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Defense Minister remarked that with the repeal of the 2008 Constitution, the eradication of dictatorship is on the way

Union Minister for Defense, U Yee Mon remarked, “It is, on the other hand, good both for our country and people that the military regime is showing its true color. If not, we would have to continue to live under the dictatorship supported by the 2008 Constitution. Now, the 2008 Constitution is repealed, and the eradication of the dictatorship is on the way.”

Union Minister Dr. Tu Hkawng remarked that allocating land to big businesses during the dictatorship caused environmental damage

At the webinar organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Conservation in celebration of “World Environmental Day” on 5 June 2022, Union Minister Dr. Tu Hkawng remarked, “There is a lot of environmental damage caused by the plantation of rubber and banana as a consequence of the allocation of land to big business during the dictatorship. Like in some places designated as forest reserves, it is now a banana plantation in Kachin State.”

It is reported that, in some areas, militias under the military were managing and applying the forest reserves as if it was legal.

CDM Captain Khant Ko said that many soldiers, who wanted to take part in Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) because they felt insecure in the military, came to consult

On 5 June 2022, CDM Captain Khank Ko said, “Lately, most of the soldiers who came to consult me about taking part in CDM wanted to escape by doing CDM because they felt insecure in the military. But their concern is whether they would get recognition or not if they could not help in the revolution. So, I would like to say to those who have left the military that it is enough just to come out of the military. Involvement is about your motives.”

At present, the People’s Embrace is accepting soldiers and police who seek asylum, and they are offering up to 3,000,000 kyats if they bring weapons.

Northern Seik Phyu People’s Defense Force (NSP PDF) announced on 5 June 2022 that the soldiers and police, who seek asylum and bring weapons, will be granted 5 million MMK

On 5 June 2022, NSP PDF announced, “If the soldier/police force who want to get out of the life of lackey of the military regime and to be a soldier/police force relied by people, come and join with Northern Seik Phyu People’s Defense Force (NSP PDF) to stand with the people and bring full equipment, NSP PDF will grant them 5 million MMK together with asylum.”

Northern Seik Phyu People’s Defense Force (NSP PDF) is one of the revolutionary forces fighting against the military dictatorship.

There are more than 1300 civilians who are used as human shields by the terrorist military

According to statistics, from February 2021 to May 2022, the terrorist military killed 3165 civilians and injured 1112 civilians.

Moreover, according to Media Monitor Collective, the military detained 16251 civilians and used 1353 civilians as human shields.

The use of human shields violates international military rules, and the military holds civilians as hostages to prevent attacks by the revolutionary forces.

People with disabilities lose their job opportunities and are facing serious difficulties in making a living

A person in charge of the Disability Association said that because of more than two years of living with the COVID-19 pandemic, and almost a year and half of military coup, even ordinary people have to struggle to make a living. People with disabilities are facing serious difficulties.

A person in charge of the Disability Association

People with disabilities find it difficult to survive because of unemployment, lack of access to healthcare, and losing contact with international and domestic donors. They also feel insecure because of travel difficulties and violent actions, said a person with disabilities.

A person with disabilities

According to statistics, as of 2019, nearly 13 percent of Myanmar’s population are people with disabilities, and they have struggled for employment since before the crises. Disabilities associations are appealing to those who can afford to help the disabled as much as possible as the present situation makes it difficult to survive.

The Tele Health Program operates around 20 doctors and provides free health care to Myanmar nationals in Mae Sot

Since the military coup, many politicians, refugees, and migrants fled to Thailand. Analysts estimate that there are hundreds of thousands of people fleeing to Thailand. They find it difficult to access the health services due to the language barrier, transportation, finances, lack of information, and the risk of arrest. To address this issue, New Myanmar Foundation launched the Tele Health Program on 1 June 2022, said Program Officer Dae Ngwe Yee Lwin.

Daw Ngwe Yee Lwin, Tele Health Program Officer

People in the liberated areas on the Myanmar side of the Thai-Myanmar border face difficulties in accessing adequate health care. These are due to bad weather, travel difficulty, insufficient medical supplies, and a shortage of skilled health workers said a health worker in the liberated area.

A health worker in the liberated area

Myanmar nationals in Thailand can now access the free healthcare services of the Tele Health Program of the New Myanmar Foundation from 6:00 am to 12:00 pm via Telegram no. +66 97 1985803. Telegram account is required to access the free healthcare services and doctors’ advice on treatment.

#Credit : Radio NUG

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