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1. The Union Prime Minister notifies that the military junta has become weakening to the point that its military divisions are disintegrating

At the 31st Cabinet Meeting of the National Unity Government, Union Prime Minister Mahn Winn said: “At this juncture, we can see that our revolutionary forces have made satisfactory military progress, while on the other hand, we can see that the military council is weak to the point that its divisions are disintegrating. It is true to say that the military council is under pressure on all fronts—military, financial, administrative, and diplomatic—as a result of our offensives implemented according to measures specified in the one-year plan. However, we must keep moving ahead from this point, where we can only apply pressure until the decisive battle.”

Over the course of the two years of the People’s Defensive War, about 9,900 instances of battles took place across the country, eliminating about 30,000 enemy soldiers.

The Ministry of Defence has announced that although only 28 enemy bases could be attacked and captured during the first year of the People’s Defensive War, 107 enemy bases could be taken in the second year, resulting in a threefold success.

2. More than 50 political prisoners are on a hunger strike in Monywa Prison, with three in poor health until they are fainting

On September 13, NUG Union Minister of Human Rights, U Aung Myo Min, notified the condition of political prisoners who are on a hunger strike in Monywa Prison.

“In Monywa Prison, 55 political prisoners, including Ko Wai Moe Naing, are on a hunger strike. They are demonstrating against the loss of prisoners’ rights as well as the mistreatments and violence carried out by prison authorities and staff. The three prisoners [among them] are said to be in poor health until they are fainting. Their personal medicines were seized, and in addition, they were refused access to the prison clinic. Conjugal visits are prohibited as well,” the Union Minister stated.

Prisoners’ demands—the return of their possessions that were seized, the easing of restrictions on conjugal visit, the delivery of food and other necessities, and proper health care—have not been met yet.

3. Union Minister U Htin Linn Aung reveals that the Federal Wings’ drones have been delivered to Sagaing and Magway Regions, and more areas will soon receive them

During an exclusive interview with Khit Thit Media, NUG Union Minister of Communications, Information and Technology, U Htin Linn Aung, revealed that the Federal Wings’ technology drones have been delivered to Sagaing and Magway Regions, and more areas will soon receive them.

“As of now, the number of [junta] soldiers who give up and flee to us is rising whenever we deploy drones. Our drones have the capability to drop bombs precisely into their trenches. They are no longer in a position to stop us, no matter how they tried to shoot down our drones with [anti-]drone guns. Therefore, Federal Wings is well-known among them. I am concerned that the military council will launch a massive offensive if they find out where the Federal Wings’ drones are. For this reason, we still keep the [precise] locations secret. As I just said, Federal Wings drones have arrived in Sagaing Region as well as Magway Region and some other areas. It will arrive in other places soon as well,” the Union Minister said.

During the first six months of 2023, the Federal Wings Drone units conducted a total of 281 drone operations, using about 680 grenades of different types. During the operations, about 50 troops of the terrorist military council were eliminated, and many others were injured.

In addition, some units of the Federal Wings Drone Force have been gathered and formally formed as the No. 1801 Drone Force under the Ministry of Defence.

4. Despite launching offensives in Karenni State with 38 battalions, the military junta suffered losses and the dissolution of the battalions as a result of the Karenni alliance forces’ resistance

In his video message to the public for the fundraising campaign of KNDF Strategy 6, namely “The military division is dissolving when it arrives in Karenni,” U Aung San Myint, Chairman of the Karenni State Consultative Council (KSCC), said:

“The terrorist military council has deployed its 55th Infantry Division and 66th Infantry Division, 38 infantry battalions in total, to conduct offensives in Karenni State. Nevertheless, because our Karenni alliances managed to fight back against them bravely, they were facing heavy losses and the disintegration of military divisions.”

Despite the terrorist military council deployed excessive forces of 38 battalions to conduct offensives in Karenni State, the revolutionary forces have managed to gain control over 65% of Karenni State’s territory.

The terrorist military is committing deliberate attacks against civilians, such as attacking with jet fighters and firing artillery shells, on civilians’ residential areas that are neither in war zones nor where fighting is taking place.

5. Drone-dropped bombs targeted a military ambush patrol concealed near the Monywa-Mandalay Road segment

Combined defensive forces launched an aerial attack by using a drone against a military ambush patrol concealed near the Monywa-Mandalay Road segment on September 12.

“We used a drone to drop four bombs to attack a military ambush patrol from a column stationed in Wan Pyae village in Myinmu Township when they concealed near the Monywa-Mandalay Road segment,” the Myin Mu Defence Force (MMDF) involved in the operation said.

The operation was reportedly carried out by the combined forces of Ghost Team Ranger Myinmu (GTR MMU), Acid Army Defence Force, Myinmu Defence Force (MMDF), Myingyan District PDF Battalion No. 6, and local defence forces.

6. CDF-Kanpetlet’s 500 million MMK fundraising campaign receives only a few donations so far

Chin Defence Force-Kanpetlet (CDF-Kanpetlet) announced on September 12 that its 500 million MMK fundraising campaign, “Victorian Hero Collective Reinvigoration,” has received only a few donations, about 10% of its target on Day 12.

The “Victorian Hero Collective Reinvigoration” fundraising campaign organised by the CDF-Kanpetlet with the aim of raising funds required to replenish the weapons and ammunition needed to capture the bases of the military council will run for 45 days from August 31, 2023, to October 15, 2023.

CDF-Kanpetlet thanked those who contributed to the campaign and asked for more contributions to help meet the campaign target.

7. A Los Angeles food sales fundraiser for Myanmar’s revolution raised over $30,000

On September 13, the LA NUG Supporters announced that their food sales fundraiser organised on September 10 has raised 30,455 US dollars.

“As a result of collective efforts by all the sellers, buyers, donors, and facilitators who support the event amid the extreme heat of over 90 °F both on the preparation day and the event day, in order to help alleviate the sufferings of people in Myanmar, 30,455 US dollars were raised after deducting the expenses,” the LA NUG Supporters stated.

The LA NUG supporters also conveyed their profound appreciation to everyone who contributed their labour, time, and money to the event.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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