be considered strong evidence, it aligned with the details provided by insider informants, “watermelon.”

People’s Spring published a report citing a Kachin military source who obtained insider information from “watermelon,” indicating that Brigadier General Soe Hlaing, the regional commander of the Northern Command, rewarded the Artillery Regiment based at Bum Re mountain (Bum Re Bum) with 30 lakh kyats for successfully hitting the Mung Lai Hkyet IDP camp with heavy weapons.

5. Kachin Independence Army (KIA) launches offensive attack on junta outpost in Mansi

The Kachin Independence Army (KIA) has launched an offensive attack on the junta’s Nhkang Kawng military outpost within Mansi Township, Kachin State, starting on October 24 morning, as said by KIA spokesperson Colonel Naw Bu.

He said on the evening of October 24, “Concerning the battle on the Mansi side, we still lack contact with that side due to the lack of a telephone connection. While we can confirm that our forces are engaged in combat, we have not yet received any information regarding the situation on the ground. The situation is currently being looked into.”

Some news outlets in the Kachin region are reporting that the KIA has taken over the Mansi Nhkang Kawng outpost.

The KIA has initiated a series of outpost capture battles against military junta outposts since October 18, following the junta’s midnight bombing of the Mung Lai Hkyet IDP camp near KIA headquarters in Laiza on October 9. They successfully seized the Nga Bat Gyi outpost in Shwegu Township, Kachin State, on October 18, the Wingla Mountain (Wingla Bum) outpost near Monekoe in Muse Township, Shan State, on October 19, and the Aungja base in Moemauk Township, Kachin State, on October 20.

According to Kachin military sources, being able to seize the strategically significant Aungja outpost signifies that the entire Nam San Yang area is liberated and that it will not be easy for the military junta to take back the outpost. They also said that despite the fact that there are still eight military outposts on the Myitkyina-Bhamo highway, there is not much manpower left.

6. Pregnant woman miscarries, and over a thousand residents flee as junta forces shells Hseni Township, Northern Shan State

A pregnant woman miscarried, and over a thousand of local residents fled due to artillery fired by the military junta forces in Hseni Township, northern Shan State, as reported by the Shan Human Rights Group.

The report indicates ongoing daily battles between the terrorist military junta forces and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and the Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA) from October 5 to 10, that forces over a thousand local residents to flee.

In the battle between the terrorist junta and the KIA in Kun Kauk village October 9 at approximately 10:45 a.m., the artillery launched by the terrorist junta forces detonated in Kaung Cho village, causing shrapnel injuries to a pregnant woman’s back. Despite being promptly transported to Lashio Hospital and undergoing emergency medical procedures to extract the shrapnel, the unborn baby was reported to have lost.

Reports indicate that the terrorist military forces remain stationed at the monastery in Kun Kauk village and the pagoda hill to the north of the village. The site of the fighting is situated along a crucial trade route linking Hseni and Chinshwehaw.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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