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1. Acting President expresses gratitude for the One Day Challenge Campaign’s 22nd US$100,000 monthly support with an appreciation letter

Acting President Duwa Lashi La expressed appreciation for the 22nd monthly US$100,000 support from the One Day Challenge Campaign on December 28 to the National Unity Government as the revolutionary funds. The Anti-Coup Committee (Korea) has been contributing this monthly financial support since the campaign’s beginning in August 2021, totaling US$2.2 million as of this December.

Additionally, the committee provided ammunition to the frontline Special Force, contributed funds for the Ukritha Camp Capture Battle, and donated funds to 209 groups of PDFs, LPDFs, and UGs as “National Unity Government support funds.” 

The National Unity Government expresses its gratitude to One Day Challenge members by recognizing their monthly contributions as tax funds. Every six months, members receive tax certificates, and each member is acknowledged with written letters of appreciation from the Acting President every 12 months.

2. NUG Foreign Affairs Minister Daw Zin Mar Aung talks with Counselor of the US Department of State Mr. Derek Chollet

Foreign Affairs Minister Daw Zin Mar Aung engaged in a discussion online with U.S. Department of State Counselor Mr. Derek Chollet.

Mr. Derek Chollet shared the discussion on X (formerly Twitter) on December 28, expressing, “Appreciated the chance to talk with @ZinMarAungNUG and hear about the NUG’s coordination with so many important stakeholders. Their work is critical to counter the regime’s violence against the people of Burma. We urge the international community to stand with those seeking inclusive democracy.”

During the conversation, Union Minister Daw Zin Mar Aung discussed the latest developments in Myanmar and emphasized the coordination efforts among different democratic forces. She underscored the urgent need for international assistance across borders to address the severe humanitarian situation.

In March, U Aung Kyi Nyunt, Chairman of the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH), also held discussions with Mr. Derek Chollet during his working visit to the United States.

3. MOCIT unveils “People’s voice” from the township with the first internet service by the Federal Net Campaign

On December 30, the Ministry of Communications, Information, and Technology (MOCIT) published the “People’s Voice.”

A resident from the township where the first internet service was provided by the Federal Net Campaign shared, “I came here to access the federal internet provided by MOCIT. I am delighted because it was entirely unexpected for us to have internet access. The speed of the federal internet is excellent, and I am very thankful to MOCIT for that.”

The Federal Net Campaign, an initiative officially launched by the Ministry of Communications, Information, and Technology of the National Unity Government of the Republic of the Union, is raising funds for its pilot project aimed at offering internet services in five strategic townships. The estimated financial requirement for delivering internet services in these five townships is approximately US$0.25 million.

The campaign is set to continue until January 15, 2024, and there is still a significant amount to be raised to meet the campaign target.

“In our regions, we lacked access to the internet, leaving us uninformed about current events and news. However, with the access of internet services through MOCIT’s Federal Net Campaign, we can now stay updated on military and political developments, which is truly encouraging. I encourage the public to actively participate in the Federal Net Campaign initiated by the MOCIT to extend internet access to other townships as well,” continued the resident from the township where the first internet service was provided.

4. An elderly woman generously donates gem earrings to the 22nd PDF Battalion in Monywa District for the revolutionary fund

On December 30, the 22nd PDF Battalion in Monywa District stated that an elderly woman contributed the gem earrings she was wearing to be utilized in the battalion’s necessary areas for fighting the military dictatorship.

“We received 210,000 kyats from selling those earrings. We pledge that the funds will be utilized for the revolution without any waste,” the 22nd Battalion stated.

The military junta has consistently been targeting civilians in the Anyar region (central upper Myanmar), burning their homes, damaging their belongings, and subjecting them to torture.

5. AA announces ongoing efforts to capture military targets in Rakhine State and Chin State’s Paletwa area

The Arakan Army (AA) announced that as it has been carrying out Operation 1027 together with its northern alliance, the Kokang’s Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), in northern Shan State, it has also been carrying out individually in capturing its military targets in Rakhine State, Paletwa area and other areas.

The Arakan Army (AA) reported that, since the initiation of the operation, it has effectively seized and controlled multiple military targets in Rakhine State and Paletwa and has been persistently working to capture the remaining targets that were designated for the operation.

Recent achievements include the captures of Mrauk-U District Police Station on the night of December 26, a strategic military outpost in Khawae village, Paletwa, in the early morning of December 27, and the military junta’s stronghold at Border Point 377 (BP 377) on the India-Myanmar border in the Paletwa area on the morning of December 28.

6. KNU combined forces seize control of the junta’s police station and military outpost in Taung Kyar Inn village, Karen State, and captures 10 junta police members

The Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) successfully seized control of the police station and military outpost in Taung Kyaw Inn village, located in Kyainseikgyi Township, Karen State, according to a statement from the Karen National Union (KNU) headquarters on December 30.

The joint revolutionary forces, led by the KNLA and the Karen National Defense Organization (KNDO), carried out the operation, resulting in the capture of 10 junta police members and the confiscation of various military equipment, including 25 firearms.

7. Federal Wings advances long-range drone production and tests fire-composite technology-based bulletproof helmets

On December 30, Federal Wings revealed the initiation of the production process for long-range VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) drones, as well as testing fire-composite technology-incorporated bulletproof helmets, accompanied by a brief video displaying the manufacturing activities of the Research & Development (R&D) Team.

The R&D Team of Federal Wings is training production members in carbon fiber composite production technology. They have successfully manufactured bulletproof helmets using this technology, at approximately half the cost of those available on the market. These helmets are said to be able to provide protection against bullets from AK-47 and M16 firearms.

Due to financial constraints and the time-intensive nature of production, only a limited quantity is currently being produced for members of the Federal Wings, with a primary focus on training production team members.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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