Spring Revolution Local News – Mar 31 (Evening)

Summary of News

1. NUG releases pamphlets regarding military junta’s forced recruitment

The Strategic Communications and Public Relations Unit (SCPRU) of the National Unity Government (NUG) has issued and circulated pamphlets providing guidance to the public on how to navigate situations related to forced recruitment by the military junta, which is carried out under the guise of compulsory conscription laws. The pamphlet includes information and facts that individuals should be aware of in such circumstances. Additionally, it contains links to NUG platforms where the public can seek advice and report incidents related to forced recruitment. Moreover, it provides contact information for members of the junta’s armed forces who wish to surrender.

2. Provision of healthcare services to internally displaced persons in Wet Let township, Sagaing Region

The Shwebo Township Independence Support Group said that healthcare assistance had been extended to the villages of Sa Moon, Kyun Taw Oo, and Kyun Gyi in Wet Let township, Sagaing Region, on March 30, facilitated by CDM healthcare personnel.

The group conveyed gratitude to generous donors who contributed medicines for the displaced individuals, as well as to the Bo Tiger People’s Defence Team for ensuring the security of the CDM healthcare personnel during the provision of these services.

3. Chin revolutionary allies issue joint statement on 3rd anniversary of Zomi Federal Union/PDF-Zoland

Chin revolutionary allies, including the Chin National Organisation/Chin National Defence Force (CNO/CNDF), Chin National Council/Chinland Defence Force-Mindat (CNC/CDF-Mindat), Maraland Territorial Council, and Chin Defence Force-Kanpetlet (CDF-Kanpetlet), collectively released a statement commemorating the third anniversary of the founding of the Zomi Federal Union/People’s Defence Force (ZFU/PDF-Zoland) on March 30. These organisations, forming the “Chin Brotherhood” alliance, are committed to fighting against the military dictatorship and striving for the establishment of a federal democratic country that ensures justice, equality, and self-determination.

The joint statement honours the sacrifices made by the fallen heroes of the Zomi Federal Union in the struggle for Chin land and Chin national liberation. It expresses wishes for the safety and freedom of the Zomi ethnic group and all other ethnic groups across the country, hoping for a swift resolution to the challenges they currently face.

Furthermore, the statement reaffirms the commitment of the Chin revolutionary allies to continue fighting for the liberation of Chin land and the establishment of Chin autonomy alongside the Zomi Federal Union, a fellow member of the Chin Brotherhood.

4. Commander of LID-88 killed in Momauk during clashes

Brigadier General Min Htut Oo, Commander of the 88th Light Infantry Battalion (LID-88), was killed in combat during clashes with the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) near Man Nwang village in Momauk township, Kachin State, on March 29.

Brigadier General Min Htut Oo, a graduate of batch 42 of the Defence Service Academy (DSA), had recently been honoured with the Distinguished Service Medal by junta chief Min Aung Hlaing in early January of this year.

His death marks the loss of a senior military figure within the military junta since the initiation of the Kachin Operation by the KIA on March 7.

During this ongoing operation, the KIA and allied forces have successfully captured over 60 military junta bases, including strategic locations and battalion headquarters, situated near Laiza (the KIA’s headquarters), on the Myitkyina-Bhamo Road, and the Bhamo-Lwegel Road. Additionally, more than one hundred prisoners of war have been taken captive. Currently, the KIA and allied forces are intercepting and engaging the fleeing junta troops from these bases as well.

5. Sniper attack on military junta forces on mine clearance duty in Sagaing Region results in the deaths of two troops

The Moe Nyo Revolution Force (MNRF) reported that they had conducted a sniper attack targeting a group of about 70 military junta troops engaged in mine clearance operations with a bulldozer between Myinmu township and Sagaing township. The attack, which occurred around 2:00 p.m. on March 30, resulted in the deaths of two junta soldiers. Following the attack, the junta forces retreated to their camp in Htee Hsaung village before returning to Myinmu town the next morning.

The joint revolutionary forces involved in the operation, including MNRF, Pentagram, KDDF, and Kyaukse District Battalion 2 of the People’s Defence Force, successfully withdrew without any harm.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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