Spring Revolution Local News – Apr 27 (Evening)

Summary of News

1. The Union Prime Minister urges the government to be cautious and act quickly to solve the issues on the ground since there is a possibility that the forces on the ground themselves will use weapons to resolve them

Union Prime Minister Mahn Winn Khaing Thann remarked the following at the Cabinet Meeting (16/2023) of the National Unity Government:

“The kind of news that people are afraid of various armed groups in some places is quite disappointing. Therefore, it is up to us as officials to work together to resolve issues before they get to this point. In certain cases where they rely on us and complain, but we aren’t able to resolve things satisfactorily for several months, there is a possibility that they won’t be able to take it anymore and will vent on the media or, worse yet, resort to using weapons to resolve the issue on their own.”

The Union Prime Minister further exhorted the government, saying that while it must work hard in the resistance war to eradicate the terrorist military council, it should also work hard to provide public services since it is the government that the people elected and trusted.

2. The CRPH Public Affairs Committee met with the NUG’s CDM Success Committee and CDMers from Kayin State to develop connections and collaboration

On April 25, the CRPH Public Affairs Committee and the NUG’s CDM Success Committee held a video conference meeting with CDMers (civil servants who take part in the Civil Disobedience Movement) and those who lead CDM affairs from the Kayin (Karen) State to develop connections and collaboration.

At the meeting, Daw Phyu Phyu Thin, secretary of the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH), expressed her thanks to the CDMers for remaining persistent and taking part in the civil disobedience movements for more than two years of this revolution and said that everyone’s efforts are needed to eradicate the military dictator and that the CRPH is also making every effort in order to fulfil its obligations as much as possible. She also said that even though there are needs, everyone must support each other and work together, and that the collective power of CDMers is needed a lot on the road to the federal democratic union.

Later, Dr. Zaw Wai Soe, Union Minister for Education and Health of the National Unity Government (NUG), said:

“Now there are many areas that have become our controlled areas, and self-operating mechanisms are being implemented by CDMers; hence, in accordance with the Federal Principles, self-determination laws and administrations must be closest to the ground and they must be prioritized. The CDMers, who will mainly operate the mechanisms, must carefully study and apply the Federal Principles”

Then, Dr. Khin Soe Soe Kyi, chairman of the CRPH Public Affairs Committee, clarified that the objective of the meeting is for CDMers to have a comprehensive understanding of the work of the Public Affairs Committee and the CDM Success Committee, and she explained the Public Affairs Committee’s activities and CDM support.

3. The representatives of the National Unity Government will have community meetings in Australia

U Aung Myo Min, Union Minister of Human Rights, Khun Baham Htan, Deputy Minister of Human Rights, and Dr. Tun Aung Shwe, the representative of the National Unity Government to Australia, will have community meetings as well as meetings with Australian government officials in Australia.

The community meetings will be organized on May 13, 21, 27, and 28 in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne, respectively, and all Myanmar ethnic brothers and sisters are cordially invited by the organizer.

4. Despite the terrorist military conducting four airstrikes during the battle in Moe Bye, at least 20 soldiers died, two were captured, and weapons and ammunition were seized

On April 26, there was a fierce battle between the terrorist military forces stationed in Nyaung Waing ward in Moe Bye Town and the combined forces of Battalion No. 1 of the Moe  Bye People’s Defense Force (MBPDF), Battalion No. 3 and No. 1 of the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF), and the Urban Revolutionary Front (URF).

After more than three hours of exchange fire, the terrorist military troops suffered losses, and therefore, in addition to excessive heavy weapon firings from the 411th Light Infantry Battalion (LIB-411) based in Moe Bye, the military air forces conducted four air raids with jet fighters, according to reports.

According to the revolutionary forces engaged in the battle, at least 20 members of the terrorist military council died, two were captured, and others fled. Also, many weapons and ammunition were said to have been seized.

The revolutionary forces warn the locals and displaced people to exercise caution because there is a risk that the terrorist military may exact revenge on the populace.

5. The NUG Lottery for Week 18, which will be used to support CDM staff, is open 24 hours a day

On April 26, the Spring Lottery family announced, “As the Spring Lottery is the program to support one of the main forces of the Spring Revolution, the CDM heroes, the purchase of the Spring Lottery is supporting the CDM heroes. The Spring Lottery for Week 18 is now available 24 hours a day through the Messenger chat bot.”

In February 2023, the National Unity Government’s Aung-lan Hlwint Chi, Nway Oo Hti (or) Spring Lottery program distributed support funds to various ministries, and 78 health care CDM staff received a total of 3,900,000 kyats of subsidy quota.

6. EOD programs were very essential in contributing to revolutionary strength

The End of Dictatorship (EOD) initiative said on April 27 that it played an important role in contributing the revolution.

“From January 2023 until today, the allied forces involving PDF units have carried out 44 camp capture battles, 6 attacks on enemy air bases, 9 attacks on enemy weapon industries, and 11 attacks on enemy headquarters. The revolution is already advancing at a high speed. Without relenting, the populace is resisting the military dictator’s inhumane cruelties. EOD programs have been a particularly important force in contributing to those revolutionary strengths. We bow respectfully to each and every one of the revolutionary people who contributed to the EDO programs.”

The EOD also called on the people to continue their support by purchasing the EOD’s current project, the Spring Inya Condominium Project, to fill up the revolutionary funds.

The sale of the Spring Inya Condominium will begin on April 29, 2023.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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