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Union Prime Minister says the entire country could be able to live in peace again only after the military dictatorship is completely ousted

At the Cabinet Meeting held on 12 July, the Union Prime Minister Mahn Winn Khine Thann said, “It is certain that only after a group of military dictators who have caused trouble to the country in various ways for many years is completely driven out, will the entire country be able to live in peace again, and so we all need to work hard to keep driving it out. We can see that the situation of the military council is deteriorating day by day from all sides by looking at their frenzied words and actions every day.”

On 1 February 2021, the military seized the state power unjustly.

Until now, more than ten thousand people have been arrested and detained, and more than two thousand people have been tortured and killed.

The military council sentenced members of the Union Election Commission (UEC) appointed by the People’s Government to three years in prison

On July 12, the AAPP released a statement regarding the three years in prison sentence of the members of the Union Election Commission (UEC) appointed by the People’s Government.

The statement said that U Hla Thein — Chairman of Union Election Commission (UEC), Secretary U Myint Naing, and commission member U Than Htay, were sentenced to three years in prison under Section 130-a of the Penal Code on July 7 by the special court inside Nay Pyi Taw Prison.

As of July 12, 2022, a total of 11483 people are currently under detention, and 1246 are serving sentences after the military coup on 1 February 2021.

Many textbooks and blank books in one high school on the battlefield were taken and distributed by the local people’s defense forces – Demoso to 12 people’s schools

On 13 July, the local people’s defense force – Demoso (DMO-LPDF) said, “The local people’s defense force – Demoso (DMO-LPDF) and Demoso Students’ Union jointly collected school textbooks and blank books, which were originally owned by the people, from a high school in the battlefield area in Demoso Township on 12 July. The books have been distributed to 12 people’s schools, and many of the remaining books have been handed over to the Students’ Union and will continue to be distributed to schools in need.”

In Karenni State, there are only 10 schools that the Terrorist Military Council could be able to open, and there is no school in Demoso Township that they could open.

Therefore, more than 300 schools under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, the National Unity Government (NUG) were opened in Demoso Township, with 20 high schools, more than 2000 volunteer teachers, and taught more than 40,000 students.

The third day of fighting continued in the southern part of Kale City, with heavy casualties of the military junta troops

PDF Kalay Battalion 1 released a battle report on 13 July.

A comrade from the PDF Kalay Battalion 1 said, “At least 10 people were killed in the fighting yesterday. Due to continuing the three days of fighting between PDF Kalay and the military junta forces, we kindly warn people not to travel to the south of Kale Township.”

The military junta forces are advancing on the southern part of Kale Township since 11 July, and fighting are taking place between the junta forces and the local people’s defense forces.

NUG Pay Account can also be used in Kachin State

On 13 July, KPICT-SUMBU announced, “We believe that the NUGPay of the National Unity Government is a program that strives to make the financial services sector more accessible to the people. Therefore, with the aim of broadening the field of financial services through participation, we take the role of sales to NUGPay under the KPICT-SUMBU program.”

SUMBU is a program co-organized by the Kachin Political Interim Coordination Team (KPICT) and the Nation Unity Government (NUG) to make the NUGPay accessible in Kachin State, and the name ‘SUMBU’ means ‘wallet’ in Kachin (Jinpho) language.

It also stated that NUGPay account can be opened in person at the KPICT-SUMBU office, or by contacting the official Facebook page and email of the KPICT-SUMBU.

Over sixty thousand US dollars were raised at the concert raising funds for refugees

On 13 July, singer Song Oo Hlaing announced on social media, “We could able to raise USD 48,000 in LA and almost USD 22,000 in San Diego to donate to refugees in Myanmar. Thank you to those who lead, help, donate, and support, despite the difficulties. I’m sure it’s not the same situation as in the heat of the moment, but we’re working with people with good intentions, so everything we do will be effective.”

The fundraising concert will be continued in Seattle on 30 July.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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