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Security and Defense Council is focusing on the work to be implemented in consultation with allies

Union Prime Minister Mahn Win Khine Thann said that the Security and Defense Council was focusing on the work to be implemented in consultation with allies.

At the cabinet meeting held in August, Union Prime Minister said, “The main point is that there will be a compact consultation with allies and work to be implemented. For these sectors, the Security and Defense Council is focused on processing, and the Ministry of Defense is also wanted to take a systematic approach to possible prospects along with the military situation.”

National Unity Government is continuously meeting with ethnic revolutionary forces and establishing alliances.

Union Minion Dr. Sasa says that the terrorist military council is not only terrorizing the people of Myanmar but also terrorizing the economy

Union Minister Dr. Sasa said this in the ‘People to People’ interview in August.

“They are not only terrorizing the people of Myanmar; they are also terrorizing the entire economy. They are destroying the entire economy in Myanmar. Myanmar 60 years ago was a country that Singapore admired. If it were not for the terrorist military leaders, Myanmar would have developed as much as Japan and South Korea,” said the minister.

After the military coup on 1 February 2021, foreign investments were suspended and left Myanmar.

At present, the terrorist military regime is causing huge losses to businesses due to their control of foreign currency.                                              

Children in Myanmar should have equal access to peaceful education, health, and nutrition like all children around the world

Union Minister Dr. Zaw Wai Soe said,

“Children in Myanmar should have equal access to peaceful education, health, and nutrition just like all children around the world.”

Union Minister Dr. Zaw Wai Soe said,

Union Minister said, “Since the children in Myanmar, like all children around the world, deserve peaceful education, health, and nutrition, their rights to the vaccine, rights to immunization, and food security, the National Unity Government is committed to working with all partners, stakeholders, and regional countries to save and improve the lives of our children in Myanmar and to build a better future where our people have democracy, health, education as basic human rights.”

A total of 61 representatives from the ministries of health and education from 9 countries in the Southeast Asian region such as Myanmar, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore participated in the Regional Forum.

About 400 IDPs in the western part of Tabayin Township are in need of food aid

According to Tabayin Township Refugee Supporting Team, on 2 August, there were about 400 IDPs who had fled to safety due to the attack of more than 80 terrorist military troops near Phayahtwat village, Tabayin Township.

For the time being, in order to cook and feed food, Tabayin Township Refugee Supporting Team had provided 1 bag of beans, 1 bag of onion, 1 box of cooking oil, pumpkins, and dried vegetables.

Now, the terrorist column is carrying out air raids around Impin Ywadin village, south of Tabayin Township, and the residents have to flee urgently.

Y-PDF Yamethin temporary camp was raided due to CDM soldier Kaung Sat Lwin’s tip-off, with losses worth two hundred thousand kyats

Y-PDF Yamethin reported in August, “The Y-PDF Yamethin temporary camp led by Lin Yoon Net, near Innting village, Yemethin Township, Mandalay Region, was raided on 30 July by the military junta troops.”

It is reported that on the evening of 30 July, while preparing to share the responsibilities of the Mission, Kaung Sat Lwin (CDM soldier), the owner of Facebook account named Kite (aka) Kaung Sat, betrayed, ran away, and guided the military junta to the camp location.

It is said that Y-PDF Yamethin Force had to leave the camp and escape due to the imbalance of manpower and weapons since the comrades were working scattered.

Due to the fall of that camp, weapons, ammunition, food, and 3 motorcycles, a total worth of two hundred thousand kyat, were lost.

In Kyauk Sout village, Myaing Township, the military junta troops and the Pyu Saw Htee group disguised as monks, entered and arrested about 27 civilians

On 4 August, Myaing defense force reported, “In Kyauk Sout village, Myaing Township, Magway Division, Pyu Saw Htee group and military junta troops came in disguised as monks and arrested about 27 civilians. They threatened them that if they did not disclose the information of PDFs, they would burn down their houses, and kill them.”

Therefore, Myaing defense force asked monks to avoid passing through Myaing-Pakokku road since they will fight back against the counterfeiting of religion.

A donor made an honorable donation with a NUG Bond for the people’s hero Maung Kyaw Zin Oo of the 3rd Battalion of the Kawlin District

Our Spring Heroes announced a treasury bond purchase donation on 5 August.

On 1 October 2021, during the retreat in a battle with the terrorist military in Kawlin District, Sagaing Division, Maung Kyaw Zin Oo – a comrade from the 3rd Battalion of Kawlin District sacrificed his life.

Our Spring Heroes stated, “While the people of Nway Oo bowed to salute the brave comrade Maung Kyaw Zin Oo who gave his life while fighting for the country and the people, a donor presented a ‘Treasury Bond for the Spring Hero’ to help the bereaved family.”

It is also stated that people can contact and purchase ‘Treasury Bond for the Spring Hero’ as a dedicated donation for Nway Oo heros and donate to their bereaved families.

As the second project of EOD, InyaView@6.5 Mile, illegally acquired by terrorist military leader Min Aung Hlaing, will be sold

EOD released an official announcement on 5 August.

The announcement stated, “As the second project of The End of Dictatorship (EOD), the financial ownership rights of the state-owned land and buildings in six and a half miles, Hlaing Township, Yangon Division, which the terrorist military leader Min Aung Hlaing illegally acquired, have been started to sell to the public on 5 August 2022. The state-owned land covers 1.8 acres and is worth more than 20 million US dollars at market prices.”

The End of Dictatorship-EOD will set the value of the land and building to 7 million US dollars, one-third of the market price. A total of 70,000 shares will be sold, and each share is set at 100 US dollars.

It is also announced that the shares can be purchased at the Agents in various countries around the world, who sold the shares of the EOD’s first project “14/ Inya”.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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