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1. KNDF Chairman Khun Bedu calls for the junta’s troops to defect to the people’s side instead of giving their lives to protect the dictator

Khun Bedu, the Chairman of the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF) and Vice-Chairman of the Interim Executive Council of Karenni State (IEC), has called on civil servants and military personnel affiliated with the military junta to switch allegiance to the people’s side rather than protecting the dictator. This call was part of his invitation for the junta’s troops to defect in alignment with the Defection Plan released by the IEC on December 11. Khun Bedu is also the head of the Defection Planning Management Committee formed by the IEC on the same date.

Khun Bedu stated that despite the revolutionary armed organizations nationwide and the National Unity Government’s (NUG) launching offensives against the military and police forces under the junta, there is still an open invitation for members of the junta’s military and police forces to defect and join the people and the people’s government.

He also said, “Throughout Karenni State, intense clashes are taking place between the junta forces and various revolutionary forces in Karenni State. The Interim Executive Council of Karenni State (IEC) and diverse Karenni State revolutionary forces have decisively designated the ongoing operation as a final battle. Consequently, we extend another invitation to the junta troops, urging them to join the defection program initiated by the Interim Executive Council of Karenni State (IEC) and the Karenni State revolutionary coalition rather than giving their lives to defend the dictatorship.”

The Defection Plan of the IEC articulates that defection entails military personnel shifting allegiance from following the junta leader’s commands to actively participating and aligning themselves with the governance of the people’s government in diverse capacities. Emphasizing that defection to the people’s government can mitigate damage to the dignity and status of military personnel while avoiding bloodshed, they are encouraged to collaborate in the efforts to restore peace, stability, and the establishment of a federal democratic union in the country.

The IEC has issued a warning to all forces engaged in combat within Karenni State, emphasizing the imperative adherence to both domestic and international humanitarian laws concerning prisoners of war, which basically includes ensuring the well-being of prisoners of war, refraining from targeting civilians, and abstaining from the use of prohibited military weaponry. Additionally, individuals joining the defection program are urged to uphold the laws of war.

2. Three Brotherhood Alliance affirms persistence in efforts to eliminate dictatorship in line with the original objectives set at the beginning of Operation 1027

During the announcement of the progress of Operation 1027 on its 46th day, the Three Brotherhood Alliance affirmed their unwavering dedication to eliminating dictatorship, aligning with the original objectives set at the beginning of the operation. The Alliance declared that since the launch of Operation 1027, they have persistently worked towards achieving their military and political objectives, as well as fulfilling the collective desire of the entire populace to eradicate the military dictatorship without a single day of pause.

They announced that their efforts persist in launching offensives against military junta facilities and pursuing and eliminating junta troops who escape without surrendering. Simultaneously, they emphasized their commitment to upholding humanitarian standards for prisoners of war and ensuring the welfare of those who choose to surrender, facilitating their relocation to preferred destinations.

The Three Brotherhood Alliance reiterated their call for the remaining junta troops to surrender promptly.

3. Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun highlights the critical underfunding of the United Nations’ humanitarian response plan of $887 million for Myanmar

During the plenary meeting of the 78th Session of the UN General Assembly on December 8, Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun emphasized that the humanitarian response plan for Myanmar, totaling US $887 million, remains significantly underfunded.

Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun highlighted that more than 2 million individuals have been displaced, and over 15 million are facing food insecurity. The number of people requiring humanitarian assistance has surged from 1 million before the illegal coup to over 18 million in 2023. Therefore, the Ambassador indicated that the humanitarian response plan for Myanmar, amounting to US $887 million, remains considerably underfunded.

The Ambassador also conveyed that, given the current situation in Myanmar, the most effective approach for providing humanitarian assistance involves utilizing community networks and cross-border channels facilitated by local actors in conflict-affected areas.

4. TNLA reveals weapons and ammunition seized from Namhsan Police Station

On December 12, the Palaung State Liberation Front/Ta’ang National Liberation Army (PSLF/TNLA) released military news.

“At 5:03 a.m. on December 11, Ta’ang Army PSLF/TNLA successfully launched an offensive to capture the military council’s police station in Namhsan Township, Ta’ang State Brigade 2,” the TNLA declared, displaying weapons and ammunition seized from the Namhsan Police Station.

