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The Acting President said he believed the arms need would be resolved, although it would take some time

The Acting President said, “The problem is that so far no country has provided us with weapons. We have been trying to install them in our own way. When the NUG was not able to collect taxes officially, we took the lead in installing as much as possible with donations from the people, so it took some time. However, the spirit of the people is at the highest degree now, and we will get the supplies. I believe it will work out.”

The Ministry of Defense spends 80 percent of its budget on weapons.

At present, 257 battalions of the People’s Defense Force and Brotherhood, and 250 Township People’s Defense Force have been established.

There are 401 local defense forces (LDFs) and youth urban guerrilla groups, 60% of which are affiliated with the Ministry of Defense (NUG).

Union Minister for Human Rights said that the terrorist military has reached the stage of committing international crimes against civilians

In an interview in the last week of May, Union Minister of Human Rights U Aung Myo Min said, “In the midst of the fighting, the militant group has reached a stage where it is targeting civilians. It has gone too far. It has reached the stage of committing an international crime targeting civilians. It’s really bad. The dead were not one or two. The whole village was burnt down. It is so bad to the level that thousands of houses have been set on fire.”

From 1 to 15 May 2022, 5701 homes were burned down and at least 46 civilians were killed.

CDM Students Supporting Team-CSST announced that about 4000 middle school students will be accepted for the Interim Education 2022-2023 academic year

It is reported that CDM Students Supporting Team-CSST is accepting the applications of middle school students for the Interim Education 2022-2023 academic year.

CDM Students Supporting Team-CSST announced, “Due to the large number of students, middle school online students will be accepted early from 29 May to 31 May. About 4000 students will be accepted for the first batch, and it has been officially announced that the designated middle school students can start enrolling. We will do our best to accommodate admissions and examinations, and we guarantee that no security breach will occur to any enrolled student.”

Heavy artillery fire was fired at Lwal Pann Sane village in the middle of Inn, Pekon Township by the Pekon-based 7th Military Operations Command (MOC-7)

It is reported that the Pekon-based 7th Military Operations Command (MOC-7) fired heavy artillery shells at Lwal Pann Sane village in the middle of lake, Pekon Township on 29 May at 1am.

“On 29 May, at 01:00 am, The 7th Military Operations Command (MOC-7) based in Phekone fired heavy artillery shells around the Lwal Pann Sane village in the middle of lake, Pekon Township, exploding 120 artillery shells and 10 bullets,” Phekone PDF Battalion 2 confirmed.

No civilian casualties were reported so far, and on 17 May, a large artillery shell opened fire, injuring a monastery, a school and two civilians.

Two women and a man were killed when military artillery shells exploded in Kale City

Three civilians were killed in an artillery shelling at around 8 pm on May 28 in Tahan Ward, west part of Kale City, Sagaing Division, according to local sources.

It is reported that at least five artillery shells were fired by military council troops, exploding at a house behind the Agape Hospital in Tahan Ward, Kale City, and killing two women and a man.

“Two of the victims were refugees from Minkin,” a local resident confirmed.

It is reported that the two victims were a 45-year-old mother and a 27-year-old son who had fled from Minkin to Tahan.

A person in charge of the Mindat People’s Administration said that the People’s Administration opened up to 180 middle schools for interim education in Mindat Township, Chin State, and he urged people not to enroll in schools run by the Military Council.

Ko Raman from Mindat People’s Administration said that the military council has been accepting enrollment in their schools since 266 May and has been urging children to attend school in Mindat. The military council had planned to open more than 800 schools in Chin state in the 2021 academic year, but was unable to do so due to the military situation.

A CDM teacher in Kani said that the National Unity Government (NUG) has been trying to implement an interim education system since January 4. Since then, self-help schools have been occurring in many townships in Sagaing Division. The villagers provided some allowances for the teachers, but later the houses of the villagers themselves were burnt down and it became difficult for them to survive, leaving the teachers, who could not do other work other than teaching, struggling to make ends meet.

In Sagaing Division, village defense forces are on guard duty to ensure the safety of children when they go to school. Teachers say the children have been trained to run for their lives before the military councils enter. Most parents in the Northwest Military Region are trying to provide as much education as possible under NUG’s interim education system for their children while running.

#Credit : Radio NUG

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