Spring Revolution Local News – Apr 7 (Evening)

Summary of News

1. The Union Prime Minister warns that delaying dispute resolution risks losing allies

Union Prime Minister Mahn Winn Khaing Thann remarked the following at the Meeting (14/2023) of the Interim Local Administration Central Committee (ILACC), held online on April 6:

“In this revolution, in the territories that we control and govern, the disputes between those in charge of administration and those in charge of township defence have become more widespread in these times when we are trying to increase the speed of the revolution. So it is necessary to solve each issue in a timely manner. I would like the government officials to be aware that if we delay dispute resolution, we will lose some forces as a consequence.”

At present, the National Unity Government is having a series of meetings with the revolutionary forces to discuss various issues and is also receiving complaints and addressing them.

2. Dr. Zaw Wai Soe says that the military council does not understand the culture of democracy and only understands rule by arms and fear

Union Minister Dr. Zaw Wai Soe said the following about the ruling of the military council during an interview in April:

“I see that the military council doesn’t really understand the culture of democracy. They only understand ruling the people by using arms and fear and staying in power. To put it plainly, they want to keep the eyes and ears of the students and the public closed. It is completely against this technological age. It is completely against the freedom of education.”

The terrorist military group killed more than 3,000 people and arrested and detained more than 10,000 others.

3. 23 Myanmar nationals were arrested in Manipur’s Churachandpur district

Salai Isaac Khen, executive member of the Interim Chin National Consultative Council (ICNCC), stated the following on April 7 regarding the news of the arrest of 23 Myanmar nationals in Manipur:

“It was learned that 23 more Myanmar nationals—7 children (2 females and 5 males) and 16 adults (10 females and 6 males)—were detained yesterday evening in Churachandpur, Manipur, India. Those arrested are weaving families.”

4. A portrait of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi brought from Myanmar will be auctioned

It was said that a portrait of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, brought from Myanmar, will be auctioned at the revolutionary Thingyan and fundraising festival to be held in the United States.

U Nay Tin Myint, the executive of the New York City Burmese Community (NYCBC), who organised the event, told Radio NUG about the event:

“We have a revolutionary Thingyan festival and fundraiser on April 29, organised by the New York City Burmese Community. We have four programs to present at the event. Program 1 is revolutionary Thingyan, so children will perform Thingyan dances to create a Thingyan atmosphere. Program 2 is that we will select a winner and draw a lucky draw for the ‘We Must Win tickets transparently in front of the audience. For the third program, a 16″x20″ watercolour painting of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi will be auctioned and sold. All profits will be donated to the revolutionary forces in our motherland, Myanmar. The number four program is that, as a special program, poets Maung Swan Yee, Ko Aung Way who recites Revolutionary Poetry (Taw Hlan Thaw Ka Byar), and Ko Saw Wai will come and recite their revolutionary poems at our event.We will hold those four programs. At the fundraising fair, a variety of Burmese food, supported by donors, will be included. It will be on sale on Saturday, April 29 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.”

((((( Ko Nay Tin Myint, executive of the NYCBC )))))

The revolutionary Thingyan and fundraising fair will feature 36 types of food, and all the proceeds from the event will go to the Spring Revolution.

5. A revolutionary Thingyan strike campaign by education CDMers, which will be led by the Basic Education General Strike Committee (BEGSC), will be carried out from April 5 to 12

The Basic Education General Strike Committee (BEGSC) stated: “The terrorist military group is attempting to use Thingyan to create the appearance that their rule is successful and that people are celebrating festivals because the country is peaceful. This is a time when the people are in tears because of the brutality of the military council during the revolutionary war, but the military group is trying to portray the urban population as cheerful. Therefore, we urge the public not to join the fun Thingyan arranged by the military group but only to celebrate the revolutionary Thingyan.”

The education CDM family—teachers, students, and parents—will celebrate the revolutionary Thingyan festival, which will be done as a profile campaign with two slogans, and a zoom strike will be held to discuss how to participate in the revolutionary Thingyan. Two slogans to be used are “Revoluţionalize against oppression, Revolutionary Thingyan that will not lose pride!” and “Strength of people who make a clear-cut distinction between enemy and friend, the Thingyan festival that will celebrate revolution!”

There will also be ground revolutionary Thingyan strikes such as ground strikes with two slogans, revolutionary lectures at the people’s education schools [in the control territories], revolutionary Thingyan programs and feast given in charity for students in the people’s education schools, etc.,

6. 85 junta and BGF soldiers were killed, and over 75 weapons of various types were seized in the battle near Shwe Kokko

The Lion Battalion Commando Special Forces of the Kaw Thoo Lay Army (KTLA) announced the battle news on April 6 as follows:

“Starting at 5:30 a.m. on April 5, the Lion Battalion Commando Strategic Column, led by commander Eh Say Wah, and revolutionary allied forces launched a strategic attack on the terrorist military council forces and BGF forces stationed in Htee Wah Pa Law and Hti Kaw Htaw villages near Shwe Kokko, an area controlled by the terrorist military-affiliated BGF (Border Guard Force), which engaged in criminal activities, mafia gangs, and drug industries in the area, and captured their hill outposts.”

The Lion Battalion Commando Special Forces Strategic Column said that over 85 troops from the junta and BGF were killed, more than 60 were injured, and five outposts were occupied during a two-day battle on April 5 and 6 near Shwe Kokko, located north of Myawaddy, Karen State. 

Over 75 various weapons were reportedly seized from the junta and BGF forces during the battle, and the attack is still ongoing.

7. The People’s Defence Force (PDF) and joint Battalion Columns issued a joint statement warning not to travel through the Myawaddy-Kawkareik Asian Highway

On April 7, the People’s Defence Force (PDF) and joint battalion columns—the Cobra Column, the White Dragon Battalion, the Lion Battalion, the KNU/KNLA (PC), the Black Panther Column, the Daw Na Column, the Galon Column, and the Albino Tiger Column—in the Military Region 3 of the Southern Military Regional Command issued a joint statement warning the public not to travel through the Myawaddy-Kawkareik Asian Highway.

The statement said: “Since March 25, battles have been going on along Asia Highway in Kawkareik and Myawaddy Townships. It is known that the terrorist military council has been suffering a lot in these battles and is using civilian vehicles to transport reinforcements, ammunition, and food through the Myawaddy-Kawkareik Asian Highway. Therefore, according to the decision of the meeting of the joint ground columns, this order has been jointly issued for the public to refrain from travelling through the Myawaddy-Kawkareik Asian Highway from April 7 to 21, 2023.”

8. 68,500 rupees of the funds received from Week 11 of the Tu Mee Lottery (Chin Digital Lottery) were sent to the CDF-Thantlng

On April 7, the Tu Mee Lottery (Chin Digital Lottery) declared that 68,500 rupees in funds received from Week 11 of the lottery had been transferred to the CDF-Thantlng. It also stated that the funds received from the next week, Week 12, will be used to support the CDF- Kanpetlet, and urged the people to contribute to it.

All funds received from the Tu Mee Lottery flow directly to various Chin revolutionary forces.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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