Spring Revolution Local News – Mar 11 (Evening)

Summary of News

1. Central Executive Member U Aung Kyi Nyunt reveals that the reason for the expulsion of the four members of the National League for Democracy (NLD) is not a matter of policy but a matter of the party’s discipline

In a recent interview with RFA, Central Executive Member U Aung Kyi Nyunt said the following regarding the expulsion of the four members of the National League for Democracy (NLD):

“This decision of the CWC (Central Work Committee of the National League for Democracy) is not a matter of policy. It is a matter of maintaining the party’s discipline, and it also depends on the revolutionary standard of the people to determine whether [their actions] fit the revolution or not. So it is not a matter of policy.”

The National League for Democracy expelled four members of its Central Executive Committee –U Phyo Min Thein, Daw Sandar Min, U Toe Lwin, and U Win Myint Aung- on March 3 with the decision of the Central Work Committee. It was said in the statement that the four members “have been suspended from all duties assigned to them by the party, as well as permanently expelled from the party, and that their communication and activities have nothing to do with the National League for Democracy.”

2. NUG’s Union Minister of Defence says that the NUG is willing to work together with Kokang’s Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) to eradicate the military and the military dictatorship

Union Minister of Defence U Yee Mon sent a message on March 11, marking the 34th anniversary of the establishment of the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) of Kokang.

In the message, Union Minister U Yee Mon said, “We have a strong willingness to collaborate with the MNDAA in political and military endeavours to eradicate the coup d’état terrorist army and military dictatorship, which is a major hindrance to the revolutionary journey that has not yet been fully accomplished, while pledging to the souls of our fallen comrades.”

3. British MPs and NUG’s Union Minister Dr. Sasa had a meeting online

On March 11, Dr. Sasa, the Union Minister of International Cooperation, posted the following about the virtual meeting with British Parliamentarians:

“It’s always so good and constructive to talk to the British Parliamentarians. Thank you for your support and solidarity with the people of Myanmar who have suffered so much for so long under the genocidal military junta’s reign of terror against the entire population of Myanmar.”

Recently, the National Unity Government has also met with officials from the governments of the United Kingdom, the United States, France, and the European Union.

4. NUG’s Human Rights Minister says that the time has come to take mandatory action against the terrorist group that is killing and burning every person while regarding them as enemies

In a recent exclusive interview with BNN News, Human Rights Minister U Aung Myo Min said that the time has come to take mandatory action against the terrorist group that is killing and burning every person while regarding them as enemies.

He said, “The terrorist group’s inhumane killings are war crimes. The brutal arrests, killings, and burnings of not only one village but village by village are violence in the most brutal and heinous way. All such acts of violence have been reported to the Human Rights Council. They consider everyone they meet as an enemy and are killing and burning people, so the time has come to take action against those who commit such atrocities on a mandatory basis.”

The Ministry of Human Rights announced that establishment of its Telegram Channel on March 10.

According to the announcement, in the Telegram Channel, information on human rights for public awareness, the crimes committed by the terrorist military against the people, as well as announcements of the efforts and progress of the restoration of justice, will be announced in a timely manner. The Ministry of Human Rights also formed a complaint mechanism on Telegram to which reports of human rights violations by the terrorist military, other social organisations, and armed forces against the people of Myanmar can be sent.

5. NUG’s Deputy Minister Dr. Sai Khaing Myo Tun urges people to be aware of and reject the divisions made by the military council

On March 10, Dr. Sai Khaing Myo Tun, Deputy Minister of Education of the National Unity Government, warned the people to be aware of and reject the divisions made by the military council as follows:

“We, who started empty-handed with a banner, now have governed territories. We now have revolutionary warriors who understand human rights and the rules of war. We now have future young leaders who have defended the dictators until now. The right to overcome the criticism and divisions of those foes under the guise of our friends and to choose the future is in our hands now, isn’t it?”

Pro-regime supporters and lobbies are now creating fake news and disguising the National Unity Government

6. Acting President Duwa Lashi La holds talks with EU Special Envoy 

U Kyaw Zaw, spokesperson of the Office of the Acting President, told Radio NUG on March 11 that the discussion held online between Acting President Duwa Lashi La and the EU Special Envoy included issues related to cooperation between the EU and the NUG.

“The Acting President of the National Unity Government Duwa Lashi La and the European Union’s Special Envoy to Myanmar met the other day. In fact, the EU Special Envoy to Myanmar is paying the President a courtesy call, which the President accepted. Both sides had a friendly and extensive discussion. The main focus of the discussion was to find ways to alleviate the problems and sufferings of the Myanmar people facing the terrorist military council in Myanmar, as well as ways for the EU and the NUG government of Myanmar to cooperate. We also discussed the ways in which the European Union can help the people of Burma succeed in their spring revolution. Therefore, this dialogue is a positive and progressive dialogue. Everyone can witness an increase in the number of official meetings and discussions on the international stage between international governments and our government.”

(((((  U Kyaw Zaw, Spokesperson of the Office of the Acting President  )))))

The Acting President wrote on Twitter on March 9 that he had a productive discussion with EU Special Envoy Igor Driesmans about supporting the people of Myanmar.

7. The NUG Ministry of Education is collaborating with the Myanmar Citizen Journalist Network to launch the Spring Film Academy, which will offer 12 subjects

On March 4, the Spring Film Academy released the following information about its debut:

“Spring Film Academy is a collaboration with Myanmarsar Board and the Myanmar Citizen Journalist Network, which are organised in Thailand, with the aims of supporting interim education and the revolution through art. Twelve subjects will be offered at the Spring Film Academy.”

According to the Spring Film Academy, all subjects will be offered free of charge, and certificates will be granted to students who have successfully completed each of the 12 subjects. Those students who have completed all 12 subjects will be granted a Certificate of Completion of the Diploma Course in Film Production.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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