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1. The KIO proclaims that the military council, which is murdering its own citizens, has no right to organize elections

On January 1, 2023, General N’ Ban La, the chairman of the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO), delivered a New Year’s Speech in the Kachin language. At the beginning of the speech, he gave the three-finger salute, which represents the spring revolution that the entire people are waging to overthrow the military dictator. General N’ Ban La said the following in his speech:

“The election to be held by the military council is merely a means of prolonging the life of the military dictator. The military council, which is killing and torturing the citizens, has absolutely no right to organize elections. The parties that will compete in the election shall be military sycophants. We shall see who is the enemy, who is the abstainer, and who is standing up for the truth in this [sham] election.”

The general pointed out that it is important to educate the people so that the military dictator’s plans do not come to fruition because of abstainers and those who seek their own interests. Moreover, he added that it is a very important time for the neighboring countries to help the people and the armed groups who are bravely resisting the terrorist military council. In his speech, he also included the A Nang Pa incident, in which many innocent civilians were killed by military council’s air strikes, as well as rodents ravaging farms in N’Jang Yang Township.

General N’ Ban La encouraged everyone to prepare their minds to take on more responsibilities and to participate in the revolution, citing the proverb “One who clings to the past finds it difficult to move forward.”

2. The Three Brotherhood Alliance (MNDAA, TNLA, and ULA/AA) declare that they will continue to fight against the military regime until it is overthrown

The Three Brotherhood Alliance of the Kokang’s Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA), the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (PSLF/TNLA), and the Arakan Army (ULA/AA) released a joint statement dated January 1, 2023, stating that they would continue to fight against the military regime until it is overthrown.

According to the statement, the Three Brotherhood Alliance will continue to do what is necessary to overthrow the military dictatorship because the atrocities committed against the entire country by the military council and the military coup have forced the people of Myanmar to flee for their lives rather than welcoming the new year with joy. The Three Brotherhood Alliance said in the statement that they equally sympathize with the feelings of the war-affected people as a result of the ongoing internal, political, and military turmoil due to the military coup that has been going on for almost two years.

In addition, the Three Brotherhood Alliance declared in the statement that in order to solve the current civil war, it is very important for all the revolutionary organizations that are fighting against the military dictatorship to be united, and that they will continue to do what they should do in cooperation with some revolutionary organizations that received public support. They also exhorted the entire revolutionary movement to put in more effort than they have in the past since New Year’s Day, as only unity could demolish the military dictatorship.

3. A military convoy traveling from Myeik to Palaw clashed with the People’s Defence Forces near Toh Village, next to Pala Town in Palaw Township, killing at least 50 soldiers

Dr. Nyo Twan Awng, Vice Commander-in-Chief of the Arakan Army (AA), made a promise that the AA will participate in the revolution as needed, following U Min Ko Naing’s invitation to participate in the orchestra to demolish the military dictator.

After U Min Ko Naing, a prominent leader of the 1988 generation students, reviewed and praised the poem “The Coming Spring is Our Victory,” written by Dr. Nyo Twan Awng with the pen of the White Rebel, and he invited the AA to take the lead in waging the spring revolution. AA Vice Commander-in-Chief Dr. Nyo Twan Awng responded to this invitation by writing on the social network that the AA will participate in the Spring Revolution as needed and that they are not bystanders, as follows:

“The Ethnic Resistance Organizations (EROs/EAOs) that are fighting against the military council, including our ULA/AA organization, were not bystanders after the military council seized power. We are all directly (or indirectly) involved in the revolution based on our own styles and our organizations’ stances, policies, and paths, in accordance with our own people’s wishes and expectations. If you look at the congratulatory messages sent to the Arakan Army on its 12th birthday, you can see it well. We have been through the Arakan Revolution for decades as a revolutionary organization and as true revolutionaries. We are doing the work that should be done, and we are doing what we can do. We are participating in the country’s revolution anonymously as needed because our own revolution is also ongoing.”

He also said: “We have worked tirelessly for the task of revolution for about thirteen years, and we are fighting for the rights and national losses of our race with the conviction that revolution is life and revolution is breath. We revolutionary organizations have this same background, so we already have points in common that we can combine, help with, and unite around. We are always there. You can come and find us at any time.”

4. The Fire Service Department of the NUG reveals that the military council had burned down at least 41,000 homes in 2022

The Fire Service Department, under the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, the National Unity Government, released an announcement on January 1, 2023, which stated that the military council had burned down at least 41,000 homes in 2022.

At least 41,355 houses have been destroyed in the 1,058 cases of arson committed by the military council, according to the Fire Service Department. The list was published by the Fire Service Department after verifying the information sent by independent media, civil society organizations, and the public.

Within one year from January 1, 2022, to December 3, 2022, the number of arsons committed by the terrorist military council was highest in Sagaing Division, with over 31,400 homes being burned down, which was followed by Mandalay Division, with over 480 homes being burned down, according to the announcement. The published list is based on reports validated by the Fire Service Department; the actual numbers are likely much higher.

According to the Fire Service Department, the military council perpetrated arson assaults in 12 of 15 states and divisions, including Nay Pyi Taw, and they continue to do so in Sagaing Division, which is located in the upland region.

5. The military council staff in the KNU 5th Brigade area are warned to resign within 10 days

The Karen National Liberation Army released an announcement, dated January 1, warning the military council staff in the area of KNU 5th Brigade, to resign within 10 days and that the elections to be held by the coup military will not be allowed at all. The announcement includes the withdrawal of military bases in the area of the KNU 5th Brigade, a warning to local residents not to join the terrorist military council, and for all administrators and government officials under the military council to resign between January 1 and 10.

KNU 5th Brigade areas such as Hpapun and Kamamaung towns, wards, and villages will not accept the existence of the military council’s administrative mechanism and will use various means to pressure them to leave, as stated in the announcement. This warning is said to be the last warning from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the KNLA 5th Brigade Headquarters, and those who fail to comply with the warning will face serious action.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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