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1. Acting President Encourages NLD to Demonstrate Greater Political Generosity in the Spring Revolution

On September 27, during the party’s 35th-anniversary ceremony, Acting President Duwa Lashi La encouraged the National League for Democracy (NLD) to demonstrate greater political generosity in the Spring Revolution.

“In order to achieve the success of the Spring Revolution, I firmly believe that it is crucial for all of us to have unity, political benevolence, and political generosity. Therefore, I would like to encourage the National League for Democracy to demonstrate greater political generosity and to operate more closely with the rest of the revolutionary organisations,” the Action President said in his speech.

Furthermore, the Acting President expressed his pride in the NLD for consistently standing up for the interests of the people, even in the face of attempts by the terrorist military leader Min Aung Hlaing to seize power through the use of force.

2. NUG Officials and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s Younger Son, Kim Aric, Join Online Celebration of NLD’s 35th Anniversary Ceremony

On September 27, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. Myanmar time, the National League for Democracy (NLD) celebrated its 35th anniversary via a Zoom meeting. The event was attended by the Acting President, Chairman of the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH), the Union Prime Minister, union ministers, deputy union ministers, parliament members, diplomats, and other invited guests. The total number of attendees exceeded 600, and it was noted that Kim Aric, the younger son of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, was also present at the ceremony.

At the event, Dr. Khin Saung, a member of the Central Work Committee of the NLD, commenced with the opening speech, followed by speeches from Acting President Duwa Lashi La, CRPH Chairman U Aung Kyi Nyunt, and Union Prime Minister Mahn Winn Khaing Thann. Subsequently, Dr. Win Myat Aye, Union Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, provided an update on the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the public. Additionally, the National League for Democracy issued a press release and a human rights status record after the illegal military coup.

3. National League for Democracy (NLD) Reports 160 Incidents of Office Invasions and Property Destruction by Military Junta

On its 35th anniversary, the National League for Democracy (NLD) issued a press statement on September 27. In the statement, it was mentioned that the military junta unlawfully sealed and confiscated the assets and properties of 688 individuals, which included those of 373 NLD members.

Additionally, the junta had repeatedly invaded NLD offices and branch offices, including the central headquarters, on 160 occasions, during which they stole, demolished, and burned down properties.

4. Human Rights Minister U Aung Myo Min Holds Talks with EU Special Representative for Human Rights Mr. Eamon Gilmore

U Aung Myo Min, Union Minister for the NUG’s Ministry of Human Rights, met and had talks with Mr. Eamon Gilmore, EU Special Representative for Human Rights, on September 26, according to the press release of the Ministry of Human Rights.

During talks, they exchanged views on Myanmar’s human rights situation and the initiatives undertaken by the National Unity Government. Furthermore, they also spoke about the availability of human rights assistance in relation to Myanmar’s Spring Revolution, views on human rights and labour rights, as well as the efforts made by the UN and ASEAN.

5. MOWYCA Magway Region’s representative and members donate rice to IDPs from Htilin Township

The National Unity Government’s (NUG) Ministry of Women, Youths and Children Affairs (MOWYCA) released a statement on September 27 regarding the donation of rice in Htilin Township.

As per the statement, the regional representative and members, under the guidance of the Ministry of Women, Youths and Children Affairs, donated rice to the displaced residents from the villages in Htilin Township, Magway Region.

The MOWYCA is not only providing support but also offering vocational training and education to internally displaced people.

6. KPSN Reports: Military Junta is Losing Control over Southeastern Myanmar, including 62 Military Camps and 370 Schools

The Karen Peace Support Network (KPSN), a Karen civil society network comprised of 30 organisations, released a report titled “A Shifting Power Balance: Junta Control Shrinks in Southeast Burma” on September 26.

The military junta has lost control over 370 schools, which are now under the administration of the KNU’s education department.

Moreover, the report stated that the junta has lost 62 military camps in southeastern Myanmar following the military coup, with 21 camps lost by the end of 2021 and an additional 41 camps lost by mid-2023.

7. Clashes Between Myohla PDF and Junta Forces in Shwegu Result in 9 Junta Troops Killed and 11 Injured

Myo Hla K-PDF, a people’s defence force based in Kachin State, reported on September 27 that they had engaged in three clashes with junta forces in Shwegu on September 20, resulting in the deaths of 9 junta soldiers and the injuries of 11 others.

Troops from light infantry battalion 121 (LIB #121), infantry battalions 10 and 77 (IB #10 and #77), operating under the command of military division 88, have been stationed in Thinbaw Inn village since September 20 in order to guard six vessels to transport rations to Kachin. Later that evening, they requisitioned two motorboats from Kyun Taw village.

After receiving information, in the early hours of September 21, the K-PDF set up an ambush and engaged one of the boats carrying 67 troops from LIB #121 while it was travelling towards Naung Mo. The two sides clashed three times, both on the river and on the riverbank. As a result of these clashes, 9 junta soldiers were killed, and 11 others, including the commander of LIB #121, were injured, while the members of K-PDF remained unharmed. The defeated junta troops reportedly ran away into a monastery in Kyauk Kyo village, where the injured also received medical treatment.

8. UN Reports 15,000 Displaced and 100 Homes Damaged in Kyainseikgyi Township

In the Southeast, an estimated 15,000 individuals have been displaced in Kyainseikgyi township, Kayin State, since September 14th, with at least 100 homes suffering damage, as stated by the UN OCHA in a recent humanitarian update report.

“Ongoing conflict across multiple states and regions continues to drive temporary new displacement, civilian casualties, and significant damage to civilian infrastructure,” the report noted.

Additionally, the report revealed that approximately 1,850 people in southern Shan State were displaced, and heavy clashes in northern Shan State and Kachin State also resulted in over 850 people being forced to be displaced. These internally displaced individuals are in urgent need of food, medicines, and other relief supplies.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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