Spring Revolution Local News – Aug 07 (Evening)

Summary of News

1. Union Prime Minister says revolution advances to next stage

At the August 1 Cabinet Meeting of the National Unity Government, Union Prime Minister Mahn Winn Khaing Thann remarked in his speech that the revolution has advanced to the next stage.

“Now is the time for our revolutionary forces to face the twists and turns of the revolution step by step; in other words, it is a situation where the revolution is advancing to the next stage. At this critical juncture, our revolutionary strategy is critical. No matter what kind of political tricks the military council considers and acts on, it is sure that every consideration and action of them is solely for their own exit, with no regard for the public in the least. So, it is time for us to overcome them collectively and tactfully and advance towards the goal,” Union Prime Minister said.

The National Unity Government announced the start of the People’s Resistance on September 7, 2021.

Up until now, more than 30,000 members of the military council were eliminated, and more than 10,000 others defected to the side of the people.

2. NUG’s Human Rights Minister says that the Spring Revolution is leading to the complete abolition of the military dictatorship

“The 8888 Uprising revolted the one-party dictatorship, but the Spring Revolution is leading to the complete abolition of the military dictatorship. What is more meaningful about the Spring Revolution than the 8888 Uprising is that it demands federal democracy rather than simply democracy. One more thing is that people from all walks of life are taking part in it,” Union Minister U Aung Myo Min said in his commemorative speech to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the 8888 Uprising, which will fall on August 8.

The Spring Revolution emerged along with the public movement against the military dictatorship following the military coup on February 1, 2021.

3. Military junta overturns the execution sentences of seven Dagon University students to lifetime imprisonment

The military junta changed the death sentences of seven Dagon University students to lifetime imprisonment on August 1, according to the Dagon University Students’ Union, which cited the relatives of seven of the students.

Seven students from Dagon University, namely Ko Khant Zin Win, Ko Thuya Maung Maung, Ko Zaw Lin Naing, Ko Thiha Htet Zaw, Ko Hein Htet, Ko Thet Paing Oo, and Ko Khant Lin Maung Maung, had been initially sentenced to death penalties by the court martial under Section 302 (1)(c) and 34 of the Panel Code on November 30, 2022.

“Despite the fact that their sentences have been changed from the death penalties, this military regime is committing murders indiscriminately, even in prison. The most important thing is that the entire military regime must collapse as soon as possible,” said a former student union member.

4. People are notified to refrain from using the Sagaing-Shwebo and the Sagaing-Monywa road segments between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.

The Anyar Brothers Coalition Force (ABCF) issued a notification to the public on August 7 to refrain from using the Sagaing-Shwebo and the Sagaing-Monywa road segments between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. The group also particularly warned drivers that when they use the road segments outside of the hours specified above, they must roll down their car windows and not be covered by any opaque covers.

The terrorist military forces often use public transportation roads to reinforce their forces and transport weapons and supplies.

5. There were donors who presented up to 500 lottery tickets for CDM staff as gifts during campaign to give Spring Lottery tickets

“There has been an increase in interest in this campaign among those who buy spring lottery tickets, which are used to help CDMers. There are certain donors who buy up to 200 or 300 tickets [in our campaign]. Our committee prepares thank-you postcards for them, and they like them as well. Last month, CDMers from ministries won lottery prizes using tickets received through this campaign, which aims to support them,” a representative from the CDM Success Committee told Radio NUG on August 7.

The NUG’s CDM Success Committee has started a campaign where contributors can buy Spring Lottery tickets and give them as gifts to appreciate CDM government staff, one ticket per CDM employee, and the campaign has so far been running for two months.

Five CDM staff from the MoH, MoE, and MR won one lakh kyat prizes in Draw No. 21 of the Spring Lottery, which took place in July, while one CDM staff from the MoE won a 15-lakh kyat prize.

“According to the quota for each ministry, the committee distributed the lottery tickets that donors had provided to CDMers. It is between 900 and 1,000 lottery tickets every month,” the CDM Success Committee stated.

Every contributor who purchases 10 or more lottery tickets in the campaign will receive a thank-you postcard in return.

6. Ministry of Labour’s fundraising campaign for CDM employees, defence forces, and IDP sold 462 tickets, achieving 9.2% of target within 6 days

Announcing on August 7 that it had already sold 462 raffle tickets, or 9.2% of the target it set in six days, the MOL Fundraising Campaign urged further contributors to help it reach its goal before the campaign ended.

The Ministry of Labour launched a fundraising campaign in which it will sell raffle tickets, with the aim of providing 40% of the funds raised to CDM staff under the Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Transport, 30% to people’s defence forces, and the remaining 30% to internally displaced persons. The target amount of the campaign, which is supported by the CRPH OFP Fundraising Program, is 100 million kyats, and the campaign will run for one month from August 1 to 31, 2023.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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