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1. The Union Minister and Deputy Minister of the NUG’s Ministry of Women, Youths and Children Affairs talk with those in charge of women affairs in the Sagaing Region

On September 7, Union Minister Naw Susanna Hla Hla Soe and Deputy Minister Daw Ei Thinzar Maung of the National Unity Government’s Ministry of Women, Youths and Children Affairs had a Zoom meeting with the township-level representatives in charge of women’s affairs in Sagaing Region.

At the meeting, in her remarks, Union Minister Naw Susanna Hla Hla Soe expressed her pride in the representatives for being able to organise those in charge of those displaced by conflicts and women for the people’s administrative organisations (Pa-Ah-Fa). She encouraged the representatives to voice their difficulties and needs openly because the meeting was intended to address them, and she stated that the Permanent Secretary had regularly updated her on the efforts made by the representatives despite several obstacles on the ground. Then she expressed her hope that the representatives would continue to work with the ministry throughout the revolution.

In her remarks, Deputy Minister Daw Ei Thinzar Maung stressed the significance of communication and collaboration between the ministry and those in charge of women’s issues since there have been increased instances of child sexual abuse, sexual assaults, and violence against women in various ways. As those who are revolutionising against the dictator were among the perpetrators of those crimes, there is a need to meet and discuss with officials from the defence and administrative departments in order to find a solution, said the Deputy Minister. She said that she herself has been paying attention to women’s affairs and that she has also been talking about these issues with officials of the relevant ministries in the meetings of the Interim Local Administrative Central Committee.

Later, the women’s affairs representatives discussed issues like the need for awareness training to prevent child sexual abuse and violence against women, the status of supporting victim women and female PDF soldiers, transportation expenses for the representatives, the status of offering sexual protection education, and the status of communicating with the displaced people and CDM employees in order to support them.

2. The National Unity Government is going to take severe action against agencies and individuals that force migrant workers to send money home through junta-controlled or related financial services

The National Unity Government’s Ministry of Labour released an announcement regarding the family remittances of Myanmar migrant workers working in foreign countries on September 8, 2023.

The announcement noted that the junta, which is realising the effectiveness and significance of Myanmar migrant workers in the uprooting of the military dictatorship and establishing a federal democratic union, issued an order to oppress them by using arbitrary power and to exploit their hard-earned money to buy weapons and jet fuel for terrorist acts including torturing and killing people and bombing villages.

The military junta issued an order instructing all overseas workers to remit at least 25% of their earnings back home on a monthly or quarterly basis via local banks approved by it and according to its money-losing official exchange rate.

The Ministry of Labour informed the overseas employment agencies that it was unnecessary to comply with the junta’s instructions and warned them not to coerce workers into complying or deducting their wages, and those who fail to comply with it will be subject to severe action given that the junta’s instruction is in compliance with the existing 1999 Law Relating to Overseas Employment and is an unlawful coercion of agencies and workers beyond the law.

3. The Karenni Army’s (KA) headquarters commemorates the 75th anniversary of National Martyrs’ Day

A brief commemoration of the 75th Karenni National Martyrs’ Day was held at the headquarters of the Karenni Army (KA), which is the armed wing of the Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP), on the morning of September 8, 2023.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Karenni Army (KA) delivered a speech, letters of felicitation sent to the ceremony were read, the fallen martyrs were saluted, and wreaths were laid during the ceremony.

The Secretary 2 of Headquarters of the Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP), the Commander-in-Chief of the KA, the Adjutant General of the KA, relevant officials from the Karenni government, comrades from the KA Battalion 2, Battalion 3, KA Permanent Guerrilla Force, members of the Karenni Coordination Team for Emergency Relief (Karenni CTER), comrades from the Karenni Nationalities Defence Force (KNDF), and some civilians attended the ceremony.

4. A military junta outpost in Kone Thar village in Demoso Township was attacked; junta soldiers fled, and some items were seized

The Karenni Revolution Army (KRU) released a statement on September 8 regarding an offensive against a military junta outpost.

