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Acting President Duwa Lashi La says that there are about 500 local people’s defense forces allied with the Ministry of Defense of the National Unity Government

The Acting President said, “As 2020 is the period for us to build on our defense and other issues, there are about 257 battalions of People’s Defense Force (Military). It is also known that there are about 500 local people’s defense forces allied with the Ministry of Defense (MOD). We need to prepare for the better change of command and get to the next step to defeat the enemy.”

The People’s Defense Force was formed on 5 May 2021 and currently has 257 battalions, 101 of which have received verification from MOD.

Ministry of Defense (NUG) calls for members of the information task forces

On 15 June, the Ministry of Defense made the official announcement.

The announcement said, “The Burmese Spring Revolution has now reached 500 days. Within 500 days, the journey of the resistive war reaches a certain extent. The coming days will be the time to attack the military junta effectively, and the role of the precise information becomes essential here. We would like to request the people to participate as the members of the information task force by sending all the military junta-related information related to the after-mentioned addresses.”

If you would like to apply for the position of Information Task Force member of the Ministry of Defense, you can contact via the e-Mail:

Deputy Minister for Labour U Kyaw Ni says the Spring Revolution is a just war

At the Revolutionary fundraiser organized by Revolutionary Health on 14 June, Deputy Minister for Labour U Kyaw Ni said, “Our people are waging the strongest resistive war because the fiercest military we are facing is repressing in the most brutal and vicious way. When we look at the wars, there is a just and unjust war. The oppression of the people is an unjust war, and the war that people are resisting in this revolution is a just war.”

Bago Federal School (BFS) will soon be opened

On 13 June, Bago Federal School (BFS) announced that it will soon open for students who want to attend only the people’s schools.

Bago Federal School (BFS) was established by township education boards, teachers’ unions, and CDM teachers in Bago Divison.

It is also known that volunteer teachers will soon be recruited to teach at Bago Federal School, and technical training will be provided to teachers who need to learn the teaching techniques.

Enrollment applications will then be recruited online and the students will be taught online.

Lottery tickets will be sold to help burnt villages in central Myanmar as the celebration for 77th birthday of Burma’s pro-democracy leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

On 19 June, the Spring Festival (based in Japan) announced the sale of lottery tickets.

The announcement said that the lottery tickets could be purchased for 2,000 yen ($ 15) per ticket with an unlimited number of tickets.

The fund received will be used to donate to the burnt villages in central Myanmar in connection with the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management (MOHADM-NUG).

The prizes include :

(1) A traditional Burmese cotton dress worn by Mother Suu

(2) A photo album of political history signed by Mother Suu herself

(3) “Mother’s Smile” painting specially designed by the artist Ma Nu Yin for Mother Suu’s 77th birthday

(4) Two paintings designed and donated by an anonymous former political prisoner

(5) Five memorabilia paintings designed and donated by today’s young artists

(6) A gold painting

(7) Many other jewelries, including Japanese pearls and bracelets worth 2 million kyats.

The leader of the Myingyan-based Zero Guerrilla Force urges people to stay away from military junta gates and convoys in Myingyan District

One soldier was killed and two others were seriously injured when Zero Guerrilla Force bomb exploded at a checkpoint on the eastern side of Ngan Zun City in Myingyan District, Mandalay Division, around 7:30 am on June 14. The Zero Guerrilla Force leader urged the public to stay away from the military junta’s gates, convoys, and stations because Zero Guerrilla Force planned to attack those places.

Bo Zero (Zero Guerrilla Force-Myingyan)

Local PDFs in Sagaing, Magway, Chin, and Mandalay Divisions are allied with each other and are intercepting and attacking the military junta troops’ routes.

A resident of Pakokku Township said that, from 8 to 14 June, over 5,000 people were forced to flee due to the military junta’s violent incursion into villages near Yaw Chaung between Pakokku Township and Seik Phyu Township, Magway Division.

A resident of Pakokku

Since the military council was attacking the villages near Yaw Chaung between Pakokku Township and Seik Phyu Township, Magway by three routes using excessive forces, local PDFs could not resist and had to retreat.

Residents in Pakukko said that each route contained over 200 troops and they fired and destroyed at least 300 civilian houses in 10 villages.

Food Panda, a food delivery service company in Yangon, has not complied with the Riders’ demands until nine days of strike by the Riders

The company has not yet complied with eight of its Riders’ demands, until nine days after the Food Panda Zero Customer Campaign began on June 5. A Rider said that the company had agreed to comply with five of the demands, but had not yet complied.

A Food Panda Rider

During the spread of COVID-19, Food Panda began to violate the rights of transport riders and after the military coup, when the situation got chaotic, the company had reduced the service charge for a transport that Riders normally received. During the Zero Customer Campaign, the number of orders was decreased, and on June 13, the company attracted the customers by offering a special 70% discount.

A Food Panda Rider

Though the military council is reopening schools, they do not have the right curriculum and adequate education staff. On the other hand, though the online education system of the National Unity Government is good, parents are finding it difficult to choose because of technical difficulties and the high cost of the internet.

Almost 70 percent of Chinese factories in the Yangon Industrial Zones are resumed, benefiting the military council mechanism

There are over 6,000 factories in the Yangon industrial zones, of which about 70 percent of Chinese factories are resuming in May and June, according to a labor activist. He also said that most of those factories are garment factories, and they hire the daily workers at 3,600 kyats, not hiring regular workers in order not to pay the minimum wage set by the government.

A labor activist

The industrial zones in Yangon are Hlaingthaya, North Okkalapa, South Okkalapa, Mingaladon, Dagon (East), Dagon (South), and industrial zones in Dagon Seikkan townships are Shwe Lin Ban, Ngwe Pin Lae, Wartayar, Pyin Ma Bin, Shwe Pauk Kan, etc., Chinese investors are the largest investors in those industrial zones, and there is also some investors from Japan and Korea.

Ko Phoe Thingyan (Exiled member of Irrawaddy)

In the past, at least 1,000 kyats was paid for a single transport, but now the service fee is only 200 to 300 kyats, and 80% of Riders in Yangon and Mandalay have been on strike since March 15. Riders criticized Food Panda, a German-based company that violates international standards and exploits its employees.

#Credit : Radio NUG

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