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1. Funds raised during the Perth Town Hall Meeting with Union Minister Dr. Zaw Wai Soe will be donated to the Health and Education Ministries

On September 20, the CRPH/NUG Support Group (WA) released a financial statement and announced that A$10,000 in donation funds received from the meeting between Union Minister Dr. Zaw Wai Soe and the Burmese community in Perth will be split between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education.

Dr. Zaw Wai Soe, Union Minister for the NUG’s Ministries of Health and Education, had a town hall community meeting with Myanmar diasporas in Perth, Australia, on August 27 and also met with representatives of the CRPH/NUG Support Group (WA) on the morning of August 26 during his visit to Perth.

The CRPH/NUG Support Group (WA) expressed their gratitude to everyone who contributed, whether through monetary donations, offering artwork for auction to raise funds, or assisting with the event.

2. Interim Local Administrative Central Committee (ILACC) holds discussion with Township People’s Administrative Organisations (PAOs) from Yangon Region

The 18th meeting between the National Unity Government (NUG)’s Interim Local Administrative Central Committee (ILACC) and the Township People’s Administrative Organisations (PAOs) from Yangon Region was held online on September 19. At the meeting, Nai Suwanna, Union Minister of Labour and a member of the ILACC, delivered opening remarks.

Following that, officials from relevant ministries provided details about their respective department’s functions, and the PAO representatives inquired about relevant policies and guidelines, also bringing up the challenges they encountered on the ground. These concerns were then addressed and discussed by the ministries.

The meeting was chaired by Union Minister Nai Suwanna, and was attended by permanent secretaries, associate permanent secretaries and officials from various ministries, and representatives from PAOs in Yangon Region.

3. Minister of Justice notifies that law enforcement committees will be established soon

During a meeting in September with township legal officers, Union Minister of Justice U Thein Oo stated that law enforcement committees would be established in the near future to ensure the rule of law in townships.

“In going down the path of rule of law, it is needed to overcome the difficulties of the revolution as much as possible so as not to be like the saying, ‘When one favours someone, they mould the policy; when they dislike someone, they wield the policy’,” the Union Minister said.

Then, Union Minister U Thein Oo gave his approval to the meeting’s decision and the next course of action.

4. Deputy Human Rights Minister met with U.S. Congresswoman Ilhan Abdullahi Omar

U Aung Kyaw Moe, Deputy Minister for Human Rights of the National Unity Government, has a meeting with U.S. Congresswoman Ilhan Abdullahi Omar in Washington, D.C., on September 20. The discussions centred on continued U.S. support for Myanmar’s democracy, matters concerning Rohingya and other minority groups, as well as human rights and humanitarian issues.

Deputy Minister U Aung Kyaw Moe posted on social media platform X, (formerly Twitter): “Thank you very much congresswoman @Ilhan for hosting me today and your continued support on the democratization effort of Myanmar 🇲🇲.  Your principled stand impact millions of lives around the world.”

The Deputy Minister also delivered remarks at the Congressional Briefing: “Escalating Atrocities Against Christians in Burma,” hosted by the Chin Association of Maryland at the U.S. Congress on September 18. During his remarks, he urged taking action against the Myanmar military as soon as possible.

5. Deputy Minister U Maw Htun Aung says that NUG, which began without an army, now commands the most powerful army in the country with more than 300 PDF battalions

In a Facebook post on September 19, NUG’s Deputy Minister U Maw Htun Aung stated that the National Unity Government, which began without an army, is now commanding the most powerful army in the country with more than 300 PDF battalions and is spearheading the revolution.

The Deputy Minister emphasised the importance of the Chain of Command (COC), stating, “According to the relationship between hard power and soft power, if the COC is realised, the power projection of the NUG and affiliated organisations will have an effect on the revolution and politics.” He further added, “Hence, through strengthening our alliance relationships and fostering a deeper understanding, we can harness the potential of this power for the benefit of the revolution, rather than perceiving it as a threat.”

The National Unity Government announced the commencement of the People’s Defence War on September 7, 2021, and over the course of the two years of the People’s Defensive War, more than 30,000 soldiers of the military council have been eliminated.

6. Interim Federal Veterinary Council opens applications for Veterinary Registration and Certificates of Good Standing

On September 18, the Interim Federal Veterinary Council made an official announcement, declaring that they are accepting applications for Veterinary Registration and Certificates of Good Standing. These applications are open not only to CDM-affiliated veterinarians but also to external veterinarians who stand with the people.

The announcement clearly indicated that only NUGPay would be the accepted method of payment for application service fees.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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