Spring Revolution Local News – May 30 (Evening)

Summary of News

Union Minister for Defence informed that more weapons could be obtainedgh it would take some time

At the launch of “Democracy Road Trip for Burma” on 29 May, Union Minister for Defence said that more weapon could be obtained.

The Minister said, “I had acknowledged that it is not yet possible to arm all PDFs with the support of the people without the help of any country. However, as public support grows, MOD (NUG) will be able to increase its search for weapons and is working on to systematically deploy them.”

At the same time when installing the weapons, the Ministry of Defense also conducted training, consolidating, and commanding and controlling.

At present, there are three war zones, and a command and control system has been set up with allies in each zone.

The Ministry of Health of the National Unity Government is building four hospitals

Union Minister for Health Dr. Zaw Wai Soe said that the Ministry of Health is building four hospitals in the three ethnic areas.

Union Minister said, “Now we are building more hospitals in consultation with our ethnic siblings; one hospital in Chin State, one in Karenni State, and two in Kayin State.”

The Ministry of Health of the National Unity Government is currently working mainly on emergency medical care and is also working on the emergence of a federal health policy.

It is reported that, currently, emergency medical care facilities are being expanded in ethnic areas and there are 52 hospitals and clinics that can provide surgery.

Drafting legislation for CDM and Non-CDM

Union Minister Dr. Zaw Wai Soe said a law was being drafted on CDM and non-CDM, “We are writing a law on how to deal with CDMs and non-CDMs. It’s like writing a law on how to reward CDMs and how to treat non-CDMs in the future when we go to federal democracy. We are drafting an all-inclusive law.”

The military coup on 1 February 2021 was followed by the non-violent Civil Disobedience Movement against the military dictatorship, which included a large number of health care workers and educators.

Union Minister Dr. Sasa said the generals had looted all the innate rights of the Chin people with weapons

Union Minister for International Cooperation Dr. Sasa made the remarks at the launch of the Treasury Bond by the Chin National Consultative Council in collaboration with NUG, “Under successive dictatorships, inhumane generals have usurped our God-given rights to Chin State with weapons. Weapons were used to destroy all our innate rights, such as federalism and democracy. If we look back at the history of Chin, Chin heroes did not accept that, and always sacrificed their lives for the independence of the whole country, not just for the Chin state.”

The military council troops not only repeatedly set fire to Thantlang, Chin State, but also opened heavy artillery fire, injuring civilians’ homes and people.

Special.9-HPDF seized ENERGA rifles and grenades from the military council troops

It is reported that Special.9-HPDF seized ENERGA rifles and grenades from the military council troops who fled after the landmines.

On 9 May, Special.9-HPDF unveiled the seized ENERGA and bombs and stated that “Run and run. You, running junta troops, can’t even take belongings. We will make good use of it.”

Special.9-HPDF reported that in 18 May mine attack, ten military members, including two Lieutenants and one sub-lieutenant, were killed and fifteen other were injured.

Yangon-based factory workers said that the factory owners are making a profit by using the method of hiring daily workers in order not to pay the basic salary according to the law

A factory worker said, “Under the NLD government, the minimum wage was set at 4,800 kyat per day, excluding overtime pay. After the military coup, most factories closed, and some business people who got along with the military continued to operate. However, they were making profit by using the method of hiring daily workers with the daily wage at 3,600 kyats, in order not to pay the minimum wage to their workers.”

Another factory worker said, “Hundreds of thousands of workers have been left unemployed and struggling to make ends meet as most factories in Yangon’s industrial zones have closed.”

At the end of January 2022, the International Labor Organization (ILO) confirmed that more than 1.6 million people had lost their jobs since the military coup in Myanmar.

The Governing Body of the International Labor Organization (ILO) has decided to establish a Commission of Inquiry in respect of the non-observance of International Labour Standards in Myanmar, following the military coup in February 2021, at the 344th session held in Geneva, Switzerland, from 14 to 26 March.

The ILO decision described the military council as violating the right to freedom of association and labor in Myanmar.

#Credit : Radio NUG

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