Spring Revolution Local News – Mar 10 (Evening)

Summary of News

1. Union Prime Minister says that the terrorist military group must take responsibility for the consequences of their crimes

At the meeting of the Interim Local Administration Central Committee (ILACC) held on March 9, Union Prime Minister Mahn Winn Khine Thann said the following with regard to the increasing terrorist acts of the junta:

“Even though we acknowledge that there may be significant sacrifices in resisting military dictators and establishing a new political system, such precious sacrifices are difficult to accept. For that, the war criminals must be responsible for the consequences.”

The Union Prime Minister also stressed the importance of continuing the required political, military, and diplomatic responses to the junta’s terrorist acts.

2. NUG’s Human Rights Minister urges not to let down the revolutionary spirit

During a recent interview with Burma News Network (BNN) in March, Union Minister U Aung Myo Min of the Ministry of Human Rights urged the public as follows:

“In addition to expecting international assistance to prevent and respond to the barbaric murders and burning of villages by military council troops, it is important for the public to work together with revolutionary forces in resisting the military dictators. Things will get worse if we reduce our revolutionary spirit for the reason that the world community has ignored us.”

The international community is now providing non-lethal assistance to Myanmar, the majority of which is humanitarian aid.

3. 22 junta soldiers died when a military convoy was attacked with landmines on the Dawei-Myeik Road section near Pi Taing village in Thayetchaung Township

The Peacock King Operation (Thayetchaung People’s Defence Force – TYC PDF) claimed on March 10 that it and its allies used landmines to attack a military convoy on the Dawei-Myeik Road section in Thayetchaing Township, as follows:

“On March 3, the Urban Guerrilla Unit of the Peacock King Operation (Thayetchaung People’s Defence Force – TYC PDF) and the Thayetchaung Township People’s Defence Guerrilla Force (TYC-PDGF) joined forces and used landmines to attack a military column of the military council on the Dawei-Myeik Road section near Pi Taing village in Thayetchaung Township. The attack resulted in the deaths of 22 soldiers from the military council and the injuries of five others.”

4. The Ye Bhilu PDF attacked and captured a military camp near Khan Thin bridge in Ye Township in Mon State

The leader of the Ye Bhilu PDF group claimed on March 10 that his group had captured a military camp near Khan Thin bridge in Ye Township in Mon State. The Ye Bhilu group attacked a military camp stationed near the Khan Thin bridge located between Ahryutaung village and Sonnantthar village at around 7:00 a.m. on March 10 and burned down the camp, according to the leader of the Ye Bhilu.

“There are about 15 people on the enemy side. We can only confirm that 5 or 6 of them were injured or killed. The rest fled because they lacked the courage to fight us. We had the first hand. We were able to enter the camp proficiently and seize it,” he said.

The Ye Bhilu group also launched a drone attack on the military council checkpoint located on the Ye Bridge in Ye township, Mon state, on March 7.

Residents in Ye Town are warned to exercise caution when travelling and to stay away from the military council troops.

5. The “Elephants in Revolution” campaign has sold over 1,862 Momo raffle tickets, reaching 62% of its target

On March 9, the “Elephants in Revolution” campaign announced, “In 5 weeks, 1,862 Momo tickets were sold as of March 7, reaching 62% of its target.”

The campaign organiser encouraged people to contribute to the Momo (Elephants in Revolution) fundraising campaign to support elephants in revolution and their handlers.

This campaign is an initiative by the NUG’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection (MONREC), which aims to raise funds to help solve the livelihood and health care problems of the people’s elephants and mahout staff, who participated in the non-violent civil disobedience movement, which is the main pillar of the People’s Revolution. During the campaign, 3,000 tickets were expected to be sold.

6. The “Urban Guerrilla” film will be screened in South Korea

The Myanmar Federal Democratic Mission Coalition (MFDMC) announced on March 9 regarding the screening of director The Khit Nay’s film, “Urban Guerrilla,” as follows:

“The revolutionary movie ‘Urban Guerrilla’ will be screened in Bupyeong on April 9 and Gimhae City on April 19. So, please get tickets and show your support for the film.”

The short film “Urban Guerrilla,” directed by The Khit Nay, was inspired by the lives of the UG comrades who are fighting with their lives to defeat the urban war monsters that served as the military junta’s pillars.

According to the MFDMC, 75% of the funds raised from the short film “Urban Guerrilla” will go to the National Unity Government’s Ministry of Defence (MOD-NUG) and 25% will go to the ground battalions in urgent need.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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