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1. Union Minister U Htin Linn Aung says people in certain areas with restricted internet access are now starting to use the internet services offered by NUG’s Federal Net

U Htin Linn Aung, Union Minister for Communications, Information and Technology (MOCIT) of the National Unity Government, mentioned in his New Year Wish to the public on Facebook that in some areas with restricted internet access by the military junta, people are now starting to use internet service offered by the Federal Net, an initiative by the MOCIT.

“The Federal Net internet service, as promised to be made available to the public within 3 to 6 months, is now accessible to the general public in certain areas where internet access was previously cut off. This is a New Year gift to the public and the revolution,” stated Union Minister U Htin Linn Aung.

The MOCIT also released the “People’s Voice” from the township where the first internet service was provided by the Federal Net Campaign.

The Ministry of Communications, Information, and Technology of the National Unity Government of the Republic of the Union initiated the Federal Net Campaign with the aim of offering internet services in five strategic townships. The estimated financial requirement for delivering internet services in these five townships is approximately US$0.25 million.

The campaign is set to continue until January 15, 2024, and there is still a significant amount to be raised to meet the campaign target.

2. Three Brotherhood Alliance cautions the revolutionary forces to remain vigilant against potential divisions, incentives, and power intrigues orchestrated by the military junta for generations

The Three Brotherhood Alliance has offered a cautionary message to the revolutionary forces, advising them to stay vigilant against potential divisions, incentives, and power intrigues orchestrated by the military junta, tactics that have been employed for generations. Despite the success in capturing enemy targets one by one—a never-expected event in the history of overthrowing the military dictatorship in Myanmar—the alliance emphasizes the importance of not underestimating the enemy, the military junta.

The Three Brotherhood Alliance reaffirmed their dedication to realizing the aspirations of the entire Myanmar population and achieving their military objectives. They also reiterated their call for members of the military junta’s armed forces to defect, urging them to align with the public and seek refuge under the people’s embrace as soon as possible.

3. MNDAA urges swift evacuation of local residents and foreigners in Laukkai amidst potential escalation in fighting

The Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA)’s Military Shan State Special Region 1 (Kokang) Administration Committee issued an urgent warning statement on December 30, urging local residents and foreigners in Laukkai Township to evacuate promptly due to the potential for escalation in fighting.

The statement underscored that numerous innocent civilians have lost their lives in recent times due to the military junta’s attacks on civilian residential areas without regard for civilian lives by employing airstrikes and ground artillery shelling.

The statement noted that since the remaining junta troops and the Kokang puppet group in the Laukkai area continue to fight stubbornly, conflicts and aerial bombardment may occur at any time, and the safety of the general population has become a concern. In light of this, the MNDAA urged the local residents in the Laukkai area to evacuate as soon as possible to secure locations to safeguard lives and properties. Additionally, foreigners in the Laukkai area were encouraged to contact the MNDAA and promptly return to their countries through official channels for their safety.

The MNDAA also reiterated its commitment to collaborate with Chinese authorities in an ongoing effort to combat online gambling fraud.

4. Counterattack on military junta forces following raid on Monywa People’s Security Force (PSF) Camp leaves three junta troops dead

The Golden Eagle Force (Monywa) reported a successful counterattack on military council forces that had raided a People’s Security Force (PSF) camp in Nyaung Pin Thit village, Monywa Township.

The combined revolutionary forces utilized a drone to drop grenades and fired an RPG during the assault. Subsequently, the military junta forces, thrown into chaos, faced additional gunfire from the awaiting combined revolutionary forces. This engagement resulted in the deaths of three junta troops and injuries to five others. Despite a subsequent air strike by the military junta using a Mi-35, the Golden Eagle Force (Monywa) confirmed no harm to the members of the combined revolutionary forces, who later retreated.

5. Revolutionary forces launch attacks on the military junta forces in Yesagyo and Myaing Townships, Magway Region

According to reports, in Yesagyo and Myaing Township in Magway Region, revolutionary forces conducted attacks on military junta forces using drones and motor bombs.

On December 27, around 12:30, local revolutionary forces ambushed a military junta column of 30 troops coming out of the 258th Infantry Battalion based in Yesagyo Township, using four rounds of 60-mm motor bombs. Additionally, on December 28, the local revolutionary forces attacked junta soldiers and police conducting security checks in front of Yesagyo Police Station with two rounds of 60-mm motor bombs, resulting in injuries to a junta soldier and a police member.

Similarly, on December 29, revolutionary forces in Myaing Township carried out a drone attack on the junta-run Myaing Township Administration Office and a security checkpoint, using 24 rounds of Energa grenades. The attack hit the intended targets, causing junta troops inside the checkpoint to run away.

6. Drone attack in Wetlet Township, Sagaing Region, claims two lives among military junta forces

The Ngew Dwin Revolution Force reported that a coordinated drone attack by local revolutionary forces targeted military junta forces and Pyu Saw Htee militia stationed in Ywa Thar Gyi village, resulting in the deaths of two junta troops.

The attack, which occurred on December 30 at approximately 11:00 a.m., involved the use of three grenades dropped by a drone, followed by another three grenades in the evening.  

A member of the Ngew Dwin Revolution Force confirmed, citing their scouts, that two junta troops sustained fatal injuries and were dragged away from the scene. 

The military junta forces returned fire with two rounds of 60-mm motor bombs and small arms fire, but the combined revolutionary forces reportedly managed to retreat unharmed. The operation was a joint effort by the Ngwe Dwin Revolution Force, MRTF, MMU, Tiger Brothers LPDF, and Ywa Thar Gyi People’s Defense Team.

7. At least 27 junta troops were reportedly killed in an attack on junta troops stationed at Taung Kyar Inn Police Station and school in Karen State

According to Company 3 of the Albino Tiger Column of the People’s Defense Force (PDF), the combined forces consisting of the KNLA, KNDO, and PDF forces, including the Albino Tiger Column, launched an attack on the military junta forces from the 208th and 546th Light Infantry Battalions stationed at the police station and a school in Taung Kyar Inn village, Kawkareik Township, Karen State, on December 28.

The attack reportedly resulted in the deaths of at least 27 junta troops, while a member of the combined revolutionary forces saved his life for the country.

Despite the use of heavy weapons and aerial attacks by the military junta forces in Kawkareik Township, they are reportedly facing losses.

The Albino Tiger Column of the NUG’s PDF is a force actively engaging in operations alongside Operation 1027 of the Three Brotherhood Alliance.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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