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1. Acting President Duwa Lashi La warns against falling for the military junta’s deception

Acting President Duwa Lashi La made the following remarks at the Cabinet Meeting (7/2023) of the National Unity Government held today:

“The terrorist junta has continued to use its usual tactics to foster divisions between the people and the revolutionary forces, as well as among the revolutionary forces themselves. Everyone must use extreme caution to avoid falling for the military group’s deception.”

The Acting President also said that the National Unity Government would deal with ethnic armed resistance organisations as soon as possible and would seek an agreement with them as soon as possible on the political commitments that would guarantee a future federal union.

Similarly, Acting President Duwa Lashi La said at the ceremony to mark the one-year anniversary of a PRF (People’s Revolution Supply Family) last Sunday that the defensive war of the Spring Revolution has reached the stage of victory.

“We have been able to cut the main branches of the military dictatorship’s mechanism. However, we have not yet been able to dig up or destroy the stem and roots of the military dictatorship group, so we have decided to continue our journey until the final battle,” said the Acting President.

2. Union Minister U Tin Tun Naing says that what is major and what is minor in the Spring Revolution is now clear

U Tin Tun Naing, Union Minister of Planning, Finance and Investment (NUG), said on February 20 through his social media about the spring revolution as follows:

“I strongly believe that everyone can now distinguish between what is major and what is minor. In this revolution, we have come this far with everyone’s support. The cry of ethnic brothers, who sang the truth of Tu-Mee [a home-made black powder firearm that is a Chin ethnic symbol] and the Oriental Pied Hornbill [a faithful bird, a bird that takes care of its offspring, and a bird that is valued and included in the Chin ethnic flag], was the loudest among them. Soon, we will be free, and we will be united in our love.”

The terrorist military junta approached the ethnic resistance organisations with false peace talks, but they rejected them and are now only cooperating with the NUG government on military and political means.

3. NUCC and NUG announced a joint statement to collaborate with all literary and cultural organisations, including ethnic education departments, working on mother tongue development

On February 21, the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC) and the National Unity Government (NUG) issued a joint statement on “International Mother Language Day.”

The official statement is as follows:

A Joint Statement on “International Mother Language Day” by the National Unity Consultative Council and the Ministry of Education of the National Unity Government

Date: 21st February 2023

1. Under the successive Myanmar military dictatorship, the rights to promote, develop, and implement mother languages learning of the country’s ethnic communities have been neglected for decades. The ethnic minorities were not given the opportunity to include their mother languages, cultures, literature and curricula in the education system.

2. We acknowledge and value and all mother languages and cultural heritage of the beautifully diverse ethnic communities of Myanmar. There is a strong research evidence that promoting Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education – MTB-MLE enables the survival of languages, assists the development of the mother tongue acquisitions of students (L-1), and also helps to learn international, regional, and national languages. It also supports the thinking system and learning of the students.

3. The social cohesion of our society can be natured by promoting the mother languages of all ethnic communities. The promotion of mother languages, which can be regarded as a crucial resource for the country, will also bring long-lasting benefit to other sectors such as economic, judiciary, and public administration.

4. The rights to mother tongue-based education and other educational rights associated with mother tongue are enshrined and guaranteed in the Federal Democracy Charter- Part 1, Social Rights (article 38) and Cultural Rights (article 43). This is an important beginning for the future educational law in the Federal Democratic system.

5. Under Federal Democracy Education Policy (Draft), the federal units will become the governments that implements educational services, they will also be able to implement Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) at the regional level.

6. In the interim period, the Ministry of Education of the National Unity Government will support the preparations, implementations, research programs and activities regarding MTB-MLE, and region-based policy development efforts.

7. We will work hand in hand with Ethnic Education Departments, Cultural Organizations, MTB-MLE experts from both local and international, policy experts, and INGOs, NGOs, CSOs, Faith Based Organizations, and Inter-Governmental Organizations.

4. Two soldiers from junta’s Infantry Battalion-269 in Hakha defected to the CDF-Hakha with full weapons and received rewards

On February 20, the Chinland Defence Force Hakha (CDF-Hakha) said that two soldiers from Infantry Battalion-269 in Hakha, Chin State, were no longer willing to continue serving under the military council and had defected to the CDF-Hakha.

According to the CDF-Hakha, the two defected soldiers brought one MA3 rifle, one MA1 rifle, 674 rounds of ammunition, 4 grenades, and three 60-mm motors with them and handed them over to the CDF-Hakha.

The CDF-Hakha accepted them and awarded them money.

5. The EU imposes sixth round of sanctions against 9 individuals and 7 entities, including private companies supplying fuel, arms, and funds to the military

The European Union issued an announcement on its sixth round of sanctions against 9 individuals and 7 entities on February 20 in response to an increase in violence, human rights violations, and crimes against humanity.

The announcement said, “Two years after the military coup staged in Myanmar/Burma on 1st February 2021, the Council adopted today restrictive measures against 9 persons and 7 entities in view of the continuing escalation of violence, grave human rights violations and threats to the peace, security and stability in Myanmar/Burma.”

The 9 individuals include the Minister of Energy and high-ranking officers from the military, home affairs, and police force; members of SAC; and prominent businessmen who have supported the regime’s repression with arms and dual-use goods. In addition, according to the announcement, the sanctions also include those who were involved in the process of the death sentences and execution of four democracy activists in July 2022 and those who were in charge of air strikes, massacres, raids, and arson in Kachin State, as well as the use of human shields by the military.

The 7 entities include military arms procurement bodies as well as private companies that supply military fuel and weapons.

“Restrictive measures currently apply to a total of 93 individuals and 18 entities. Those designated are subject to an asset freeze and a travel ban, which prevents them from entering or transiting through EU territory. In addition, EU persons and entities are prohibited to make funds available to those listed,” the announcement said.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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