Spring Revolution Local News – Jun 22 (Evening)

Summary of News

1. The Union Minister of Foreign Affairs, Daw Zin Mar Aung, meets with the representatives of the European Union and discusses imposing stronger economic sanctions against the military group

Daw Zin Mar Aung, Union Minister for Foreign Affairs of the National Unity Government, had an online meeting with Ms. Paola Pampaloni, Director/Deputy Managing Director for Asia and Pacific Department at the European External Action Service (EEAS), European Union, and EU ambassador to ASEAN Igor Driesmans, on June 21, according to the press release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed topics related to the current political climate in Myanmar, and imposing stronger EU economic sanctions against the military group to end the military dictatorship in Myanmar.

Meanwhile, Union Minister Daw Zin Mar Aung also discussed matters such as strengthening effective cooperation between the EU and NUG for the Myanmar people’s struggle for freedom and democracy.

2. U.S. imposes sanctions on the Myanmar Defence Ministry and the junta-controlled banks, MFTB and MICB

On June 21, the United States imposed sanctions on the junta’s Defence Ministry and two junta-controlled banks: Myanmar Foreign Trade Bank (MFTB) and Myanma Investment and Commercial Bank (MICB), that facilitate transactions between the military regime and foreign markets, including the purchase and import of arms and related materiel.

“The U.S. government has imposed sanctions on two banks that are under the control of the terrorist military and that support terrorism,” remarked Union Minister U Htin Linn Aung, who is now visiting the United States.

The new sanctions on the two banks imposed by the U.S. Department of the Treasury mean that all transactions relating to the two banks and their possession in the United States are blocked.

3. The military launches three unprovoked airstrikes in Hpruso Township, Karenni State

According to the Karenni revolutionary forces, the junta air force launched unprovoked airstrikes on a village in Hpruso Township, Karenni State.

“On June 21, about past 12:00 in the night, the terrorist military council air force bombed a village in the western part of Hpruso three times with a jet plane without any fighting going on,” they said.

Roughly three houses were destroyed by the bombings, according to the initial reports, and whether there were any casualties or not is still being determined.

4. PDF Twantay denies participation in the robbery of the Myat Maung gold and jewellery shop in North Okkalapa Township, Yangon

On June 22, the PDF Twantay (Twantay Pa-Ka-Fa) claimed that those arrested in connection with the robbery of the Myat Maung gold and jewellery shop located on Way Bar Gi street in Ward (i) of North Okkalapa Township, who were allegedly announced as PDF Twantay members, are not related to the PDF Twantay.

“The junta propaganda media are propagating false news by stating that Bo San Shay (aka) Ko Htet and Chan Myae Aung, who erroneously claimed themselves to be leaders of the PDF Twantay, had confessed the information about the formation of the Twnatay guerrilla group and that they were given weapons to commit robbery,” the PDF Twantay stated.

The PDF Twantay said that the PDF Twantay (Twantay Pa-Ka-Fa) was systematically organised according to organisational structure under the command of the National Unity Government’s Ministry of Defence and consistently adheres to four pledges and Military Codes of conduct. In addition, the PDF Twnatay is organised systematically with PDF fighters who have defence personal identification numbers under the Yangon Region People’s Defence Force of the Ministry of Defence, according to the group.

The PDF Twantay asserted that accusations made by the junta propaganda media are invalid, that the individuals arrested have no connection to the group, and that those accusations are only to misshape the revolution in order to cause the collapse and destruction of the revolutionary forces in Twantay Township and to misrepresent the public’s perception of the revolutionary forces.

5. Myaung Township Police Station, the general administration office, and staff housing were raided simultaneously, resulting in 4 deaths and 12 injuries

The Sagaing District PDF Battalion No. 4 (MSPDF) released the operation report on June 22 regarding the simultaneous attack on three locations where junta troops were stationed.

“On the morning of June 21, the Sagaing District PDF Battalion No. 4 (the MSPDF) and allied forces raided the places where the terrorist military council troops were stationed in Myaung Township. The skirmish took place for one hour and ten minutes, from 5:40 a.m. to 6:50 a.m. The PDF allied forces used the Shar Htoo WAW technology-used fixed wing drone to drop nine air bombs, and a total of seventeen rounds of 40 mm grenades, eight rockets (produced by the MSPDF), and 3,281 rounds of small-arm ammunition were used in the attack,” the MSPDF said.

The attack reportedly resulted in the deaths of 3 junta soldiers, police, and Pyu Saw Htee militia members while injuring 15 others, including 3 who suffered serious injuries.

The operation was said to have been carried out jointly by the Sagaing District PDF Battalion No. 4 (the Myaung Special People’s Defence Force, MSPDF, or the Myaung Special Drone Force, MSDF), the Meiktila District PDF Battalion No. 2 (MHLG PDF), the Myingyan District PDF Battalion No. 1, the Myingyan District PDF Battalion No. 3, the Myingyan District PDF Battalion No. 8, the Burmese Guerrilla Force (BGF), the T.G.R group, and the CHU PDF.

6. Ye Bhilu group launched an ambush on the junta checkpoint at the Chaung Taung Bridge, located near the Chaung Taung village in Ye Township, Mon State

On the morning of June 22, the leader and commander of the Ye Bhilu group reported the attack.

“We made the checkpoint at the Chaung Taung Bridge stationed by military council troops under the 19th Light Infantry Battalion, located in Chaung Taung village in Ye Township, out of the communication area. Since it was a guerrilla attack, we could not manage to get weapons from them,” he said

At the time of the attack, there were eight members of the junta forces inside the checkpoint gate, four of them were reportedly killed in the attack.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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