Spring Revolution Local News – May 25 (Evening)

Summary of News

Union Minister Dr. Zaw Wai Soe warns those who work with the Terrorist Military Council killing doctors and medical students not to regret it when the people make the decision

In the People to People program interview in the last week of May, Dr. Zaw Wai Soe, Union Minister, Ministry of Health of the National Unity Government said, “I do not know why the doctors work with those who are killing doctors and medical students, work with them and why the medical students attend the schools they opened. But, I would like to tell those doctors and medical students not to regret the day when people make the decision.

Since the military coup, nearly 2,000 civilians have been killed and more than 10,000 detained.

NUG Ministry of Human Rights announced that people in four States and Divisions are being massacred on a daily basis

People in Sagaing Division, Magway Division, Chin State and Karenni State are being massacred on a daily basis, according to the social media page of the Ministry of Human Rights on May 25.

It is stated “The massacre by the Terrorist Military Council in Myanmar has been widely condemned by the international community as a major crime, and more recently, the leaders of the Terrorist Military Council in Myanmar have been regarded as defendants of massacres. In places where the military council has blocked access to information, there are possibilities of more crimes being committed.”

On May 24, U Aung Myo Min,Union Minister of Human Rights of the National Unity Government revealed that nearly 170 innocent people in Chin State, Sagaing Division and Karenni State had been massacred by the military junta.

Ye-U MP urges to set priority to fighting the common enemy, setting NUCC and Federal issues aside

On May 25, Ye-U MP U Ye Htwe wrote on social media, “Set the issues of NUCC, Federal, social affairs and party aside. With the leadership of the NUG, EAO,  PDF and the populace should unite, distinguish between the main and the minor and fight the common enemy first.

On the other hand, it was negotiating and finding a solution.

Ye-U MP U Ye Htwe added, “What needs to be cleared up after the game should be cleared after the game. If we clear it now, it will be a mess. If we fight, the military generation will be dissolved and a federal system can be established at the same time.”

Four soldiers, including a naval officer, were killed in a mine attack by the allied forces, between Myothar Industrial Zone and Semeikhon Port in Myingyan Township

The Civilian Defense and Security Organization of Myaung (CDSOM) said, “On May 23, at 5:15 pm, five military council troops in a red Honda Fit, who were travelling between MyoThar Industrial Zone in Myingyan Township, Mandalay and Semeikhon Port, were attacked with mines on their way back.”

The mine operation was carried out by the Civilian Defense and Security Organization of Myaung (CDSOM), Naungyo Special Guerrilla Brigade (6th Battalion, Myingyan District) and Women’s Soldier Battalion (Myaung) – M2W.

According to local PDFs, refugees in Yin Mar Bin Township are sleeping in the rain without shelter in the jungle

A member of BarmMaShaung PDF in Yin Mar Bin said that thousands of people from Aung Chan Thar, Kan Thar, Letpandaw and Moe Kaung villages in Yin Mar Bin Township, Sagaing Division, are fleeing due to the violence of the junta.

A resident from the west of Khin-U said that from early morning on May 24 until around 1 pm, the military council cut off all telephone and internet connections in many townships in Sagaing Division. He added that war-affected people are worried because communications were cut off, obscuring the news, in addition to difficulties in living conditions.

The internet has ever been cut off in more than 20 townships in Sagaing Division, including Chaung-U, Salingyi and Myaung, from 11 pm on March 3.

Before that, the internet has ever been cut off in more than 10 townships, including Kani, Budalin and Yin Mar Bin. Therefore, a total of more than 30 townships has ever been cut off from the internet in Sagaing Division.

This time, not only the internet but also all telephone lines, including fixed telephone lines, were cut off.

Local villages have been cut off from food supplies as the military council blocks roads connecting villages and Ye-U and Khin-U towns

A villager from Inpat in Khin-U Township said that people are trapped in the area because the military council set fire to the villages in Sagaing Division and blocked roads connecting those villages with Khin-U and Ye-U towns.

KSO said that during May, thousands of locals were affected by the fire and war. He said that although it had received some support from the National Unity Government (NUG), it was not enough because the number of war-affected people in the region increased day by day.

Military Council Deputy Minister of Information, Major General Zaw Min Tun said at the press conference at the end of April that Sagaing Division will be dealt with strictly and, with that said, terrorism is on the rise on the ground.

#Credit : Radio NUG

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