Spring Revolution Local News – Jul 27 (Evening)

Summary of News

1. NUG declares 20,000 kyat banknotes to be issued by the junta illegal

The Interim Central Bank of the National Unity Government released a statement on July 27 signed by Union Minister U Tin Tun Naing declaring that the National Unity Government and its successive governments will not recognise the 20,000 kyat banknotes that the junta will be issued and regard them as illegal ones.

The Interim Central Bank announced that the 20,000 kyat notes that the military council planned to print and distribute on July 31 were considered illegal tender, noting the action as an attempt by the illegitimate military dictators, who are in crisis from all sides, to meet their urgent financial need in order to prolong the military dictatorship and to continue committing atrocities against the general population by printing new currency. Moreover, the statement stated that the printing of new currency by the illegitimate military council or any of its successors or subsidiaries is an illegal act, as is any currency issued as a result of such an act.

The Central Bank implied that the illegal printing of currency will cause inflation, which is the indirect robbing the general population of their hard-earned savings, and that the attempt is an absolutely unacceptable action since it will cause further trouble to households, businesses, and investments at a time when the country’s citizens are experiencing unprecedented risks of conflict, poverty, and epidemics as a result of the reckless actions of the illegitimate military council.

2. NUG’s ministers’ U.S. community meeting receives US$25,000 revolutionary fund donation

On July 27, U Zarni Win of the DFW Myanmar Ethnic Community announced that the July 16 Town Hall Meeting held in Texas, where the National Unity Government ministers, who were arriving in the United States, met with the Myanmar diasporas in the United States, received a US$25,000 revolutionary fund donation. Union Minister of Health and Education Dr. Zaw Wai Soe, Union Minister of Communications U Htin Linn Aung, and Deputy Minister of Human Rights U Aung Kyaw Moe were present at the meeting.

The DFW Myanmar Ethnic Community expressed their gratitude to Rev. Dr. Chum Awi, Pastor Ni Thang, and church members from Chin Baptist Church who provided the venue, the special guests NUG Minister Dr. Zaw Soe, Minister U Htin Linn Aung, and Deputy Minister U Aung Kyaw Moe, Lewisville City Mayor Gilmore, Saginaw City Manager Gabriel Reaume, and all the ethnic brothers and sisters who were present at the meeting.

It was also announced that all the funds received would be donated to areas in need through the National Unity Government.

3. NUG’s Minister of Human Rights says that justice must be served for the unjust murders of political prisoners

Union Minister of Human Rights for the National Unity Government, U Aung Myo Min, said in his address on July 27 about the junta’s killings of political prisoners outside the prisons.

“Democracy and human rights activists have been oppressed and arrested in successive dictatorships. For this reason, political prisoners have always existed in our country, which opposed the dictators. A nation’s presence of political prisoners is evidence of the continuous persecution and lack of political freedom in that nation. Lately, apart from arrests and repressions, political prisoners have been taken outside the prisons and killed under the pretence of transferring to another prison, with allegations of fleeing on the way. We condemn these. Justice must be served for the victims,” Union Minister U Aung Myo Min said.

37 political prisoners from Daik-U (Kyaiksakaw) Prison have gone missing since they were taken out of the prison under the pretence of transferring them to another prison on June 27, 2023. On July 7 and 8, 2023, the families of two of the 37 political prisoners were informed, respectively, that the two had been shot dead on June 29 by so-called “warning shots” fired by the security forces because they had allegedly tried to flee.

4. Union Minister Daw Khin Ma Ma Myo attends ILACC meeting with Mandalay and Magway Divisions people’s administrative bodies

The 24th meeting of the Interim Local Administration Central Committee (ILACC) of the National Unity Government (NUG) and the township people’s administrative bodies from Mandalay and Magway Divisions was held on July 26, 2023.

Daw Khin Ma Ma Myo, Union Minister of Commerce and a member of the ILACC, attended the meeting and delivered opening remarks.

The meeting discussed policy, guidelines-related matters, and challenges encountered on the ground.

Union Minister Daw Khin Ma Ma Myo chaired the meeting, and permanent secretaries, associate secretaries, and officials from relevant ministries and representatives from the township people’s administrative bodies from Mandalay and Magway Divisions attended the meeting.

5. NUG representative to Czech Republic asserts NUG and democratic allies are striving for peace and security for all citizens

On July 27, U Linn Thant, the Representative of the National Unity Government to the Czech Republic, stated via his Facebook account, “While the terrorist military junta is treating the country’s citizens as enemies and only knows how to abuse their power, sell permits, and take advantage of the opportunity in order to maintain their power, their subordinates only know how to torture the people and take bribes. The National Unity Government is unlike them. It is making every effort to win the revolution with the least harm to the people, and this revolution is also to end war demons in Myanmar’s politics. Moreover, the National Unity Government and its democratic allies are struggling to build an environment that ensures all citizens, without discrimination, can enjoy a peaceful and secure life and self-determination.”

The terrorist military junta is currently committing murders in rural areas without distinguishing between civilians and people’s defence forces.

6. American Myanmar community protests against the abbot of Thabarwa Meditation Center, who backs the Myanmar junta

On July 27, in the parking lot of Newark Market in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Myanmar community protested for 3 hours against the abbot of the Thabarwa Meditation Centre who was arriving in the United States.

“A robe-wearing person from Thabarwa Yeik Thar (Meditation Centre) who supports the military council in Myanmar tried to receive a donation, but the Burmese in the San Francisco Bay Area surrounded the car and protested, so they did not dare to get out of the car for 3 hours,” a resident from the San Francisco Bay Area said.

Burmese protesters chanted against the monk while holding banners during the protest, and the monk’s car subsequently drove away.

Thanlyin Thabarwa meditation centre Sayadaw Ashin Ottama Tharya, who backs the military junta, went to meet U Tin Oo, a patron of the National League for Democracy (NLD), on June 8 at his home in Bawdi Yeik Thar St., Shwe Taung Gyar Ward, Bahan, Yangon, and told him that Daw Aung San Suu Kyi should give up on politics and take the lead in bringing peace to the conflict happening now in Myanmar.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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