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1. Timor-Leste President urges the Myanmar armed forces members to create a new dawn in Myanmar by refraining from firing a single more shot

Timor President José Ramos-Horta urged the Myanmar armed forces members to create a new dawn in Myanmar by refraining from firing a single more shot. This message was conveyed in his video statement to the Myanmar armed forces, which was released by the National Unity Government yesterday.

In his message, President Ramos-Horta stated that democratic aspirations in Myanmar that were sparked between 2015 and 2020 were dashed and destroyed by the military through a military coup. He highlighted his prior warnings to the international community about the situation in Myanmar, emphasizing that while the global focus has been on the tragic plight of the Rohingya people, the issue extends beyond that specific crisis. President Ramos-Horta said, “All these years I have warned the international community; I have alerted the international community about this situation in Myanmar. Almost the whole international community focuses on the plight of the Rohingya people. The Rohingya are people of Myanmar, but the problem of Myanmar is larger than the Rohingya or the Rakhine State. It is the whole of Myanmar that has been enslaved by the military for almost 60 years since independence.”

President Ramos-Horta emphasized that the military is currently killing its own people. He urged the senior officers, the captains, the majors, the sergeants, and all the armed forces members, since they are the sons and daughters of the people, the children of the people, to make a new dawn happen in Myanmar by simply not firing one single shot more.

President Ramos-Horta highlighted that members of the Myanmar armed forces have a historic chance, urging them to seize this chance to usher in another era of democracy—a dawn of new life for the people of Myanmar, Southeast Asia, and Asia as a whole. He said, “You, members of the Myanmar armed forces, have a historical chance. This historical chance is to say, ‘We are no longer going to fight’; ‘we are going to stay in the barracks’; ‘we are not going to turn our guns on our own people’. It is in your hands! brothers and sisters in the armed forces of Myanmar, in the police force, keep your arms in the barracks, walk over to the democracy movement as the nationality armies, hug each other, and put an end to this tragedy.”

Timor-Leste is actively advocating in the international arena, including at the United Nations, for Myanmar to achieve democracy and to take measures against the actions of the terrorist Myanmar military.

2. Local residents heartily welcome returning revolutionary comrades from the battles in the capture of Mone Town with flowers

On December 10, the Bamar People’s Liberation Army (BPLA) expressed the enthusiastic welcome and support from the people for returning revolutionary comrades who had successfully attacked junta bases during the capture of Mone Town in Kyaukkyi Township, Bago Region.

“The local residents have garlanded and welcomed the revolutionary alliance that includes the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), the People’s Defence Force (PDF), and the Burma People’s Liberation Army (BPLA), who have successfully attacked the military council’s bases in Mone, Kyaukkyi Township,” the BPLA stated.

The revolutionary alliance forces launched offensives against the military junta’s facilities in Mone Town, including the headquarters of Light Infantry Battalions 590 and 599 (LIB 590 and LIB 599), Mone Town Police Station, a checkpoint near a bridge at the entrance of Mone Town, and a military outpost near Kawt Pyin village on December 2, around 11:00 p.m. All the military facilities were successfully captured by December 4.

3. MNDAA frees 49 captured militias held as prisoners of war

The Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) announced on December 9 that they had released 49 militias among the prisoners of war they had captured during the battles in the Kokang region of northern Shan State.

The announcement stated that during Operation 1027, as the military junta forces faced defeat, some militias under the military junta surrendered to the revolutionary alliance or were captured as prisoners of war. The announcement also said that despite the fact that the captured militias used the name Kokang region, there were Bamar people (Burmans) and members of other ethnic groups among them.

The MNDAA affirmed that the detained militias had been treated in accordance with the laws governing prisoners of war and were released on December 9 following an investigation by the MNDAA’s judicial department.

Lieutenant General Phen Dern, Commander-in-Chief of the MNDAA, expressed in his open letter to combatants from Kokang puppet groups, Bodor Guard Forces (BGFs), police, and militias in the Kokang region that if they are Kokang people and stand up for ethnical justice and confessed to the MNDAA, then they would be welcomed and spared from further punishment.

