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The Minster of Defense U Yee Mon invites the captains and soldiers under the military council to join the people’s revolution

U Yee Mon, the Union Minister of Defense said this at the Panel Discussion on the One-Year Anniversary of the Declaration of the People’s Defensive War held on September 7.

“Precious lives are being wasted only because of a group of ignorant cowardly idiot military leaders. In order to prevent further loss of lives and to stop the suffering of the people of our country as soon as possible, the commanders and soldiers under the military council should join the people’s revolution and stand up as soon as possible.” — the Union Minister said.

Currently, there are tens of thousands of soldier and police CDM, and some of them are returning to duty in battalions under the National Unity Government.

The Union Minister of Federal Union Affairs urges all ethnic groups to participate in the revolution just as the entire Chin people participated

Dr. Lian Hmung Sakhong, the Union Minister of Federal Union Affairs, said this at the Panel Discussion on the One-Year Anniversary of the Declaration of the People’s Defensive War held on September 7.

“Just as all the Chin People participated in this revolution, all people of other ethnic groups should also participate. Let us continue to fight. Let us continue to work together. Let us continue to cooperate until we can defeat the military council completely.” — the Union Minister said.

The military council troops repeatedly burned down Thantlang Town in Chin State and arrested, tortured, and killed the local Chin ethnics.

Professor Ms. Yanghee Lee says that everyone has rightly seen the terrorist military as a cruel, heartless, murderous institution

At the Panel Discussion on the One-Year Anniversary of the Declaration of the People’s Defensive War held on September 7, Professor Ms. Yanghee Lee, founding member of the Special Advisory Council for Myanmar, said, “The military has rightly been seen as a cruel, heartless, murderous institution. Back then, General Aung San created the military to protect the people. It has evolved since then. Too many people are suffering, and they have suffered for decades under the brutal military.”

On February 1, 2021, after the military seized state power, the military shot and killed youths who were active against the military dictatorship, targeting their heads and chests.

Currently, over two thousand people have been killed, and over ten thousand people have been arrested and detained.

A citizen of Myanmar living in the United States wins the woodcarving artwork created by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s younger son Ko Htein Linn

The “Let the White Doves Fly, the Upstream Flow of a Son’s Love to His Mother” revolutionary fundraising campaign’s lucky draw winner selection was held online on September 7 at 8:00 p.m. The lucky draw winner was drawn by Ko Htein Linn himself, and a citizen of Myanmar living in United States became the winner with number 08684.

Raffle tickets for the fundraising campaign, named “Let the White Doves Fly, the Upstream Flow of a Son’s Love to His Mother”, were sold for USD 100 per ticket from August 25 to September 6.

A total of 1.7 million US dollars was raised, and all the proceeds will be donated to the revolution and war refugees.

Over 6,000 students took the NUG Ministry of Education’s evaluation examination in Gangaw Township

According to the Gangaw Education Board, over 6,000 students took the end-of-chapter evaluation examination of the Interim Education of the NUG Ministry of Education in Gangaw Township, Magway Division.

End-of-chapter evaluation examinations are being conducted for Grade 4 to 11.

In Gangaw Township, there are 11,828 students in 77 interim education schools, and 1,209 CDM teachers and volunteers are teaching them.

Intense fighting erupted in Moebye

On September 8, the Moebye People Defense Force (MBPDF) informed the people, “The military council troops have entered the residential area of Moebye and are firing heavily with heavy weapons and small weapons, so the exchange of fire with the People’s Defense Forces is intense.”

The Moebye People Defense Force (MBPDF) stated that the public should stay in a safe place and should not use the Moebye Road for the time being.

The EOD introduces a new project, “Spring Inya”

In September, the End of Dictatorship (EOD) announced, “We would like to introduce another project to make Yangon land that will shine with the spring worthy of the revolutionary people. This project is to honor the freedom, maturity, and vitality of the young people and Gen-Z who celebrate the victory of spring; the existence of a human being and the original personal values to flow rapidly; and the spirit of sacrifice that was born in spring to flourish and grow. The location of the project is Inya, the heart of Yangon.”

In the project, it is said that the lake circuit for people to enjoy walking, accommodations, lake roads, and Inya towers will be built to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

In addition, it is also stated that an open amphitheater will be built on a peninsula of Inya with full equipment for young people to freely create, share, and enjoy their artistic creations.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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