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1. Union Minister of Planning, Finance, and Investment Expresses Encouragement at Sustained and Unwavering Support from Public

In a Facebook post on October 23, U Tin Tun Naing, Union Minister of Planning, Finance and Investment of the National Unity Government, stated that he felt encouraged to see that the public’s sustained and unwavering support.

Union Minister U Tin Tun Naing stated that he has been concerned about the success of the Federal Spring project, EOD’s first phase of the Spring Pyin Oo Lwin housing project, wondering whether it would be as successful as other EOD projects.

The Union Minister expressed, “Although I have no doubts about the unwavering determination of the revolutionary people who have persisted up to this point, witnessing their fatigue, both in terms of financial resources and manpower, I cannot help but worry.” He continued, “However, the sales of the Federal Spring have exceeded $3 million as of October 23. While we can observe that the revolutionary movement is constantly advancing toward its goal with daily victories, I am encouraged to witness the sustained momentum and unwavering support from the people, which show no signs of diminishing.”

The Union Minister further stated that, in reality, the path to liberation has been opened due to the endurance and relentless perseverance of the revolutionary people.

2. Clash Erupts in Mawlaik between Junta Forces Retrieving Stranded Barge and Local People’s Defense Forces, Many Junta Troops Causalities Reported

Local sources reported a clash in Mawlaik, Sagaing, between the military junta forces attempting to retrieve a stranded barge and the local People’s Defense Forces, resulting in numerous casualties among the junta forces.

On October 17, according to local sources, seven barges carrying timber and junta troops descended from Paungbyin along the Chindwin River. One of the barges, loaded with logs, ran aground near Tha Wun Hmon Gyi village in Mawlaik Township. The remaining six barges anchored near Tha Wun Hmon Gyi village, attempting to retrieve the stranded barge. On October 20, the local people’s defense forces ambushed them near Tha Wun village, resulting in the reported deaths of three junta troops, according to “Mawlake News,” a local media outlet. Moreover, reports indicate that local defense forces launched an attack on six barges anchored at the south entrance of Tha Wun Hmon Gyi village. The assault resulted in the deaths of at least 20 junta troops, injuries to approximately 15 others, and the destruction of a barge through artillery fire by the defense forces.

On October 23, the flotilla reportedly abandoned the stranded barge, towed the damaged barge with a tugboat, and proceeded to Mawlaik with the remaining five barges loaded with logs.

3. Rearguard of Junta Column Ambushed in Monywa, Resulting in One Death: Weapons and Ammunition Seized

The 2nd Squadron of the Monywa District People’s Defence Force (PDF) Battalion No. 27 (Thanlarwaddy PDF) announced that an ambush was launched against the rearguard of a junta column near Tharsi village within Monywa Township, Sagaing, killing one out of three junta troops and seizing some weapons and ammunition.

The ambush was carried out at about 7:00 a.m. on October 23 by the Thanlarwaddy PDF, Tike Tan Defense Force, and Moe Hein Defense Force against the rearguard of the junta column coming out from Artillery Regiment No. 508 based in Kyauk Sit Pon village in Monywa Township, Sagaing, the Thanlarwaddy PDF stated. The collaborated ambush resulted in the capture of a junta troop. He attempted to resist, leading to his demise, while two others managed to flee the scene.

The announcement stated that one MA-1, 200 rounds of ammunition, a rifle grenade, a 60-mm grenade, two magazines of ammunition, a bulletproof vest, and a mobile phone were seized during the attack.

The Thanlarwaddy PDF stated that they conducted the burial of the deceased junta troop in compliance with military protocols.

4. Revolutionary Forces Launch Assault on Junta Frontline Outpost in Myeik Township, resulting in 13 Junta Troops Killed and 6 Injured

Revolutionary allied forces launched an attack against a frontline outpost of the military junta in Tone Byaw Gyi village, Myeik Township, located on the Myeik-Tanintharyi road segment, at about 5:30 a.m. on October 20, as stated by a spokesperson of the Myeik Township People’s Defense Organization (PDO/Pa-Ka-Fa). The clash reportedly lasted for two hours until 7:30 a.m. and resulted in the deaths of 13 junta troops and the injuries of 6 others, while a member of the combined revolutionary force sustained an injury.

The spokesperson mentioned that despite their efforts, the junta outpost couldn’t be captured due to insufficient ammunition. Collaborating in the attack were the Myeik and Tanintharyi Township People’s Defense Organizations (PDO/Pa-Ka-Fa) and the 7th Battalion of the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF). Additionally, he reported another clash occurring at 4:00 p.m. on October 21 near Nga Ryan Inn village in Myeik Township, resulting in significant casualties on the junta side and the loss of one member from the combined revolutionary forces during the clash.

5. Local Woman Injured by Artillery Fire from Junta Infantry Battalion in Kyaikto, Mon State

Reportedly, a local woman was injured by the artillery fired by the No. 2 Infantry Battalion that is operating under the junta’s 44th Infantry Division in Kyaikto Township, Mon State.

According to a statement from the Karen National Union (KNU), at around 6:30 p.m. on October 19, within Kyaikto Township, the junta troops stationed in Let Pan Pin village fired two artillery shells towards Mae Yone Ka Lay village. The artillery shells fell and exploded in Mae Yone Ka Lay village, resulting in the injury of a 27-year-old woman.

In Kyaikto Township, the junta forces have been targeting villages where civilians reside, deliberately firing heavy weapons to instill fear among the public. According to a local resident, the military troops stationed at the entrance of Let Pan Pin village have been indiscriminately firing heavy weapons near the village cemetery. As a result, three civilian workers were killed on March 16 when a weapon exploded near a residential area in the village.

According to the KNU, the junta’s 44th Infantry Division, based in Kyaikto, along with its affiliated units—the No. 310 Artillery Regiment, the No. 602 Artillery Regiment, the No. 2 Infantry Battalion, the No. 207 Infantry Battalion, and junta troops stationed at police stations in Kyaikto Township—have consistently fired heavy weapons into villages. This has resulted in civilian casualties and the destruction of schools, hospitals, religious structures, and residential buildings.

6. Charitable Organization Provides Food Aid for Internally Displaced Persons in Wet Let Township

The Shwebo Independent Support Group, a local charitable organization, offered food aid to internally displaced individuals in Wet Let Township, Sagaing, as indicated in their recent statement.

As detailed in their statement, on October 23, 2023, essential food supplies, including rice, cooking oil, onions, dry goods, and instant noodles, were distributed to over 150 internally displaced individuals from Htan Gyi, Kyaung Phyu, and Peith Thu Gyi villages within Wet Let Township.

The Shwebo Independent Support Group mentioned that the food aid was possible through donations from people both within the country and overseas. Additionally, it was stated that the local people’s defense forces provided security to ensure the safe distribution of the aid by the Shwebo Independent Support Group.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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