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The Union Minister Dr. Win Myat Aye says that the “resentment” of the people who were affected by the arson has arisen the “strong desire” to win the Spring Revolution

At the closing ceremony of the “Mother’s Gift, Mother’s Hand Fan” fundraising campaign held in August, Union Minister Dr. Win Myat Aye said, “The resentment of the people who were affected by the arson has arisen the strong desire that this revolution must be won. This is the greatest strength of the revolution. But there is an indescribable burning inside of them.”

To date, the military troops have burned and destroyed over 30,000 civilian homes in the Sagaing Division, Magway Division, Chin State and Karenni State.

The Deputy Minister Dr. Sai Khaing Myo Tun says that the military council is mentally disordered

Dr. Sai Khaing Myo Tun, Deputy Minister of Education, said this in his post on social media about the revolutionary situation in August.

“They challenged the public to come out if they had courage. These challengers are from the organisation that is responsible for protecting the country and its people. Following the arrest and killing of many people, the people took Tumee rifles (homemade hunting muskets) and began the armed path. It is only self-defense. But they take it as a reason for their actions that people are rioting and the country is unstable. In the same way, those who are mentally disordered and abnormal try to blame others to cover up their own mistakes by claiming a turtle as a bedbug and a bedbug as a turtle,” Deputy Minister Dr. Sai Khaing Myo Tun said.

The terrorist army has currently arrested over ten thousand people and killed over two thousand.

The Deputy Minister of Labour U Kyaw Ni said that the violation of labours’ rights has become serious again

The Deputy Minister of Labour, U Kyaw Ni, responded to a news article about the violation of labour rights.

“The violation of labours’ rights in the country is very serious again. To be blunt, we are facing a situation similar to that before 2012. To be exact, it is between 2010 and 2012. At that time, there were no labour rights. Having to work overtime, forming a labour union, and now facing such a difficult situation,” Deputy Minister U Kyaw Ni said.

In addition, when asking workers to work overtime at night, employers do not pay the full overtime pay and they no longer take into account factors such as worker safety.

At present, labour rights violations can be reported through the NUG Ministry of Labor’s “Complaint Mechanism” program.

The project “Upstream” for the wood carving of Ko Htein Linn, the younger son of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, sold for over US$ 500,000 within 72 hours.

On August 28, the revolutionary fundraiser Pencilo said, “Within 72 hours, 5,384 rifle tickets were sold, and we were able to fundraise US$ 538,400 within three days. Thank you very much for buying the tickets for the woodcarving painting of Mother’s son Ko Htein Linn out of love.”

It is also learned that the country that buys the most raffle tickets is Singapore, followed by the US and the UK.

All proceeds from ticket sales of lucky draw tickets will be fully donated to the revolution against injustice and to the people affected.

The lucky winner of the wood carving named Upstream will be drawn live by Ko Htein Linn himself.

The Wolf Guerrilla members successfully produced 12 mines and 10 Energa grenades with the people’s support

On the morning of August 28, the Wolf Guerrilla members informed, “With the donation of the entire people, we, Wolf Guerrilla comrades, are able to produce 12 mines and 10 Energa grenades.”

They also say that the continuous support of the entire public is needed to purchase the necessary materials required to be able to continue to produce.

The Wolf Guerrilla is a revolutionary force fighting against the military dictatorship.

The people’s defence forces joined forces to fight against the terrorist military column that set fire to Wal Taung village in Myaing Township

The God of Myaing People’s Defence Force said, “On August 27, around 10:30 a.m., the God of Myaing People’s Defence Force, Pale Township Battalion-6, and 7-Stars force joined forces to attack about 120 terrorist military council soldiers who had left the village of Wal Taung (South) village after burning it.”

The exchange of fire between the two sides took place for about an hour, and there was a possibility of injury on the side of the military council, and the outcome is still unknown.

The people’s soldiers were able to successfully retreat without losing their lives.

DMO LPDF Battalion-E urges the public to actively participate in a fundraising campaign to purchase four M-16 rifles, which are called “City Guard Rifles”

During the month of August, revolutionary people are asked to cooperate in this campaign.

“Everyone already knows the current situation in Demoso. In August, in order to dominate and control the area, the use of excessive force and heavy weapons by the terrorist military council became more noticeable, and battles are taking place every day between the terrorist military council troops and our local defence forces. We are conducting a fundraising campaign to purchase four M-16 rifles, which are called ‘City Guard Rifles’ for our Battalion-E from August 25 to September 15,” the Demoso People Defense Force (DMO LPDF) Battalion-E said.

It is also said that in order to be more effective in fighting the resistance battles, donors and revolutionary people at home and abroad can donate to the fundraising pages that are participating in this campaign, and they can also directly contact DMO LPDF Battalion-E Page.

A year-long rosy women’s movement, “Let’s revolt together to free everyone”, in Launglone Township

The rosy women’s movement against the military dictatorship, led by the Rosy Women’s Union (Dawei), was held on the morning of August 28 in Launglone Township, Dawei District.

The Basic Education Students’ Strike Committee (Launglong Township), LGBT and youth, as well as some members of the general public, participated in the movement.

“Our military dictatorship revolution has reached a period of over a year. In order to maintain the speed of the revolution until the period that was over a year later, the people suffered various hardships and had to pay a lot with their lives. But our revolution has not yet reached its goal, and our country has not yet been freed from the dictators,” the Rosy Women’s Union (Dawei) said. The Rosy Women’s Movement was launched on August 28, 2021, with the aim of promoting women’s participation in anti-military movements and eliminating discrimination against women, and it has been one year since August 28, 2022.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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