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1. NUG delegation engages in discussions with officials from Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A delegation from the National Unity Government, led by Minister for Human Rights U Aung Myo Min, held talks with officials from the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The meeting occurred at the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in Ottawa.

Additionally, on October 26, the NUG delegation conducted discussions with Canadian parliamentary members at the Parliamentary Centre in Ottawa. The topics covered included Canada’s ongoing support for Myanmar’s democracy initiatives, addressing human rights issues, holding the military accountable for committed crimes, seeking long-term solutions for the Rohingya, and providing humanitarian assistance.

Present during these discussions were Human Rights Minister U Aung Myo Min, President Office Spokesperson U Kyaw Zaw, and Deputy Human Rights Minister U Aung Kyaw Moe.

2. Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun underscores at the UN Assembly the imperative of putting an end to the military junta to fully protect and promote the rights of everyone, including the disabled, in Myanmar

Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun emphasized the necessity of terminating the Myanmar military junta to ensure the complete protection and promotion of the rights of all individuals, including those with disabilities, during his address at the Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of the Third Committee of the 78th session of the UN General Assembly on October 26.

Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun stated, “The military junta’s indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks and violence against the people have resulted in the loss of many lives and injured many. Under this circumstance, the National Unity Government has spared no efforts to provide necessary assistance to those who are in need. The NUG is doing everything it can to promote and protect the rights of people with disabilities. We are even preparing for the event after the successful completion of our revolution, ending the military dictatorship.”

The Ambassador further emphasized, “It is clear that the most effective means to safeguard and promote the rights of everyone in Myanmar, including persons with disabilities, is by putting an end to the military dictatorship, restoring democracy, and establishing a federal democratic union.”

3. Secretary to the NUG Defence Ministry U Naing Htoo Aung urges military junta troops to break free from being sacrificial pawns and surrender to the people’s side

In an October 28 Facebook post, U Naing Htoo Aung, Secretary to the NUG Ministry of Defence, urged junta troops to liberate themselves from their roles as sacrificial pawns and instead surrender to the people’s side.

He noted, “In fact, prior to the start of Operation 1027, the military junta had a certain level of perception about it. Despite being aware of the junta’s predictions, the alliances fought with the utmost preparation, strong determination, and a courageous spirit. What surprised me during the battles was that, even though the junta had some awareness, they were inadequately prepared. The lower-ranking troops also seemed to be uninformed in advance. This situation reflects the poor leadership and management of the military junta and their lack of consideration for their subordinates. At this juncture, the armed members of the military junta should seriously consider breaking free from their roles as sacrificial pawns and defecting to the people’s side,” stated U Min Ko Naing.

At present, over the course of the People’s Resistance War spanning more than two years, it is reported that at least 30,000 junta troops have lost their lives, while 15,000 others have defected to the people’s side.

4. Mass demonstration leader Dr. Tayzar San says that the end and decision of the Spring Revolution will solely be determined by the public’s actual participation

Via social media on October 28, Dr. Tayzar San, a physician who led the first anti-coup mass demonstrations in Mandalay, emphasized the necessity of the public’s involvement in the ongoing Spring Revolution.

He expressed, “The role of the general population in this revolution is not that of a donor, supporter, cheerleader, or ‘spectator’. The people are ‘revolutionaries’ who have to personally engage in the revolutionary methods given by the situation. As the public, we cannot simply wait without taking action, thinking that when the time comes, the PDF army will march into the cities of Yangon and Mandalay to occupy them. The final battle of our revolution will not unfold in that shape. The end and decision of this Spring Revolution will only be achievable through the personal participation of the people. The happy moment for the public will arrive. We will be able to conclude this revolution with public participation and widespread strikes.”

The Spring Revolution originated alongside the anti-coup mass demonstrations that followed after the military seized control of the country on February 1, 2021.

5. Iron Tiger Battalion launches assault on junta outpost in Karenphyu area, Nay Pyi Taw Union Territory, securing military equipment

On the morning of October 23, the Iron Tiger Battalion, consisting of fighters from Karenni State and Karen State-based People’s Defence Forces (PDFs) under the command of the chairman of the KNLA’s Northern Thandaung Special Battalion, launched an assault on a junta outpost located in a tower in Lat Phat Taung village within Naypyidaw Union Territory, successfully seizing some military equipment, as reported in a statement.

The Iron Tiger Battalion had previously captured and destroyed a junta outpost in Koe Tit village in Pyinmana Township, Naypyidaw Union Territory, on June 12, 2023, marking its very first capture of a military base. This operation resulted in numerous casualties among the junta troops, including an officer, and the seizure of significant military equipment. Subsequently, on August 10, 2023, they captured the Boet Ma Thandaung military outpost, located approximately 30 miles away from Pyinmana within Naypyidaw Union Territory, leading to further casualties on the junta side and the confiscation of additional military equipment.

Engaging in aerial combat, the Iron Tiger Battalion launched two highly destructive bombs using a drone into aircraft hangars at Ayelar Air Force Base within Naypyidaw Union Territory on September 15, 2023.

6. Canadian parliamentary members to issue joint letter urging recognition of NUG and CRPH as legitimate government and parliament of Myanmar

Canadian parliamentary members said that they would send a joint letter to urge the Canadian government to recognize the NUG and CRPH as legitimate government and parliament of Myanmar and to deliver humanitarian aid through cross-border channels. This commitment was expressed during discussions with an NUG delegation, including Human Rights Minister U Aung Myo Min, President Office Spokesperson U Kyaw Zaw, and Deputy Human Rights Minister U Aung Kyaw Moe, on October 25, 2023, at the Parliamentary Center in Ottawa. The meeting was held by Canadian parliamentary members, including those from the Parliamentarian Friends of Democratic Burma, who has been actively involved in Myanmar’s democratic affairs.

In the meeting, Union Minister U Aung Myo Min conveyed appreciation to the parliamentarians who inquired about their government’s stance and actions regarding Myanmar’s affairs, made requests, and posed questions related to Myanmar.

7. Myanmar democracy activist visits South Korea President Moon Jae-In’s residence in person to discuss Myanmar affairs

Ma Shwe Moe, a well-known Myanmar democracy activist residing in Korea, disclosed on October 28 that she had personally visited President Moon Jae-In’s residence and engaged in a face-to-face discussion about Myanmar affairs.

“On the 1000th day of the revolution, I want to convey that President Moon Jae-In, who was the first to express support for the people of Myanmar and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi on Twitter when the military coup occurred, continues to stand with the people of Myanmar today,” she stated in a Facebook post.

Tomorrow, October 29 (the full moon day of Thadingyut) marks the 1000th day of the revolution. She mentioned that just a few months ago, she personally visited the president after inquiring about the procedure to meet him.

At the onset of the coup, President Moon Jae-In expressed his condemnation of the military junta’s violent suppression of the public through his social media platforms. He also called for the immediate release of those detained, including State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

At present, South Korea has officially recognized the National Unity Government, and the representative office of the National Unity Government has been established in the country. Furthermore, South Korea is actively engaging in Myanmar’s democratic affairs.

8. Myanmar nationals protest outside Singaporean Embassy in the United States

On October 27, Myanmar nationals residing in the United States staged a protest outside the Singaporean Embassy in the country, urging the Singaporean government to stand with the people of Myanmar.

“The main concern is that Singapore is unnoticeably supplying arms to the Myanmar military group. That’s why we gathered at the embassy to demand that they stand with the people of Myanmar,” stated one of the protesters.

During the protest, embassy officials engaged with the demonstrators and listened to their requests.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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