During the battle, 3 pistols, 14 weapons, a lot of ammunition, and other military equipment were seized.

In addition, the TNLA reported that the military junta’s Infantry Battalion 130 in Mantong Township reportedly launched artillery fire five times towards the territory of TNLA Brigade 2 in Namhsan Township on December 12, followed by two bomb attacks using Y12 aircraft.

5. Military junta initiates tax collection on the salaries of Myanmar citizens employed in Singapore

On December 11, the Myanmar Embassy in Singapore, operating under the military junta, issued a statement declaring the initiation of income tax collection from Myanmar citizens employed in Singapore.

According to the announcement, individuals are required to pay 2% of their salary as income tax based on their passport and work permit. However, those with student passports can be exempted by providing evidence of current enrollment.

“I visited the embassy in person and inquired about the situation. They informed me that if I plan to return home and stay there until January, I will be required to settle the tax payment up to January. The tax payment window is limited from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., and it is not accessible in the afternoon,” said an individual who visited the embassy.

The junta’s statement also outlined that individuals returning to Myanmar for various reasons must present a certificate from the embassy confirming the payment of income tax.

The Singapore government has entered into Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreements (“DTAs”), which typically exempt individuals paying taxes in Singapore from taxation in their home country. However, it appears that Myanmar citizens employed in Singapore may face the requirement to pay taxes to both Singapore and Myanmar, potentially leading to double taxation in this situation.

A Myanmar resident in Singapore commented, “ASEAN countries, including Singapore, should not tolerate the actions of the military council, which demonstrate a lack of respect for tax agreements within the ASEAN region.”

Similar instances of double taxation occurred during previous military regimes, but it was exempted under the government of U Thein Sein in 2012.

In September of this year, the Union Taxation Law underwent amendments with the endorsement of coup leader Min Aung Hlaing. Following these changes, it was declared that taxes would be levied on Myanmar citizens residing in foreign countries.

6. Explosion hits a military convoy clearing mines on Pakokku-Myaing Road segment, resulting in 4 junta soldiers’ deaths

The Pakokku People Defense Force (PPDF) reported the execution of a mine attack on a military convoy in the Pakokku-Myaing Road segment in Pakokku Township, Magway Division, resulting in the deaths of four junta troops.

On December 11, around 1:00 p.m., a military convoy consisting of two vehicles from the 101st Light Infantry Division (LID-101), headquartered in Pakokku, tasking with mine clearance, was ambushed by local people’s defense forces using mines. The attack, which also involved an aerial assault with a drone, resulted in the deaths of four junta troops and left several others injured, as reported by the Pakokku People Defense Force (PPDF).

The members of the local people’s defense forces, including the Pakokku People Defense Force (PPDF) and its allied forces such as the Myaing Township People’s Defense Team (Pa-Ka-Fa/PDT), the Black Cobra Force Pakokku, the Red Revolters, the Young Force Pakokku (UG), the PKU Thu Rain, and the Darr Min Gyi (DMG) Defense Force, reported no injuries during the joint operation.

7. Local defense forces and a charitable organization construct a bridge over a creek for the convenience of residents in Yinmabin

It has been reported that a creek-crossing bridge is being constructed in Yinmabin District, Sagaing Division, with the collaborative efforts of six local defense forces and a charitable organization.

An information officer from the Anti-dictatorship People’s Revolution Army (ADRPA), one of the local defense forces participating in the construction, stated that the bridge is being constructed to facilitate the convenient crossing of a fast-flowing creek for the local residents in Yinmabin District.

The entities involved in this construction include the Future Stars Charity Organization, Mahura Daung Min PDF, PDA (Yinmabin District PDF Battalion 35), Brother Defense Force B.D.F, Black Shadow PDF (ADRPA Company 2), Ko Moe Kyo group from the Monywa Township People’s Defense Team (Pa-Ka-Fa/PDT), and Anti-dictatorship People’s Revolution Army (ADRPA, Yinmabin District PDF Battalion 30).

The estimated cost for the bridge construction is around 5 million kyats, and with 3 million kyats already secured in funds, the revolutionary forces are urging the public to contribute towards covering the remaining costs for the bridge project.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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