The MNDAA also expressed that they have been expecting the Kokang puppet groups to clearly see the current situation and surrender to the people’s embrace.

4. In the second phase of the operation, the Three Brotherhood Alliance calls on the entire public to revolutionize against the military junta whatever weapons available

On December 9, during the announcement of the progress of Operation 1027 on its 44th day, the Three Brotherhood Alliance called on the entire public to revolutionize the military junta together, utilizing any available means in the second phase of the operation.

Emphasizing the significance of cooperation from every member of the public, the Three Brotherhood Alliance declared that the primary objective in the second phase of the operation is for individuals, from single citizens to the entire public, to revolutionize the military dictatorship.

The Three Brotherhood Alliance disclosed that they have been carrying out the second phase of Operation 1027 during this period and called on the public to actively participate in the revolution against the military junta, emphasizing that daily operations are underway to achieve specific military and political objectives.

They underscored that the responsibility for completely eliminating military dictatorship rests on the entire people of Myanmar, asserting that all those desiring the elimination of military dictatorship must actively participate in various ways. 

The group pledged their unwavering commitment to persistent efforts to achieve their objectives and those of the entire people of Myanmar.

5. Chin State People’s Police Force (CSPPF) seeks “support troops” to serve as financial supporters

On December 10, the Chin State People’s Police Force (CSPPF) announced an invitation for individuals residing abroad who wish to participate in the revolution and serve in the CSPPF but are currently living in foreign countries due to various reasons to serve as “support troops” and become regular support members at the CSPPF. The primary aim is to enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement activities conducted by the CSPPF.

The CSPPF mentioned that the personal information of support troops would be documented alongside on-ground members, ensuring they are recognized as “heroes of the revolution” in historical records. Those meeting the criteria will have the opportunity to continue serving in the people’s police force in the post-revolution period.

The CSPPF emphasized that applications for “support troops” are open to individuals of any race, religion, origin, or age.

6. A sergeant clerk from Myeik-based Military Engineering Battalion 918 surrenders

The Black Panther Column (P29905) disclosed that a sergeant clerk from the Military Engineering Battalion 918 based in Myeik, Tanintharyi Region, made contact with the column on December 7, participated in the civil disobedience movement (CDM), and entered the people’s embrace. The Black Panther Column assured that they had taken good care of the sergeant.

In the announcement, the Black Panther Column urged the remaining troops serving under the military junta to promptly join the CDM and align themselves with the people if they consider themselves responsible for safeguarding the lives of the citizens. The column also conveyed that they would warmly welcome soldiers who choose to stand with the people, ensuring arrangements for their human dignity and livelihood protection.

7. Ambush targets junta column in Kawthoung, killing two and seizing a firearm

The Kawthoung People’s Defense Team (Pa-Ka-Fa/PDT) reported that they successfully intercepted a military junta convoy attempting to launch an offensive near Phao Thot village in Kawthoung Township, Tanintharyi Region. The incident occurred on December 8 at around 10:00 a.m. According to the Kawthoung PDT’s report, the military column, comprising approximately 50 troops led by the commander of Light Infantry Battalion 584 (LIB-584) who traveled in a private car, was ambushed by already positioned and waiting local revolutionary allied forces when they passed through Phao Thot village.

A fierce exchange of gunfire lasting about twenty minutes took place between the revolutionary forces and the military column, resulting in the deaths of two junta troops, including a sergeant, and injuries to others. The revolutionary allied forces managed to seize an MA-1 rifle without sustaining any harm or injuries themselves.

In response to the ambush, the junta forces cordoned off the area around Phao Thot village and conducted an inspection. Around 30 residents were arrested for investigation, but they were all released later that evening, according to the Kawthoung PDT.

The PDT had previously carried out a similar ambush on November 24 near Ma Li Wan village within Kawthoung Township, leading to the deaths of three junta troops.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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