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1. PDF Military Headquarters announces the seizure of 7 firearms and numerous military equipment in the capture of junta outpost in Thabeikkyin

The Ministry of Defense of the National Unity Government’s People’s Defense Force (PDF) Military Headquarters announced on December 26 that, during the capture of a military junta hilltop outpost in Thabeikkyin Township, Mandalay Region, seven firearms, ammunition, and various other military equipment were confiscated.

On December 25, at approximately 3:30 p.m., the collaborative forces of the PDF and the local people’s defense forces launched an offensive against the military junta’s hilltop outpost near Nga Tant Aing village in Thabeikkyin Township, Mandalay Region. This operation resulted in the seizure of various items, including one RPG MA-10, one MA-12, one MA-11, two MA-3, two G-3, 12 rounds of RPG-7 rockets, 13 rounds of RPG-7 projectiles, 6 rounds of 60-mm grenades, one 40-mm grenade, 1,058 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition, 501 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition, 58 rounds of 9mm ammunition, 10 claymore mines, 9 clamps/mine chains, 27 rounds of blast mines, 15 rounds of Energa, 8 various box magazines, one large jammer, one small jammer, 4 mobile phones, 10 spools of wire, one battery, one inverter, two fuses for blast mines, one mine stick, one gun bag, and two baskets.

The Thabeikkyin Township People’s Defense Team (Thabeikkyin Pa-Ka-Fa/PDT), which was involved in the operation, reported casualties among the junta troops during the battle and stated that detailed investigations were ongoing.

The collaborative forces involved in the operation included People’s Defense Force (PDF) Battalions No. 509 and 510, Pyinoolwin District PDF Battalion No. 1, Thabeikkyin People’s Defense Team (Thabeikkyin Pa-Ka-Fa/PDT), Pyinoolwin District Drone Force, Shwebo District Drone Force No. 2, and the Northern Tiger Drone Force.

2. Three Brotherhood Alliance proclaims the military junta as the “Army with the Highest War Crimes Record in 2023”

The Three Brotherhood Alliance asserts that the military junta is the “Army with the Highest War Crimes Record in 2023.” This statement was made in the military situation update for the 61st day of Operation 1027, released on December 26.

“Because the military junta engaged in not only daily bombardments on towns and villages but also intentionally launched artillery attacks on the Archaeological Research Museum, Monastery, and other religious structures in Mrauk-U City—currently under consideration for UNESCO World Heritage status—following the pattern of behavior by fascist military dictators, it is now remembered in history as the ‘Army with the Highest War Crimes Record in 2023,’” the Three Brotherhood Alliance stated.

The statement emphasized that the Three Brotherhood Alliance has been systematically attempting to seize and control designated military targets throughout Operation 1027; meanwhile, the fascist military junta has been desperately defending its military installations across the country, employing aerial and ground artillery, as well as employing civilians as human shields, to make every effort to prevent their gradual loss.

Political and military analysts suggest that the Three Brotherhood Alliance might have labeled the military junta as the “army committing the most war crimes” in the aftermath of the failed talks between the military junta and the Three Brotherhood Alliance brokered by China in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province.

3. Arakan Army (AA) completely occupies Mrauk-U District Police Station

On the night of December 26, the Three Brotherhood Alliance declared that, as of 9:00 p.m., the Arakan Army (AA) had completely occupied the Mrauk-U District Police Station and was actively pursuing the complete capture of the military junta’s hilltop outpost in Khawea village, Paletwa Township. However, specific details about the occupation of the Mrauk-U District Police Station have not been disclosed yet.

According to local news sources, the Arakan Army has been conducting offensives for several days to seize military junta bases within Mrauk-U Town, and they successfully captured a military base at the town’s entrance and the district police station.

Reports indicate that local residents have been forced to flee as the military junta’s bases in Mrauk-U continuously unleash heavy weaponry and its air forces consistently bombard the conflict areas. As a result of these attacks, on December 26, the junta-appointed ward administrator from Sin Cha Seik ward was struck by shrapnel from heavy weaponry and lost his life.

Over the past few days, according to reports, nine residents of Mrauk-U lost their lives due to the heavy weaponry fired by the military junta, with at least 16 others sustaining injuries. Additionally, the deliberate shelling of heavy weaponry by the military junta led to the destruction of priceless historical heritage, including stone inscriptions.

4. Drone attack targets the junta security checkpoint at the Ye-U Town entrance

The People’s Defense Force (PDF) Battalion 14 (Ye-U) of the Shwebo District released a military update, reporting that they conducted a drone attack against junta troops at the security checkpoint at the entrance of Ye-U Town since they received information indicating that junta troops were arriving to install jammers. This drone attack occurred around 5:00 p.m. on December 26 and involved the use of fixed-wing drones, dropping three grenades to target the junta forces.

The Shwebo District PDF Battalion 14 (Ye-U) mentioned that they are currently conducting an ongoing investigation to assess the casualties and damage on the junta side.

5. Two members of Pyu Saw Htee militia were eliminated in Bago Region

Reportedly, on December 23 and 24, two members of the junta-backed Pyu Saw Htee militia in Okhpo Township and Paukkhaung Township in Bago Region were eliminated by the defense forces.

At about 2:30 p.m. on December 23, Pyu Saw Htee militia member Than Zaw Oo, residing near a police outpost in Wine village, Okhpo Township, was shot and eliminated by Company 6 (Black Dragon) of the Thayarwaddy District PDF Battalion 3802. The Black Dragon PDF asserted that they had confirmed Than Zaw Oo’s affiliation with the military junta and his role in investigating the activities and locations of people’s defense forces, providing information to the military junta, leading to the arrest of civilians, and engaging in the oppression of the local population in collaboration with junta police and army personnel.

Similarly, on December 24, Company 3 (SPDF) of the Pyi District PDF Battalion 3602 shot and eliminated Thein Myint, an ex-army veteran and the current leader of a Pyu Saw Htee militia group in Okhpo village, Paukkhaung Township, at his residence. Pyu Saw Htee leader Thein Myint was killed on the spot, and his son Khant Pyae Sone, also a member of the Pyu Saw Htee militia, was injured while resisting and is reportedly undergoing treatment at a military hospital due to severe wounds sustained during the incident.

6. Federal Net Campaign conveys a New Year message encouraging an unwavering fight to eradicate the fascist military dictatorship

On December 27, the Federal Net Campaign conveyed a New Year message through a Facebook post, encouraging the general public to relentlessly engage in the fight to eliminate the fascist military dictatorship by contributing to the Federal Net Campaign.

“In 2023, our people relentlessly resisted the fascist military dictatorship. As we step into the new year of 2024, we’ll persist in our unwavering fight against the oppressive regime. Let’s support the revolution, whether through active engagement in armed resistance, volunteering, or financial contributions. Let’s contribute to the ‘Federal Net Campaign’ to stay connected with the world,” the Federal Net Campaign stated.

The Federal Net Campaign, an initiative officially launched by the Ministry of Communications, Information, and Technology of the National Unity Government of the Republic of the Union, is raising funds for its pilot project aimed at offering internet services in five strategic townships. The estimated financial requirement for delivering internet services in these five townships is approximately US$0.25 million.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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