“On September 2, the Karenni Revolution Army (KRU) launched an offensive against the military council outpost, which was stationed in Kone Thar village in Demoso Township. The KRU launched the offensive in Kone Thar village at the same time when the other Karenni alliance forces attacked and captured military council outposts in Thay Sule village and Pu Hpa village, and there was an exchange of fire with the military council troops. The military council troops retreated, and the KRU occupied Kone Thar village. Inside the village, the military council troops suffered casualties, and the KRU found difficulties in clearing the area, and only a few items were able to be captured because the military council troops set up a lot of mines when they retreated,” the KRU stated.

Reportedly, the offensive was carried out by the combined forces of the KRU, the DMO PDF Battalion 4, and the KNDF Battalion 01, and the military outpost was occupied with no injuries among members.

5. NUG Representative to Czech Republic U Linn Thant says that Myanmar military is just an armed terrorist organisation with corrupt morals

U Linn Thant, the Representative of the NUG to the Czech Republic, said via social media on September 7 that Myanmar military is just an armed terrorist organisation with corrupt morals

“Those international and domestic political experts, politicians, and international governments and organisations who thought that nothing could be changed with Myanmar politics without the involvement of the military have now been surprised by the emotions and determination of the people of Myanmar, along with the people’s resistance. Everyone already knows that the Myanmar military is just a morally corrupted terrorist armed organisation that kills its own citizens, destroying their lives and properties instead of protecting them,” he said.

Right now, the United States and EU countries have been imposing sanctions against the military group and those associated with it.

6. In August, 11 IDPs in Kanbalu District were bitten by snakes; two of them died as a result

In August, 11 people displaced in Kanbalu and Kyunhla Townships, Kanbalu District, got bitten by venomous snakes, and two of them died as a result, as reported by the Kyunhla-Kanbalu Activist Group (Kanbalu District). Those bitten by venomous snakes were eight residents from Kanbalu Township and three residents from Kyunhla Township. 

Yan Hlaing Win, 26, of Pint Thar Gyi village in Kanbalu Township, was bitten by a snake when he was ploughing, and despite receiving 10 BPI (Burma Pharmaceutical Industry) and 12 Indian antivenoms, he passed away.

Paing Bhone Khant, 14, of Pon Nar Gyi village in Kanbalu Township was bitten by a snake while grazing cattle outside of the village and died as a result of not receiving prompt medical attention.

Due to the military junta’s frequent invasions, residents of Kanbalu District have been forced to flee their homes and are sheltering in the neighbouring jungles in tents.

7. Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines will not attend the Myanmar junta-chaired ASEAN Air Chiefs’ Conference to be held in Nay Pyi Taw

The air force chiefs of the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia will not attend the 20th ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference (20th AACC), which will be chaired by Myanmar this year in Nay Pyi Taw, according to AFP.

Justice For Myanmar (JFM), which researches and exposes business networks that fuel brutality, corruption, and mass-scale suffering, issued a statement on September 8 calling on other ASEAN member states to refuse to attend the upcoming ASEAN Air Chiefs’ Conference (AACC), following Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

“The Myanmar junta’s air force head, Htun Aung, is the chair of AACC, and is currently commanding an indiscriminate campaign of aerial terror, slaughtering men, women and children, and destroying homes, schools, places of worship and whole villages,” the JFM stated.

Thailand was the only confirmed nation to attend the 2023 AACC to be held in Nay Pyi Taw, while Singapore, Brunei, and Vietnam did not respond to the requests to comment, and Cambodia’s air force refused to comment on whether he would attend the conference or not, according to AFP.

The decisions of Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines not to attend the conference clearly show that the Myanmar junta is losing support, said Yadanar Maung, a spokesperson for Justice For Myanmar.

“It is untenable for a criminal junta that is committing atrocities with total impunity to chair a regional conference. Other ASEAN air force chiefs should follow the example of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines and refuse to attend the AACC with the illegal junta,” she asserted.

8. All the land plots of the Spring Yangon Investment’s Spring Victory Project sold out

The End of Dictatorship (EOD) announced on September 8 that the 950 land plots—250 plots of 60 ft x 80 ft and 700 plots of 40 ft x 60 ft—of the Spring Victory Project in the Spring Yangon Investment, which were sold in order to raise the necessary funds for the Spring Revolution, were all sold out.

The EOD expressed its gratitude to the EDO agents who assisted in the sale of the land plots as well as the revolutionary citizens who purchased the land plots and are continuing to support the revolution with unwavering spirit.

There are still several EOD projects available for purchase.

#Credit : Radio NUG


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