Spring Revolution Local News – Jun 05 (Evening)

Summary of News

1.  The Acting President says that all the accomplishments of the Spring Revolution are the accomplishments of the entire public

Acting President Duwa Lashi La stated on June 5 that all the accomplishments of the Spring Revolution are the accomplishments of the entire public.

“We must always strive to be leaders worthy of public trust and who they can rely on. Every accomplishment of the Spring Revolution is not the cabinet’s alone. They are the accomplishments of all the revolutionary forces, and they are the accomplishments of the entire public,” Acting President Duwa Lashi La stated.

The National Unity Government announced the start of the People’s Defensive Revolution on September 7, 2021.

According to the military press statement of the Ministry of Defence for the No. 1 Military Region, during April 2023, a total of 415 skirmishes took place in Sagaing Division, Magway Division, Mandalay Division, and Northern Shan State of the No. 1 Military Region, resulting in 527 enemy casualties and 801 injuries.

2. The NUG Union Minister of Justice stresses the necessity of treating the public kindly when conducting judicial work

U Thein Oo, Union Minister of Justice, urged at the opening ceremony of the basic job training course No. 1 for clerks from the courts held by the Interim Judiciary Department to treat the public kindly when conducting judicial work.

The Union Minister emphasised the necessity of “working together to ensure justice by being generous to the public in conducting judicial work” and for the courtroom clerks to “elaborate their actions by learning what they should know in basic courtroom work to be able to achieve success in their work.” The Union Minister also expressed his special thanks to the trainees and instructors who have worked to make the course successful.

The ceremony was attended by the Union Minister U Thein Oo, Permanent Secretary U Min Naung Khaing, Director General and Deputy Director General of the Interim Judiciary Department.

3. In Kawlin Township, a military column crossing the territory was chased and fought by the PDF forces, and hence they tried to retreat with the help of the air forces and artillery

On June 5, the Kawlin District No. 1 People’s Defence Force Battalion (KLPDF) reported: “On May 27, when a military column comprising 70 troops of the 369th Light Infantry Battalion was advancing in Kyauk Pa Htoe village in the territory of the Kawlin District No. 1 PDF Battalion, the Kawlin District No. 1 PDF Battalion chased and fought them along their way. As a result, they suffered losses, and on June 2, a military column of about 53 troops from Koe Taung Boet village came to Thit Phala hill to provide reinforcements, which were then attacked again by the Kawlin District No. 1 PDF Battalion. On June 4, when the two columns joined forces and retreated from the side of Ohn Pin Kone village, the Kawlin District No. 1 PDF Battalion attacked them again. As a result, they could not advance and hid in Ohn Pin Kone village. They were trying to retreat with the help of air strikes and the firing of 105-mm howitzers from Wuntho military base.”

The KLPDF stated that, according to the most recent information it gathered at 10:00 p.m. on June 4, more reinforcements from the military base in Koe Taung Boet were preparing to be delivered.

4. This morning, in Lashio Townhsip of Northern Shan State, a skirmish broke out between the junta troops and the resistance forces

According to local residents, since the early morning of June 5, the two sides have clashed in Lashio Township, Northern Shan State.

 “At 4:00 in the morning, the whole town was startled awake. There were both small and large weapon fire noises coming from the side of Man Aiang (upper) village. There are also some grenades that are left unexploded and other accessories,” a local said.

The damages are still under inquiry.

Three days of planned meetings between the three Northern groups, the Arakan Army (AA), the ethnic Kokang Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA), and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), and the junta halted after just two days on June 2, which were scheduled to take place from June 1 to 3. The junta had approached the Ethnic Resistance Organisations with the help of China.

5. This morning, a jet fighter bombed the vicinity of Zee Phyu Kone village in Pale Township

The ABSDF Column released a report regarding the junta’s jet fighter attack in Pale Township on June 5 as follows:

“At around 6:00 a.m. on June 5, the military council bombed the vicinity of Zee Phyu Kone village in Pale Township with a jet fighter. Zee Phyu Kone village it bombed is a village that is dominated by the military-backed Pyu Saw Htee militia, and it did so on the thought that the local PDF and Pa-Ka-Fa forces would come and attack the village.”

According to the ABSDF, the jet fighter bombed towards the south and north of the village, and there were a total of ten bombs.

It is also reported that no residents of nearby villages were wounded in the bombing.

6. The painting of director Ko Pauk was bought by a revolutionary supporter family for USD 3,100

At the 14th Spring Revolution fundraising held on June 3 by the Free Burma Action Committee (San Francisco), the “Rays of Hope” film was screened, and the painting of director Ko Pauk was sold to raise funds for the revolution. A revolutionary supporter family, James Myat and Daw May Thet, bought the painting for USD 3,100.

The Free Burma Action Committee (San Francisco) also extended gratitude to all Myanmar families in the San Francisco Bay area who came to support the film.

7. The monthly food fundraising fair by the Myanmar Spring Tea Family has raised USD 13,000

The Spring Tea Family, which cooks food and raises revolutionary funds by conducting a food fundraising fair every month without fail, revealed that it has raised USD 13,000 this month.

One of the organisers, Ko Naing Soe, told Radio NUG that they thanked and are encouraged because the Myanmar people in the San Francisco Bay area who are actively participating in Myanmar affairs bought food and supported the fundraising fair without fail.

Ko Naing Soe also recalled that their Spring Tea Family has been raising and donating about USD 15,000 every month for 18 months and that the volunteers from the San Francisco Bay Area who cooked Burmese cuisine put in a lot of effort while providing finance and manpower, and the supporters also bought the food at the gathering points in four nearby cities.

“We contact the self-help local PDFs and the PDF battalions directly and provide support as much as we can. We also provide direct support to the forces in the Karenni region. We try to be able to provide for over 40 groups [every month]. We have also received letters of appreciation from the ground forces, as well as battalions and columns in the Anyar region and the NUG Ministry of Defence,” Ko Naing Soe explained.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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