Spring Revolution Local News – Jul 26 (Evening)

Summary of News

1. Acting President says that the military junta is using various methods to extort money from the people to meet the needs of military spending

At Cabinet Meeting No. 25/2023 of the National Unity Government, Acting President Duwa Lashi La remarked about the actions of the military junta, “It is also discovered that the military council is considering the issue of replenishing foreign currency in every possible way. But this is not done with the aim of benefiting the country. It is obvious that they are doing so to fill up the military weapons to oppress the general population. The military spending needs of the Burmese military have become extremely large. In order to fill these needs, the military junta is using various methods to indirectly extort money from the people.”

The terrorist military junta is planning to raise money for military spending by increasing taxes and overturning the reforms made during the people’s government.

2. U.S. funds allocated for Myanmar assistance under Burma Act determined

During the community meeting held in the United States in July, U Htin Linn Aung. Union Minister for Communications, Information and Technology, revealed that the U.S. government has already determined the funds allocated for assistance to Myanmar under the Burma Act.

“The amount of funds allocated under the Burma Act has just been determined. We do not know how much it is. We have learned that the amount has already been determined; we have not been officially notified yet,” Union Minister U Htin Linn Aung said.

The Union Minister went on to say that U.S. funds allocated for Myanmar under the Burma Act are expected to be received only in the next year.

There is another U.S. aid, not under the Burma Act, that the United States has provided nearly US$200 million a year to Myanmar.

3. NUG’s Interim Board for Heritage Administration prepares to punish military council for burning heritage

At the end-of-training ceremony for the preservation and protection of natural heritage held in July, Union Minister U Soe Thura Tun, the Chairman of the National Unity Government’s Interim Board for Heritage Administration, remarked on the significance of making efforts to punish the military council that is burning the heritage without knowing its value, although the conservation of heritage is not a major task like the defence sector during the revolution, to fulfil a citizen’s duty to protect and preserve the heritage, and to collect fundamental information for dealing with heritage issues in the future federal union.

A short-term training for the preservation and protection of natural heritage was conducted under the theme “Safeguarding Our National Heritage for the Continuing Benefits of Our People” from June 25 to July 23, 2023, and 18 trainees participated.

4. NUG’s Deputy Secretary for Defence asserts that the military council plots schemes using Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s image

U Maung Maung Swe, Deputy Secretary of the NUG’s Ministry of Defence, stated his review regarding the military council on July 26.

“I don’t want anyone to live as a political prisoner behind bars. The military council, which is unable to come up with other ideas, is working with some lobbies to use the image of Mother Suu, who is in prison, to slow the pace of the revolution. Even if the military council, which is losing its head, keeps Mother, who is in prison, outside the prison and tries to find its way out, let me tell you that the general population has already made a clear-cut distinction between friend and enemy,” he said.

Moreover, the Deputy Secretary also assured to continue fighting unitedly for the common goal of the entire ethnic population, which is the elimination of the military dictatorship and the emergence of a new federal democratic union.

5. CNA/CDF and PDF allied forces ambushed the junta troops marching into Kanpetlet, resulting in 20 deaths

On July 24, the Military Headquarters of the People’s Defence Force (PDF) of the Ministry of Defence released a report statement.

According to the statement, on July 24, from about 8:27 a.m. to 8:52 a.m., the combined forces of the Minbu District PDF Battalion No. 6 in No. 1 Military Region and the Khonuam Battalion of the CNA/CDF-Kanpetlet ambushed a military column containing about 100 troops from the Infantry Battalion No. 304 (KhaLaYa-304) of the junta’s Infantry Division 88 between Maw Chaung village and Hlaing Doke village in Kanpetlet Township, Chin State. The ambush reportedly resulted in the deaths of 10 enemy troops, and 4 comrades of the combined alliance forces received non-critical injuries.

On July 24, at 5 in the evening, the combined forces of Minbu District PDF Battalion No. 3 in No. 1 Military Region and the Khonuam Battalion of the CNA/CDF-Kanpetlet also launched an ambush against a military column containing about 150 troops from Infantry Battalion No. 301 (KhaLaYa-301) and 317 (KhaLaYa-317) of the junta’s Infantry Division 88 near the intersection towards Lepon village. The attack resulted in the deaths of 10 enemy troops and the injuries of 5 comrades from the combined alliance forces, said the statement.

Despite the junta’s use of a significant number of troops, artillery, and air attacks in Chin State and the western part of Magway Region, the People’s Defence Force and alliance resistance forces are strongly defended.

6. A rally will be held in New York to mark the 35th anniversary of the 8888 Students’ Uprising

The Myanmar community organisation based in the United Sates, the NYCBC, announced on July 26 that a rally would be carried out to mark the anniversary of the 8888 Students’ Uprising.

“In commemoration of the 35th anniversary of ‘8/8/88′, we urge everyone to gather in Times Square, New York City, on August 5th (Saturday), from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., to organise a spring rally for Myanmar’s independence and democracy,’ it stated.

In today’s spring revolution, Myanmar diasporas from all around the world who support the revolution are contributing both money and manpower.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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