Spring Revolution Local News – Jul 02 (Evening)

Summary of News

1. The Union Prime Minister says that the joining of resistance forces in Mon State to the offensive has shaken the junta’s control of power

Union Prime Minister Mahn Winn Khaing Thann wrote on Twitter on July 1: “The resistance forces are also gaining ground in Mon State! Despite the challenges, we are shaking the military junta’s grip on power. The closure of almost all SAC offices in Ye and other townships is a testament to our successful and consistent attacks.”

In Ye Town of Mon State, the resistance forces, such as Ye Bhilu and Ye Guerrilla Force, are causing the junta troops to suffer losses.

2. Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun meets with Spring Revolution supporting families in Utica, New York

Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun had a community meeting with Spring Revolution supporting families in Utica, New York, on July 1.

Marques Phillips, a representative of the mayor of Utica, also attended the meeting and gave a congratulatory speech and presented the ambassador with a certificate of honour from the mayor of Utica.

Then, John Murphy, Munson Museum curator; Pastor Paul Schilling, representative of Redeemer International Church; Daniel, representative of UKC; and Deputy Director Isabella Moo-Garcia, on behalf of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, delivered greetings to Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun and Myanmar’s Spring Revolution supporting families.

Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun then thanked the special guests and Spring Revolution supporting families and briefed them on the current situation of the Myanmar Spring Revolution.

3. The National Unity Government has built a total of 1,175 air raid shelters for civilians in Sagaing, Magway, and Tanintharyi Regions

According to a statement of the National Unity Government’s Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management (NUG-MOHADM), the ministry has so far built a total of 1,175 air raid shelters, with 339 in June, for civilians in Sagaing, Magway, and Tanintharyi Regions and is continuing to build more.

The ministry expressed its gratitude to each and every individual who assisted in the building of air raid shelters.

In addition, under the fundraising program “With the generosity of CDMers, help children surrounded by bombs and bullets (2022 DDR Day Campaign)”, which is a fundraising program for early action organised jointly by the NUG-MOHADM and OFP fundraisers, 836 bomb shelters have been built in the areas where people-centred schools are located.

4. The second meeting of the members of Gangaw District No. 13 Battalion under the No. 1 Military Region of the People’s Defence Force (PDF) was held successfully

On July 2, Gangaw District No. 13 PDF Battalion (The Youth Force-Saw & Kyaukhtu), No. 1 Military Region, the People’s Defence Force, the National Unity Government, announced that the second meeting between its comrades, who are serving in various places, had been held successfully.

“We are organised systematically under the command of Gangaw District in the No. 1 Military Region and are working hard to root out the military dictatorship,” the No. 13 Battalion of Gangaw District stated in the announcement.

The No. 13 Battalion of Gangaw District requested the people’s support for their dedication to eradicating the military dictatorship.

5. PDF allied forces bomb the junta column stationed in Shwe Kyin village in Sagaing’s Wetlet Township by using a drone, killing thirteen and injuring many others

“On July 1, at around 7:15 p.m., we dropped bombs on the military council column that was stationed on the pagoda hill located east of Shwe Kyin village in Wetlet Township, Sagaing Region, by using a drone. The attack resulted in the deaths of 13 military council soldiers and were injuries of many others,” the Eagle Guerrilla Force (Shwebo District No. 15 PDF Battalion) said.

The military council troops reportedly returned fired with a sniper during the fighting.

According to the Eagle Guerrilla Force, the military column was the one that raided Sint Kaing village in Sagaing Region on June 26 and inhumanly killed 14 members of the people’s defence force.

The drone attack was said to have been carried out jointly by the Shwebo District No. 15 PDF Battalion (the Eagle Guerrilla Force Bo Kauk Yoe), the Kyaukse District No. 1 PDF Battalion (Red Dragon Battalion), the Kyaukse District Drone Force, the Sartaung Moe Gyoe Group, and the No. 3 Squadron of the Shwebo District No. 15 PDF Battalion.

6. The Special Commando Battalion (Southern Military Command) used a drone to bomb the junta troops in Thayet Tan village in Bago’s Htantabin Township, injuring four

On July 2, the Special Commando Battalion, No. 2 Yoma Column, Southern Military Command of the PDF, released an operation report, stating, “On June 30, at 11:12 a.m., an attack on military council members in Thayet Tan village, Htantabin Township, Bago Division, was carried out using two drone grenades, injuring four, one of whom was reportedly critically injured.”

On June 22, the drone team of the Special Commando Battalion of the No. 2 Yoma Column and its allied drone teams launched a drone attack on the security camps of the military council at Oak Phyat Bridge, located in Phyuu Township, killing two, heavily injuring two others, and causing normal injuries to five others. There were apparently two officers among the five who suffered normal injuries.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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