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1. The One Day Challenge campaign successfully sent its 13th donation of 100,000 dollars to the NUG

The Anti-Dictatorship Committee (Korea) announced on January 1 that it has sent its 13th monthly support of 100,000 dollars from funds that were raised through its One Day Challenge campaign to the National Unity Government, totaling 1,300,000 dollars since August 2021 until December 2022.

The Anti-Dictatorship Committee (Korea) declared that it had also provided 13,500 rounds of ammunition worth 3,000 dollars (59,400,000 kyats) to the Special Force, which is the frontline fortress of the revolutionary battle; 1,000,000 baht for the Ukritha Camp Capture Battle; and 234,000,000 kyats to 129 groups of PDFs, LPDFs, and UGs, as part of the support funds provided by the National Unity Government from funds raised through the One Day Challenge campaign.

2. Myitnge People’s Defence Force asks for support as its 60-day campaign “40 million kyats to buy AK small machine guns” receives few supporters

On December 30, the Myitnge People’s Defence Force, which is Mandalay District Battalion-5, called for people to support its 60-day campaign, “40 million kyats to buy AK small machine guns.”

The Myitnge PDF group claimed that although 20 days had gone since the campaign’s launch, they had only received 5,781,000 kyats and that they still needed a significant sum of money to meet their goals.

3. A military convoy traveling from Myeik to Palaw clashed with the People’s Defence Forces near Toh Village, next to Pala Town in Palaw Township, killing at least 50 soldiers

Myeik District Battalion-1 of the People’s Defence Force claimed that, on December 30, at around 8:30 in the morning, it and its allies had clashed with a military convoy carrying at least 300 soldiers that was travelling from Myeik to Palaw when the convoy passed through Pala Town and reached near Toh Village.

According to the Myeik District Battalion-1, at around 12:45 p.m., another military convoy travelling from Dawe to Palaw was attacked with mines by the local people’s defence forces and engaged in an exchange of fire with large and small arms near Nan Pa Yoke Village at the same time as the conflict near Toh Village. Furthermore, shortly after leaving Toh Village following the clash, the military convoy was reportedly attacked again with 8 clustered mines near Kyauk Pazun Taung Village at around 7:00 p.m. 

The Myeik District Battalion-1 claimed that during the two-day battle, there were 7 mine attacks and many small-scale encounters that occurred, killing at least 50 soldiers and injuring at least 30 soldiers.

During the battle, the terrorist military council burned down 69 civilian houses—48 houses from Toh Village, 7 houses from Tan Shin Village, and 14 houses from Thin Gan Taw Village.

4. Three soldiers were attacked in Myinmu with cluster mines, killing two

On December 16, Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun told PVTV that the U.N. General Assembly has approved continuing him in his position as Myanmar’s Permanent Representative to the U.N.

“It was unanimously approved,” said the ambassador, and he also expressed his thanks as follows:

“This afternoon, the Plenary Session of the U.N. General Assembly unanimously approved the report of the Credentials Committee [which deferred action on the junta’s request]. This approval authorizes me to continue, as Myanmar’s permanent representative, to be able to carry out processes that should be carried out by a member state, as I did last year. As a result, as a permanent representative, I will be able to continue informing the international community through the United Nations front, as I did last year, about the voice and will of the people of Myanmar, and continue to do what I can for the benefit of the people of Myanmar. So, I would like to express my gratitude to the UN General Assembly for unanimously approving the Credential Committee’s report. I would also like to report here that I will continue to serve for the benefit of the people of Myanmar.

The ZERO Guerrilla Force (Myingyan) claimed that it had mine-attacked soldiers who were stationed in a school in Myinmu while they came out on January 1, at around 6:40 a.m. The ZERO Guerrilla Force (Myingyan) stated as follows:

“On January 1, at around 6:40 a.m. to welcome the new year, we ambushed and attacked three soldiers came out from a school in Myinmu where they were stationed when they arrived in front of the Independence Monument with two cluster mines. As a result of the mine attack, two soldiers were killed on the spot, and one soldier was reportedly seriously injured.”

The attack was said to have been launched jointly by the ZERO Guerrilla Force (Myingyan) and the TRUE Fighter.

5. A junta policeman was killed and another was critically hurt in a mine attack in Padigon Township, Bago Division, when they tried to remove a banner protesting the junta’s election to be held

A junta policeman was killed and another was critically hurt in a mine attack in Padigon Township, Bago Division, when they tried to remove a banner protesting against the junta’s election to be held, as follows:

“As part of Operation Nan Htike Aung, Squadron-3 of PDF Battalion 3601 (Tine Lone Kyaw Group) launched a mine strike on three members of the junta police who came to take down a banner hanging to protest the junta’s election on the road to Padigon, between Tar Gua Village and Pwae Pyae Village, Thegon Township, Bago Division, on January 1. As a result of the mine explosion, one policeman was hit in the head and killed on the spot, and another was seriously injured.”

#Credit : Radio NUG


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