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The majority of the people support the Acting President Duwa Lashi La’s visit to the front-line PDF base

On 30 May, the Acting President Duwa Lashi La visited the front-line PDF base and released photos of the inspection.

“This is our president. Since he himself visited the front-line, we believe that the final battle will be waging”, said a 30-year-old resident in Thamine, Yangon.

In addition, it is learned that people have changed their profiles on social media to the photo of the Acting President Duwa Lashi La inspecting the front-line base.

On 7 September 2021, the National Unity Government announced ‘people’s defensive war’ against the military junta.

The Ministry of Health of the National Unity Government is builUnion Minister Dr. Zaw Wei Soe said that victory in two days if Myanmar is provided one hundredth of what it’s provided to Ukraine one day

Union Minister Dr. Zaw Wai Soe made the remarks at a cordial meeting with National Unity government ministers and families of Burmese revolutionaries in the UK, “if Myanmar is provided one hundredth of what it’s provided to Ukraine one day, we will finish the fight in two or three days. We are talking about it all around.”

NATO members are currently providing Ukraine with weapons and financial assistance to fight off Russia, which is waging a war of invasion against Ukraine.

KNDF Chairman Khun Be Htoo said that the military junta will soon be able to prosecute at the international tribunals

Chairman Khun Be Htoo addressed at the anniversary ceremony of KNDF, which falls on 31 May, “The main culprit for all the deaths of comrades and the loss of people’s lives and properties is the actions of the Terrorist Military Council. I believe that in the near future, we will be able to bring justice to the people and the Terrorist Military Council will be prosecuted in public and at international tribunals.”

In addition, he added, “The KNDF is standing on the right political path and with strong collective leadership and at the union level today, the political agreement agreed upon by all political forces is the KNDF’s political direction.”

Some PDF bases in southern Kalay Township have been seized by the military council and the PDF Kalay battalions are in urgent need of assistance

On 31 May, PDF Kalay Battalion 1 reported the situation in the southern part of Kalay Township, “Clashes have been going on for months in the southern part of Kalay Township in Sagaing Division. Some PDF Kalay bases have been seized. The military council is preparing to attack PDF Kalay completely, and the PDF Kalay battalions in Sagaing are in urgent need of assistance.

In the southern part of Kalay Township, since the beginning of May, the military council troops have been consolidating their ground forces and raiding the people’s defense force bases.

The terrorist Military Council troops set fire to Nyaung Pu Htoe and Tay Taw villages in Depeyin Township on the morning of 31 May

It is reported that Nyaung Pu Htoe village in Depeayin Township, Sagaing Division was set on fire at 7 am on 31 May and Tay Taw village was set on fire at 7.30 am.

“The eastern part of Tay Taw village in Depeyin Township has been set on fire by the Military Council troops and strong smoke is coming out,” the Depayin Township Brothers Group confirmed.

During the week from 22 to 28 May, there were 35 incinerations and 4 killings by the Military Council in Sagaing Division.

The NUG and ethnic armed groups have called on the United Nations and ASEAN to suspend their assistance, which will collaborate with the Military Council and to change the alternative ways that humanitarian assistance will be delivered effectively to the affected persons

“The National Unity Government (NUG), KNPP, KNU and the CNF jointly issued a joint statement on 30 May calling for a review of the ASEAN and UN Proposed Humanitarian Support to Myanmar,” said Khu Palu Reh, a person in charge of the Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP).

This is the second time the statement has been issued since the UN and ASEAN did not consider the first suggestion made by the National Unity Government and the ethnic nationalities that it is not possible to provide assistance through the military council.

U Than Naing Soe, a political analyst, argued that ASEAN and the UN may have chosen to continue using this approach because they already know that refugees could face a worse situation if they do not.

The joint statement by the NUG and the ethnic armed groups contained seven key points of appeal: not to continue with the approach that only benefits areas identified by the SAC; to allow third parties to participate in relief work on the ground; to consider adopting the ASEAN Plus (ASEAN Plus) approach; to include ALL stakeholders in an inclusive ways to support on the norms and principles of International Humanitarian Law and best practices; to find alternative ways to support urgent humanitarian needs through cross-border arrangements; request UNOCHA and the ICRC to assist in negotiations with ASEAN, India and Thailand to establish short-term humanitarian corridors to allow emergency supplies to reach those in desperate need; to ensure the delivery of humanitarian support and non-interference by the SAC.

Since it is the end of the month, the lottery situation of the people during this period will be presented.

Lottery traders said that trading had been halted because there was no one to bet on the military council’s Aung Bar Lay lottery.

The State Lottery Department under the Military Council announced that more than 300,000 lottery tickets were sold in May this year, accounting for nearly 20 percent of the total.

The lottery has sold more than 3,000 million kyats, and 70 percent of that will be rewarded as prize money.

On the ground, most of the lottery traders did not even reach the Aung Bar Lay office because there were no people to cast lots, said a lottery trader.

After the military coup, Aung Bar Lay lottery sold only about 150,000 copies.

But the business has not stopped at all because there are people who gamble and some basic buyers who have to deal with the lottery business.

Before the coup, Aung Bar Lay offered up to 1500 million kyats, but now only 500 million kyats, according to a lottery trader.

The people’s support for the National Unity Government’s Spring Lottery was also a major blow to the deteriorating Aung Bar Lay lottery.

Prior to the military coup, the government earned nearly 163 billion kyat a year in tax revenue from the lottery.

People’s boycott was successful because if the lottery is not sold all year round, the military council will lose 151 billion kyat in lottery revenue.

#Credit : Radio NUG

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