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1. Union Minister Dr. Sasa extends Sweet December message, wishing for freedom from brutal military dictatorship in the coming year

In a Sweet December message posted on social media on December 1, Dr. Sasa, the Union Minister of International Cooperation for the National Unity Government, wishes for freedom from brutal military dictatorship in the coming year.

“Thousands of our innocent people have been killed, and many remain unjustly imprisoned, including the democratically elected leaders of Myanmar. But victory is coming; the future of Myanmar holds glory—a thriving nation where peace and prosperity reign, the sweetness of life returns, and the darkness of tyranny is defeated. An inclusive federal democracy will not only illuminate Myanmar but also the entire region and the world,” Union Minister Dr. Sasa stated in his message.

He extended his wish, saying, “May the next Sweet December be free from the bitterness of a brutal military junta, and may our people bask in the sweetness of life through Jesus, making December truly sweet.”

Currently, the National Unity Government is intensifying the pace of military operations and cutting off the military junta’s source of income as a strategic offensive on the financial front.

2. Deputy Human Rights Minister U Aung Kyaw Moe emphasizes the critical importance of enabling the public to share information securely throughout the course of the revolution

Deputy Minister of Human Rights for the National Unity Government, U Aung Kyaw Moe, underscores the critical importance of secure information sharing for both the public and revolutionary organizations as they work on policies and strategies throughout the course of the revolution. In light of this, Deputy Minister U Aung Kyaw Moe is encouraging active participation through contributions to the Federal Net Campaign.

The Federal Net Campaign, an initiative of the Ministry of Communications, Information and Technology under the National Unity Government launched on November 20, is aimed at extending internet coverage in areas under controlled territories. The initial phase of the campaign, which will run for one month, seeks to generate $0.25 million to expand the federal network in five townships where control is firmly established.

As of now, the Ministry of Communications, Information, and Technology has successfully established internet networks in 52 locations.

3. In October 2023, over 16 million kyats in taxes collected through nine gates in Pale Township

The Pale Township People’s Administration Organization (PAO), operating under the National Unity Government (NUG), announced that a total of 16,409,000 kyats in taxes were gathered through nine gates in Pale Township, Sagaing Division, during the month of October. The Pale PAO disclosed that the collected taxes were distributed in accordance with the NUG’s budget allocation policy, following a monthly meeting where the township’s People’s Administration Organization (PAO), People’s Defense Organization (PDO), and People’s Security Organization (PSO) discussed financial allocation and general matters.

The total tax collection for the previous month, September 2023, amounted to 113,760,000 kyats.

4. Military junta forces launch multi-faceted assaults on residential locations in Pauktaw Town, Rakhine State, utilizing naval, land, and air approaches

On December 1, 2023, the Three Brotherhood Alliance announced that the military junta forces launched multi-faceted assaults on residential locations in Pauktaw Town, Rakhine State, utilizing naval, land, and air approaches.

According to the alliance’s statement, at approximately 11:00 a.m. on December 1, a fighter jet made two passes over Pauktaw Town, releasing four bombs before unleashing continuous gunfire on the town. Then, at around 2:00 p.m., a MiG-35 fighter aircraft and a navy ship traveling near the Pauktaw River launched a coordinated attack on the town. Subsequently, at 3:00 p.m., the junta’s navy ship (identified as the junta’s navy ship 446) positioned between Taung Fu village and Tha Win Chaung village continuously shelled artillery at the town, resulting in explosions in No. 3 ward of Pauktaw Town and causing extensive house fires that continued until 9:00 p.m.

The report highlighted intense clashes between the Arakan Army (AA) and military forces, with the AA endeavoring to safely evacuate residents who had been abducted and used as human shields.

5. Senior police constable defected to the Chinland Defence Force-Matupi (CDF-Matupi) receives 5 million kyats reward

On December 1, the Chinland Defence Force-Matupi (CDF-Matupi) disclosed that a senior constable who had deserted from the Matupi Town police station along with weapons was given a reward of 5 million kyats.

“On November 30, U Yan Shin Aung, a senior constable stationed at the Matupi Town police station, joined CDM and defected to the Chinland Defence Force-Matupi, bringing along a G-3 rifle, two box magazines, and 104 rounds of ammunition. In recognition of his cooperation with the public and as previously promised, the Chinland Defence Force-Matupi awarded him 5 million kyats,” the CDF-Matupi said.

The CDF-Matupi additionally declared that soldiers and police personnel serving under the junta in Matupi Township are extended a final invitation to collaborate with them promptly.

6. YGN Urban Guerrilla Army (YUGA) announces the imminent resumption of guerrilla operations in Yangon

The YGN Urban Guerrilla Army (YUGA), a guerrilla group based in Yangon, declared that guerrilla operations are set to resume shortly.

The YUGA was the urban guerrilla group that triggered a remote-controlled bomb at the No. 2 Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Office in Insein Township, Yangon, around 10:30 p.m. on April 23. Subsequently, they set off another detonation when police officers arrived to investigate, resulting in substantial injuries to junta police officers.

7. Protest banner against military dictatorship displayed at Kyauk Yay Twin Flyover in North Okkalapa Township, Yangon

On the night of December 1, revolutionary youths hung a protest banner opposing military dictatorship at the Kyauk Yay Twin Flyover in North Okkalapa Township, Yangon.

The banner displays phrases such as “Let’s meet again in Yangon,” “The blood on the roads of Yangon is not dry yet,” “Yangon Army (YA) has arrived,” “Our blood is not cold,” “We must reclaim Yangon,” and “Overthrow the evil system.” Additionally, a warning about the presence of a bomb was included, as reported on the social media page of North Okkalapa Information.

In Yangon, despite heightened security measures imposed by the military junta, guerrilla public strikes and anti-military dictatorship activities continue to go on.

8. Skirmish erupts between junta troops launching an offensive in Kyaikto, Mon State, and KNLA-PDF-allied forces

At around 10:00 a.m. on December 1, a skirmish erupted between a military junta column, consisting of approximately 60 troops, conducting an offensive near Dauk Yat village in Kyaikto Township, Mon State, and the combined forces of the KNU/KNLA, Seven Ravens Column, and Ta Pin Shwe Htee Column. The Seven Ravens Column reported that the skirmish lasted approximately 20 minutes, resulting in the deaths of 10 junta troops and injuries to 17 others.

Following the skirmish, the junta column retreated, and no members of the allied revolutionary forces sustained any injuries, as stated in the report.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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