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1. Union Minister U Tin Tun Naing highlights people’s determination in the revolutionary journey to abolish the military dictatorship

On September 28, in a Facebook post related to the new EOD project, U Tin Tun Naing, Union Minister for Planning, Finance and Investment, highlighted the people’s determination to eradicate the military dictatorship.

The Union Minister expressed that when contemplating the implementation of the most recent EOD project, “Spring Pyin Oo Lwin,” the essence of federalism was pondered. He emphasised that without a successful revolution, the realisation of federalism would remain unattainable, not even as a drawing on water.

“EOD programmes were implemented in Yangon; it was the same in Mandalay. The revolutionary people did not think of whether it was Yangon or Mandalay; they followed while attaching the badge of destroying war demons to their chests, so we were able to financially support the revolution,” the Union Minister said.

The Ministry of Planning, Finance and Investment of the National Unity Government has been implementing a series of EOD housing investment projects, and the sales of the Federal Springs land plots from its latest project, “Spring Pyin Oo Lwin,” will launch in the early evening of October 7.

2. Salai Issac Khen urges Chin people to develop mutual understanding

In September, in a Facebook post, Salai Issac Khen, the executive member of the Interim Chin National Consultative Council (ICNCC) and the former minister of government of Chin State, urged Chin people to foster unity.

“In the Chin revolution, unity comes first. To achieve unity, we need to be adaptable and consider both our own desires and the desires of others. It’s not always possible to have everything we desire, and we shouldn’t abandon the cause just because we don’t get our way. What’s crucial is developing mutual understanding. We should avoid pushing others away due to differences of opinion. I hope everyone exercises restraint and avoids causing harm to one another. All Chin people are needed for the construction of the Chin nation,” he stated.

Additionally, he stressed the significance of territorial control and the necessity of achieving military strength comparable to that of the military council forces, recognising that it’s impossible to address all political needs during this period of armed resistance.

3. Rockets attack junta troops returning from invading eastern Depeyin Township

Shwebo District People’s Defence Force (PDF) Battalion No. 14 (Ye-U People’s Defence Force) reported that in the evening of September 27, they ambushed junta troops from Ye-U Traditional Hospital using five SBB14B rockets as the troops were returning from their invasion of the villages in the eastern part of Depeyin Township. The attack occurred when vehicles from their military camp in Depeyin Town came to pick them up near Kan Pya village.

The attack reportedly resulted in the injuries of the terrorist junta soldiers and the junta-backed Pyu Saw Htee militia.

4. Ambush at Nyaung Pin Kwin Bridge checkpoint in Tanintharyi claims lives of two Junta troops, Including an officer and a private soldier

According to a statement from the Unbiased Guerrilla Group, an subsidiary of the Tanintharyi Township People’s Defence Organisation (PDO/Pa-Ka-Fa), a joint operation involving forces from the Tanintharyi Township People’s Defence Organisation and Squadron 1 of the Myeik District People’s Defence Force (PDF) Battalion No. 2 conducted an ambush on the junta soldiers at the Nyaung Pin Kwin bridge checkpoint at 5:45 a.m. on September 28. The targeted troops were from the Light Infantry Battalion No. 561 (LIB #561), stationed in Nyaung Pin Kwin village. The attack resulted in the fatalities of two junta soldiers, one of whom was an officer and the other a private soldier, and the injury of one soldier.

The members of the joint PDF forces managed to withdraw safely without sustaining any injuries.

Soldiers from LIB #561 have reportedly been defecting frequently from their military base. Earlier this month, a private soldier from LIB #561 defected to the Tanintharyi PDO/Pa-Ka-Fa, bringing along a firearm. As a result, he was rewarded with 36 lakh Myanmar kyat.

5. Ye Bhilu Force issues warning to those still serving under the military junta to resign immediately

On September 28, the leader of the Ye Bhilu Force issued a warning against those public servants, pillars, soldiers, and police in Mon State who continue serving under the military junta to resign from their positions as soon as possible.

The Ye Bhilu Force attacked the soldiers who were guarding military-owned Myawaddy Bank in Ye Township, Mon State, on September 26, resulting in casualties among the junta soldiers guarding the bank.

6. EOD’s Spring Pyin Oo Lwin project received pre-orders with full advanced payments

The End of Dictatorship (EOD) family announced on September 28 that pre-orders had been received for the Spring Pyin Oo Lwin project.

As part of the Spring Pyin Oo Lwin project, 100 ft by 200 ft land plots on the outskirt of Pyin Oo Lwin Town along the Mandalay-Lashio Road will be made available for commercial purposes, while 40 ft by 80 ft land plots, 80 ft by 80 ft land plots, and 1-acre land plots will be offered to the public for residential purposes.

Investors will be granted full ownership rights to the land, and these land plots will be sold at a price equivalent to one-third of the market value. Furthermore, the payment terms will be divided into two segments: one during the period of the revolution and the other after the revolution.

Land purchases can be made through EOD agents worldwide, and the EOD has clarified that even foreigners who are not Myanmar citizens are also eligible to buy land plots.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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